Conference Room - New Mission Briefing For Senior Staff

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After finalizing her orders with the bridge crew, Freja slipped into the conference room and ordered a cup of iced coffee from the replicator to sip whilst she waited for her senior staff to arrive.

She took her customary seat and went over the details of the mission briefing in her head as she mentally set out what departmental orders she should issue for her crew.

~Freja Andreassen~

It wasn’t too long before the door opened again and Kevasi walked inside. She gave a smile as she walked towards one of the chairs around the conference table and took a seat. “Good day Captian, how fair you this morning? Besides the new orders from command.” She said with a small chuckles.
Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

The next one through the door was the Commading Officer of the Marine Squadron. The Lieutenant Colonel took a seat opposite the Chimera’s Captain and set his mug of coffee on the table. He nodded to the CMO and then said “Captain.” in acknowledgement of the ship’s CO. He set a PaDD on the table, took out a stylus, and then sipped his coffee.

Lardel, CAG

Keitah smiled warmly at each officer as she entered the conference room, making mental notes of their demeanor and well-being. As the ship’s counselor, she had a keen eye for the emotional state of the crew.

“Good day, Captain Freja, Lieutenant Kevasi, and Lieutenant Colonel Lardel. I hope you’re all coping well with the new orders and the upcoming mission. If anyone needs to discuss any concerns or simply wants to talk about anything on their mind, my door is always open. Remember, it’s essential to take care of both our physical and mental well-being during times like these.”

Kevasi gave a warm smile in return. “I will keep that in mind thank you.”

Keitah glanced at the PADD the Lieutenant Colonel placed on the table then at him, making a mental note to check in with him later, as he tended to be rather reserved.

“Before we delve into the departmental orders, let’s take a moment to check in with each other. Captain Freja, how are you feeling about the mission ahead? Lieutenant Kevasi, how are you settling into your new role as CMO? And Lieutenant Colonel Lardel, any concerns from the Marine Squadron that you’d like to address? I’m here to support all of you and the entire crew through any challenges that may arise.”

Naisyr, Counselor

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“I’m probably what some people would consider frothing at the bit to get out there,” Freja remarked with a slight grin, “I much prefer to have orders in hand and my ship moving toward its mission than sitting around idle. Even my hobbies get a little boring if I’m kept in spacedock too long.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Kevasi nodded and tilted her head as she took her seat. “I am settleing fairly well. I have my work cut out for me in some areas in others it’s rather a breeze. With the wonderful personnel in my department I really feel welcome and that I have a fantastic team. I am not aware of what the mission is yet. I am excited we have a new mission though I have doubt that I will have much to do or a part to play unless it is a rescue mission… most of the time it’s a little antibiotic here… or a radiation treatment there. I’m not complaining mind you. I’m just more for the after effects.” She chuckled softly her tone was light maintaining a jovial mood.
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

“I am happy to hear that everything is going smoothly Doctor.” She said with a nod. “I will be stopping by soon for a routine check up.”

Lardel didn’t say anything until it was obvious it was expected that he reply. When he did, he simply said “The squadron is operating at solid levels across the board, Doc. Thank s for asking.” He then looked at the Captain and said “Do we know the nature of the mission yet? And will the squadron be operational in this one?”

“No. Problem, Colonel.” She wanted to ask specifically about Major Shinzo but decided it was not the appropriate time or place. She instead listened as the Captain began to answer his question.

“Very possible,” Freja replied, “Details are somewhat sparse, I’ll expand on what I can once everyone’s in here. We’re charged with rescuing a pleasure liner by the name of Empress that’s run into some engine trouble in a system that’s known for some fairly impressive natural fireworks.”

Lardel, CAG

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The doors to the Conference Lounge hissed open and Gallahan stepped in sheepishly. He had never been to a Conference before, certainly not one that involved all the senior staff of the Ship. He was not as nervous as he thought he would be. He supposed that he hadn’t had chance to fully process it all. On the walk up to the Conference Lounge he kept thinking to himself ‘You got this, be confident, be calm and be brave - this is your time to shin’e He wasn’t sure how much he believed himself, but he wanted to be seen as dependable and bold enough to step into the Security Chief’s shoes. He dreaded the thought of the senior staff thinking that he wasn’t up to the job.
“Captain, Commander” He nodded to each of them. “I’m here on behalf of Lieutenant Burcham. I hope that is okay?” He asked. Security needed to be represented, but he didn’t want to appear presumptuous by appearing at the meeting.

Ensign Scott Gallahan (Security)

“Perfectly fine Ensign, take a seat,” Freja nodded toward an empty chair.

~Freja Andreassen~

Mahjong received the notification of the briefing but was stuck doing diagnostics and couldn’t leave right away. Once he finished he ran to the conference room and opened the door. He knew he was late and dreaded seeing all of his peers and bosses looking at him as he walked in. “My apologies Captain, Commander. I was running a series of diagnostics and time slipped by me. I will not let it happen again. May I take a seat please?” He waited on bated breath for the answer and knew there might be a special briefing of his own after this.

Lt. Mahjong Vamuhn, CE

As the last two officers joined the group, Keitah’s warm smile extended to them as well, trying to put them at ease. “Welcome, Ensign Gallahan and Lieutenant Vamuhn. Please, take a seat. We’re just checking in with each other before diving into the mission details. Captain Freja just shared that we may be tasked with rescuing an a pleasure liner facing engine trouble. It seems based on that information alone this will indeed be a very interesting mission.”

