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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Kevasi Tulbrad (Chief Medical Officer) in Date Night tag the CMO

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Oni got back to his quarters, escorted of course, but he didn’t mind. He was on cloud nine. A truly beautiful person, inside and out wanted to spend time with him and that thought kept him driven. He decided to hold off showering and changing until after he cooked. He was a great cook but accidents happen and he waved things to go right for a change. After washing the rice in cold water he put it in the rice cooker and started browning the meat. While the meat cooked, he made the yellow curry from scratch and set it aside. The final task was making the dumplings. He cut an assortment of vegetables like carrots, cabbage and other ingredients and made the dough. Once the meat was cooked he drained it and took some meat and stuffed it inside the dumplings and pinched them closed.

Gathering the dumplings he noticed he was right on time as he opened the rice cooker and inserted a steam tray above the rice and placed the dumplings on it and closed the lid again. They will be done when the rice is. Turning around to grab the yellow curry mixture he added a half cup of water to the meat then poured in the curry and mixed it up until it was evenly mixed. Turning the heat off the stove, he then went to take a Sonic shower for dressed in black black slacks and a dark purple cashmere Polo shirt. Stepping out of the bathroom the rice cooker chimed signaling that it was done. After checking it was done, he moved the dumplings out and stirred the rice with the remaining water until mixed, replacing the dumplings and setting it to warm until she arrived.

He decided to grab a glass of orange juice and read a book while he waited.

Shinzo Honda

Soon enough after he had sat down to read, an hour passed. On the top of the hour, there was a chime at his door.

Putting down his book and Japanese Samurai Tactics, he walked to the door and opened it and the smile on his face grew. “Welcome Kevasi. Please come in.” He bowed slightly and stepped to the side.

Kevasi stood beyond the door. She was dressed in a silver sequined tunic like dress. Along the hem at the bottom there sat some lace, and ruffles. It was a simple ensemble, put together with nylon stockings. Once the door opened, she gave Shinzo a warm smile. “Good evening Shinzo.” When she is let in she looked around his quarters again. “I have good news and bad news for you. This can wait and I tell you tomorrow, and we can enjoy the night. Or I can tell you now.” She said as she walked over to him and gently put a hand on his arm.
Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

The smile on his face went away for a couple seconds and then returned. “Well. I believe we will still have a great time tonight, even with the information you will give me. I’m not trying to let anything bring me down. Siraa was here earlier to check on me and she said that she has my back as well and thinks just like you do about getting treatment and following through, while taking the time needed with no rushing, that I might have a chance of coming back but if I can’t come back, then it would still be a win because I’m better in life and even if they put me at a desk, then as long as I apply myself like I am now, then I should be fine.”

Seeing the smile go away, she moved her hand to the side of his face. “I should have waited, tonight should be about what matters.” She stepped close and gently rested her cheek against the top of his head. She wrapped her arms around him and held him for just a moment. She held him like this while he spoke and then she kissed the top of his head and smiled. “Siraa… that would be the Andorian that was in the medbay right?” She asked softly before nodding. “She seems like a reliable and dependable squad mate. It seems that she really has your back, and that is good. There is much to be done and lots that must be discussed but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves while we can.”

He paused when she held him and savored the moment before answering her question. “Yes she is. When you have been in combat more times than you can remember with your squad, it forms a very unique bond. She is like my sister and we all have each other’s back. And to answer your other question, that is correct. We can enjoy ourselves.” He said smiling.

Taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it. “And speaking of fine, you look amazing! So I guess that we should just shoot the white elephant in the room and tell me the news you have. I just hope that it does not mean that you can’t stay. But if that’s the case, I’ll make you to go plate.” Realizing he was rambling. “Ah. Sorry. Go ahead ma’am.”

Shinzo Honda

“Thank you, you look rather dashing yourself. I must admit, I find it a little hot under the collar.” She gave him a small smile before she moved deeper into the room, towards the table and took a seat. “Alright, if you insist. I talked to the Colonel, and here are the terms we worked out. As of today or tomorrow. I am not sure which you are suspended and will not be allowed to fly at all during this period. You will however be required to serve as traffic control during this month suspension. This period of time is to be spent on rehabilitation.” She paused for a few moments to let the first part sink in.

The smile went away from his face and he looked away. “Traffic Control? That sucks.” He retained his composure after a couple of seconds after turning back to look at her. “But I am grateful for what you did and getting me at least that much. I know it must of been hard talking to a person such as the Colonel. Again. I’m grateful. But looking into her shining eyes he knew that there was more. “Please continue.”

