Conference Room - New Mission Briefing For Senior Staff

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After finalizing her orders with the bridge crew, Freja slipped into the conference room and ordered a cup of iced coffee from the replicator to sip whilst she waited for her senior staff to arrive.

She took her customary seat and went over the details of the mission briefing in her head as she mentally set out what departmental orders she should issue for her crew.

~Freja Andreassen~

It wasn’t too long before the door opened again and Kevasi walked inside. She gave a smile as she walked towards one of the chairs around the conference table and took a seat. “Good day Captian, how fair you this morning? Besides the new orders from command.” She said with a small chuckles.
Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

The next one through the door was the Commading Officer of the Marine Squadron. The Lieutenant Colonel took a seat opposite the Chimera’s Captain and set his mug of coffee on the table. He nodded to the CMO and then said “Captain.” in acknowledgement of the ship’s CO. He set a PaDD on the table, took out a stylus, and then sipped his coffee.

Lardel, CAG

Keitah smiled warmly at each officer as she entered the conference room, making mental notes of their demeanor and well-being. As the ship’s counselor, she had a keen eye for the emotional state of the crew.

“Good day, Captain Freja, Lieutenant Kevasi, and Lieutenant Colonel Lardel. I hope you’re all coping well with the new orders and the upcoming mission. If anyone needs to discuss any concerns or simply wants to talk about anything on their mind, my door is always open. Remember, it’s essential to take care of both our physical and mental well-being during times like these.”

Kevasi gave a warm smile in return. “I will keep that in mind thank you.”

Keitah glanced at the PADD the Lieutenant Colonel placed on the table then at him, making a mental note to check in with him later, as he tended to be rather reserved.

“Before we delve into the departmental orders, let’s take a moment to check in with each other. Captain Freja, how are you feeling about the mission ahead? Lieutenant Kevasi, how are you settling into your new role as CMO? And Lieutenant Colonel Lardel, any concerns from the Marine Squadron that you’d like to address? I’m here to support all of you and the entire crew through any challenges that may arise.”

Naisyr, Counselor

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“I’m probably what some people would consider frothing at the bit to get out there,” Freja remarked with a slight grin, “I much prefer to have orders in hand and my ship moving toward its mission than sitting around idle. Even my hobbies get a little boring if I’m kept in spacedock too long.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Kevasi nodded and tilted her head as she took her seat. “I am settleing fairly well. I have my work cut out for me in some areas in others it’s rather a breeze. With the wonderful personnel in my department I really feel welcome and that I have a fantastic team. I am not aware of what the mission is yet. I am excited we have a new mission though I have doubt that I will have much to do or a part to play unless it is a rescue mission… most of the time it’s a little antibiotic here… or a radiation treatment there. I’m not complaining mind you. I’m just more for the after effects.” She chuckled softly her tone was light maintaining a jovial mood.
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

Lardel didn’t say anything until it was obvious it was expected that he reply. When he did, he simply said “The squadron is operating at solid levels across the board, Doc. Thank s for asking.” He then looked at the Captain and said “Do we know the nature of the mission yet? And will the squadron be operational in this one?”

“Very possible,” Freja replied, “Details are somewhat sparse, I’ll expand on what I can once everyone’s in here. We’re charged with rescuing a pleasure liner by the name of Empress that’s run into some engine trouble in a system that’s known for some fairly impressive natural fireworks.”

Lardel, CAG

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The doors to the Conference Lounge hissed open and Gallahan stepped in sheepishly. He had never been to a Conference before, certainly not one that involved all the senior staff of the Ship. He was not as nervous as he thought he would be. He supposed that he hadn’t had chance to fully process it all. On the walk up to the Conference Lounge he kept thinking to himself ‘You got this, be confident, be calm and be brave - this is your time to shin’e He wasn’t sure how much he believed himself, but he wanted to be seen as dependable and bold enough to step into the Security Chief’s shoes. He dreaded the thought of the senior staff thinking that he wasn’t up to the job.
“Captain, Commander” He nodded to each of them. “I’m here on behalf of Lieutenant Burcham. I hope that is okay?” He asked. Security needed to be represented, but he didn’t want to appear presumptuous by appearing at the meeting.

Ensign Scott Gallahan (Security)

“Perfectly fine Ensign, take a seat,” Freja nodded toward an empty chair.

~Freja Andreassen~

Mahjong received the notification of the briefing but was stuck doing diagnostics and couldn’t leave right away. Once he finished he ran to the conference room and opened the door. He knew he was late and dreaded seeing all of his peers and bosses looking at him as he walked in. “My apologies Captain, Commander. I was running a series of diagnostics and time slipped by me. I will not let it happen again. May I take a seat please?” He waited on bated breath for the answer and knew there might be a special briefing of his own after this.

Lt. Mahjong Vamuhn, CE

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