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And so it begins …

Toward the tail end of the Alpha watch with the Chimera with the ship making a casual Warp 4 heading toward Tellar for a small crew exchange, after being the flag for the funeral of Mot G’bar, a Bolian Admiral recently deceased and given Naval honors, a communications came through from Fleet Command. Priority One.

When acknowledged on screen, a tanned, trim human Commodore, one Mark Chepellan (the name suggesting an Alpha Centauri origin) came on screen. By appearances he was pushing 40 with dark wavy hair just hinting at grey at the temples. A thin mustache curled up to touch pronounced cheekbones. Brown eyes were fixed on the screen as though anticipating a quick reply.


“Commodore Chepellan,” Freja greeted, “What can the Chimera do for you today?”

She was hoping a mission, they had been in a bit of a holding pattern for a little while and she was eager to get back to it.

~Freja Andreassen~

Chepellan’s accent decided it. It was a European mix of no specific Earth connotation - rather like a German trying out an English accent but somehow sounding natural. =^= Captain Andreassen. To coin an ancient phrase, ‘Houston we have a problem’. Some light years from your current position is the Ceti-Gamma binary star system. It sports no worlds or much of value beyond an impressive display of natural fireworks. This makes it a tourist destination. =^= He took a breath, glancing at a screen to the side then back to Freja. =^= That leads us to our problem. A Liner by the name of the Empress has run into a problem - an incident in their engine room has disabled the vessel and has placed it both in the way of and in danger of running into these fireworks and related spatial debris. There are two other ships on the way, and the Liner company says it has dispatched another to offboard the passengers. The trouble is that outside of the Liner whose ETA is yet unknown, you are the only ship in the area who can facilitate assistance if needed. Crew and passenger complement is approximately 6,000. Details are sparse on the limit of damage or injuries. And, one other thing, Captain, which you may need to aware of. All the crew and passengers are female. =^=
- Commodore Mark Chepellan

“Right, I imagine you’re including coordinates of their last known location of this liner?” Freja asked, “I can get us moving toward there and brief my senior crew, is there anything else I should know?”

~Freja Andreassen~

=^= In transit, Captain. The system is well traveled and there are no alien threats anywhere near it. The Ferengi attempted to purchase the system a dozen years ago thinking they could turn a profit from the tourist trade there. It was in the final phases of the purchase when Daimon Kur ran into a crisis of liquidity and couldn’t meet the price. There may well be other ships in system on your arrival who may be assisting - however none are logged from any cruise company but for the Empress and are likely small privately owned craft. Be aware that you likely will be on video. Depending on where the Empress is she may be and if too close could be within a coronal cloud which would make your tractor beam less reliable. =^=

“Thank you Commodore, we’ll get underway,” Freja nodded.

Lunan sat in the XO Chair on the Bridge, keeping an eye out for the data stream coming in for Chepellan’s people.

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

The data packet came in soon enough.

The Ceti-Gamma system was located 12.8 light years away. A binary star, it consisted of an aged red giant and a white dwarf star in an elliptical orbit. Situated in close proximity to one another - at least now with the swelling giant - the white dwarf was pulling off stellar material from the giant in its closer orbital pattern. Spectacular as that was and an attraction to boot, there was more. Roughly every four years the path crossed a line of stellar dust which ignited into a large, flashy series of fireworks which could, in turn be quite dangerous if one was too close. There were no planets in the system. Meteors/asteroids of various sizes were all that there were. Speculation was that they were once worlds that had been broken up long ago from the gravitational forces of the two stars.

Various buoys were present to assist in safe navigation within system and one permanent science facility was there - a space lab that was automated but could house up to six scientists. It was a collaboration of Starfleet and IGS (Interstellar Geographic Society) that maintained it and its monitoring of the binary stars. It was named Aladdin.

Also attached are video of prior ‘fireworks’ events.
- Wookiee

“Helm set course for the Ceti-Gamma system,” Freja turned to her XO, “Warp 7, what’s our ETA with those perimeters?”

~Freja Andreassen~

There was very little tapping involved. She had apparently set the course as they spoke earlier. Turning in her seat, she said, “Approximately 12. 7 hours at warp 7, Captain. Ready to engage on your order.”
- Helm

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