Main Sim-Bridge-Looking to be a Miracle Worker

Posted Nov. 7, 2022, 6:43 p.m. by Gamemaster GMT Phoenix (GMT) (Kirt Gartner)

Things were quiet on the bridge however there was one NE Running back and forth between the Engineering station and the Sensor station where another NE was working quietly The Engineering Ensign was a fascinating female officer She looked mostly human her Brown hair cut short and left in a Rolled out of bed messy style However she had a pair of Cat ears that grew on the top of her head and a cat tail that swished back and forth behind her, her eyes had feline slit pupils and were a brilliant yellow color

after a few moments, the Half Caitain woman clapped her hands together “Yeah Baby!” Then she turned her bright feline eyes to the center of the bridge “Captain! I think I have gotten the Sensors working at least Minimally We have been able to find the Away team but not the Observation team even then the Scans are…Fuzzy I mean the sensor grid is crosswired and lit up like a freaking Christmas Tree what with Inverting the Multiphasic Gravimetric Array and Tie in the non-linear photon Displacement Coil! so Not sure how long its going to hold out for But I got something at least!” she said her tail swaying excitedly

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