She looked at him with a worried kindness in her eyes. “In this time, after the month has passed, you are to undergo a full fitness review given by Colonel Lardel, if you pass, you will be allowed to fly again and will be welcome in the CAG, and we can close the book on this. If you fail… then I am afraid that that will be the end, you will be out of the CAG and will likely be shipped back home.” She looked at him her eyes shining.

His eyes were staring to shine over now as well and in a sorrowful voice said, “Well, at least there is a chance. But I would have to agree with the Colonel on this. If he ate too welcome me back with me not being at my best, than I can put a whole bunch of beings lives in danger.”

“This is the best I could do Shinzo. There is hope. I believe in you. I would love to continue to have a lovely evening with you even if it goes against my better judgement.” She chuckles softly. “The one rule that is pretty adament in this is never date a patient… well… it is one that I have not broken and thought I would never break… until now.” She put her hands in her lap. “If you will still have me that is… I did just get you suspended after all..” She said looking down a little her tone saddened by what she knew she had to do.
Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

He walked up to her and kissed her on the forehead and gave her a hug and while holding her, “You did more for me than anyone else and don’t blame yourself. I’m the one that got me suspended. Not you. Ok? Please don’t think like that.”

Kevasi looked at him and nodded. “Alright. That is fair enough.”

He released her and took a seat next to her. “I’m am glad to have had this chance with you. But I don’t want you to throw away your ethics and convictions for me. I really want you to stay and enjoy yourself. Here, with me for a long as you would like.... and it looks like I will just have to transfer doctors or use Marine Corpsmen from now on so that you will not have to be my doctor.” He gave her a grin and grabbed her hand. “Now. If you’ll have dinner with me, I’ll bring over the food on a tray while you pick out a movie for us to watch.” He winked at her and kissed her hand before getting up to make their plates.

Shinzo Honda

“For the right people some things are worth giving up. At least for now… and I am delighted to have the evening and time with you Shinzo.” She bit her lip thinking. “Lets play it by ear. Because I do want to be involved in your treatment… I want to help you in your journey to get better.” When he grabbed her hand she turned it slightly to grab his with the hand that he had grabbed. So that they were more holding hands. Her grip was supprisingly strong. “At the very least I’ll have to be a consult.” She chuckled softly and then smiled and looked thoughtful. “Hmm… a movie hunh? There is a very old classic that kind of sticks out in my mind a bit. Kill Bill” She said giving a small chuckle. “It’s not very romatic… hmm… I may have to think a bit more.”
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

The smile returned to his face. “That sounds like a great plan. I would love for you to be part of my treatment… and I would love to be that right person. I’ll live up to that given the opportunity, if not, I’ll do it anyway because I don’t want to die alone in a gutter on some backwater city on a even more backwater planet.” He thought for a moment then grinned. “Kill Bill uh. Now that I can make happen!” He grabbed the remote and found it. “Ha! I do have have it! Ok. Let us watch, eat and have a great time.” He grabbed her plate and moved it closer to her. “If you need anything else, just let me know and I’ll fetch it for you.”

Shinzo Honda

Kevasi smiled “Will do.” She began to dig into the curry and dumplings. Adter the first bight she paused and closed her eyes a moment a look of bliss crossed her face, she let out a soft sigh around the spoon in her mouth, her lips turned up into a smile.

She pulled the spoon out and set it down back onto the plate. “My my, that tastes so heavenly.” She said as she gave a small gesute for him to start the movie. She soon after reposition so that she could sit close together with him while stoll enjoying her meal.
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

Smiling real big. “Well thank you kindly. I’m glad you liked it.” As he started the movie. Realizing she got closer to him. He took the opportunity to snuggle up with her. I”nteresting film. I wonder how much is true and how much was embellished?”

Shinzo Honda

Kevasi leaned her head to the side and rested it on his shoulder adjusting so that she could do so comfortably. “I don’t know honestly. I don’t think much of it is based on real events, though the swordsmanship? It’s plausable somewhat.” She said and chuckled softly.
Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

“I suppose it could be and the swordmanship is spot on minus the obvious embellishments. Looks like Kend and Iadio, that I took in my youth and still practice to this day. Need anymore to eat and drink my dear?” He looked being able to say that and enjoyed her company and closeness.

Shinzo Honda

Kevasi smiled at him. “I could use some more water please.” She said sitting up to allow him up. “I had interest in Kendo when I was a child, however I wasnt able to practice or learn it. I had my hands full between Aikido lessons and general studies from school.” She said sweetly gently squeezing his arm a little.
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

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