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Things were quiet on the bridge however there was one NE Running back and forth between the Engineering station and the Sensor station where another NE was working quietly The Engineering Ensign was a fascinating female officer She looked mostly human her Brown hair cut short and left in a Rolled out of bed messy style However she had a pair of Cat ears that grew on the top of her head and a cat tail that swished back and forth behind her, her eyes had feline slit pupils and were a brilliant yellow color

after a few moments, the Half Caitain woman clapped her hands together “Yeah Baby!” Then she turned her bright feline eyes to the center of the bridge “Captain! I think I have gotten the Sensors working at least Minimally We have been able to find the Away team but not the Observation team even then the Scans are…Fuzzy I mean the sensor grid is crosswired and lit up like a freaking Christmas Tree what with Inverting the Multiphasic Gravimetric Array and Tie in the non-linear photon Displacement Coil! so Not sure how long its going to hold out for But I got something at least!” she said her tail swaying excitedly

GMT Phoenix

“Good work Ensign,” Freja turned toward the Ensign’s station, “What have you managed to find from the readings?”

~Freja Andreassen~

honestly, not much as I said the readings are blurry but we can only really get at most surface-level scans there is an insane amount of life down there This planet is thriving despite the low light from the stars of the system we might be able to help the team out though if they need it Also seems they are currently in some kind of cave network and are surrounded by locals”

GMT Phoenix

“Captain…” came a voice from the back of the CIC. Lardel had been there for who knows how long, but he stood against the bulkhead, arms crossed on his chest. “We can get an Evac crew down there and pick up the team. Birds are prepped and ready, just need you to give us the green light.”

Lardel, CAG

“Well it honestly does not look like they are in danger from here maybe we should call them and find out whats going on first?” the Ensign suggested

GMT Phoenix

Daneg chose that moment to come on to the Bridge, a scowl on his face.

“I hope that all of the automated equipment reconfiguration coming from up here actually accomplished something, because it’s making the power flows around the rest of the ship act… I think a Vulcan might call it ‘interesting’,” the Ferengi said. “I know I signed off on it, but I was hoping that the changes would be a little more incremental than what actually happened.”

  • Lt. Daneg, CE

“Keep your Evac team on standby Colonel,” Freja nodded, “Let’s call them and get a sit rep from my first officer.”

“Are we in any danger of losing systems Lieutenant?” Freja asked her CE.

~Freja Andreassen~

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Daneg looked at the systems readouts. “Depends on how long you want to run the sensor array with this much rerouted power and data collection. I think I can keep this going for two, three hours ship’s time if we keep cycling the wattage, but it does mean that non-critical systems won’t have reliably continuous power supplies. I could probably get this same result if you gave me two more duty shifts to figure out an alternative method, but it would mean shutting down everything but low-resolution short-range sensors.”

The Ferengi engineer did some quick mental calculations in his head. He didn’t like the exchange that he had just proposed, especially because his Caitian subordinate had managed to figure out a solution to a problem. It made the NE seem foolhardy for trying to bypass hard work in favor of a quick fix. In Daneg’s view, that was the case, but he didn’t want to openly broadcast that, especially to the Captain.

“Thing is, if we keep the sensors running like this, no matter what, at the end of that three hours, we’ll still have only low-resolution short range sensors, but for a worse reason - three critical sensor power conduits will automatically uncouple as an emergency response, and we’ll have to reattach and recalibrate them manually. Not a good option, because it leaves us stuck going no faster than warp 2 if we need to leave the system under those conditions.”

  • Daneg, CE

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“See if you can get a hold of the XO,” Freja ordered the NE covering the Ops station.

“Let’s get a sit rep from the surface,” Freja turned back to her CE, “Once we have a better idea of what they are facing down there, we can start figuring out how to handle things without running the risk of blowing power conduits.”

~Freja Andreassen~

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