Naisyr, Counselor

Lunan turned to address Vamuhn, “Lieutenant, what do you think could’ve caused the engine trouble out there?”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

“I’m sorry Commander. I don’t know. There is a mirad of things that can go wrong, but the fact that all their engineers can’t fix it or couldn’t is puzzling. The Marine in me is ribbing sabotage.”

As everyone settled in, Freja rose from her chair, tapping a few buttons on the board on the wall, “So, here’s what I know so far,” she spoke.

“The Chimera has been dispatched to assist a pleasure liner, known as the Empress with their problem. They had incident in their engine room and now the ship is adrift in the Ceti-Gamma Binary system, which hosts very little except an impressive display of natural fireworks. Which is why the Empress was there to begin with.”

Pausing for a moment, “The cruise company has dispatched a rescue ship to offload passengers, but their ETA is unknown and we’re closer. So a couple of things to note. There may be other ships in the system when we arrive offering assistance, but they are likely to be smaller privately owned craft. We might feature in a video or two, so keep that in mind when interacting with anyone on any ship. Another significant things to note is every member of the crew and every passenger on the Empress is female.”

“Engineering and science, I’d like you to coordinate with each other. Look through the data we have on file, we may have trouble accurately locking a tractor beam onto the Empress if she’s too close to the coronal cloud of one of the stars. Let’s brush up on our stellar knowledge and get familiar with the natural hazards that might be in the system and start working on solutions that we can utilize if needed.”

“Roger that. Will do madam.”

“Medical, I don’t know at this stage if the Empress has any injuries and whether they will need medical assistance. There’s approximately 6,000 souls on board. I suggest prepping for some casualties, if I get any updated information I will of course let you know,” Freja nodded.

Kevasi nodded and let out her breath slowly. “Understood Captain. Given that it seems the issue with the engine is unknown, we should take precautions against radiation. On approach can we check for levels of radiation? If we find any, the away team should meet in sickbay beta to get a dosage of Hydronalin. I will see how much we can synthesize incase there are people aboard the Empress that have been irradiated. Sickbay Beta is better for triaging so we will make preparations to be able to fit as many in there as we can.”

“Thank you Doctor, I’m hoping as we get closer we might be able to gather some preliminary scans, but being prepared for radiation is a good course of action.”

“Security, given that we may have mulitiple ships in the area, let’s make sure this ship isn’t at risk of any unauthorized boardings,” She nodded, “I suggest running drills related to forced boardings, just so we’re ready.”

Scott nodded firmly. His mind already busily thinking about best practises and preparations to make.

“And of course Colonel Lardel,” Freja paused, “I wish I had a bit more information about the private craft we might encounter, but these types of situations bring out…shall we say the idiots of the universe who think they know how to rescue a ship that can comfortably hold 6,000 people on it. I may need your fighters to run interferance, perhaps even some search and rescue if things get wild. Our priority is to give the Empress either a tow or at least keep her from falling into any hazards until her relief vessel gets in.”

Lardel nodded and said “The Black Sheep can set up a operational perimeter, Captain. Keep any sight-seers and would-be heroes away so the Chimera can concentrate on the rescue. And we have SAR shuttles with universal docking capabilities. If need be, we can ferry back and forth.”

“Counselor, if you could try and do some digging, maybe see if you can contact the cruise company itself and see if they might be able to tell you why this ship is all female,” Freja paused, “Are they from the same species? I’m mainly concerned about any cultural reasonings behind the fully female ship, just so we aren’t flying in blind so to speak.”

“That’s all I have so far, are there any questions?”

~Freja Andreassen~

“Do we know if the all-female contingent will allow non-females aboard? Or even allow them to assist them?” Lardel asked.

“That is a question I don’t yet have an answer to,” Freja replied, “I’m hoping we might be able to find out based on researching what we can find out about the cruise company en route. I would perhaps plan to have your female pilots run the ferrying if necessary and on our end, we can utilize our shuttle craft for ferrying. I’m sure I have enough female crew who are qualified to fly. Might be one of those rare opportunities for me to take part in an away mission, give my XO practice in the center chair on the bridge.” She smirked a little, not at the situation, but at the prospect of getting behind the controls of a shuttlecraft.

Lardel, CAG

Dr. (Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

Ensign Scott Gallahan (Security)

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~Freja Andreassen~

This is why Muhjon wanted to be on this ship. A top notch Marine Colonel and the best take no crap Captain all on one ship!

Lt. Muhjon Vamuhn, CE

‘I will conduct regular check ins with all of you throughout the course of this mission in order to check your progress. Will that be all?’

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

“If there are no further questions, I think we can break and get down to it,” Freja nodded, “Commander, if you can compile a list for me of female crew who are qualified to fly our shuttlecraft, we can look at running some simulations en route.”

~Freja Andreassen~

“Aye ma’am.”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

“I’ll start preparations for flight ops.” Lardel said and he stood and made his way out the door.

Lardel, CAG

Gallahan got up out of his chair quietly and nodded his head to the CO and the XO before making his way out of the Conference Room. He was going to head straight down to the Security Office and start the necessary planning.

Ensign Scott Gallahan (Security)

Kevasi stood up herself. “I understand Commander. There are preparations to make for physicals and evaluations.... we’ll be running around the clock for a bit… when we know more about their status please let me know.” She sId before she turned and started for the door.
Dr.(Lt. J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

“I’ll join you in Sickbay as soon as I have more information Doctor.”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

As the officers began to disperse from the conference room, Keitah turned her attention to Freja. “Captain, it seems like we have a well-rounded plan in place. I’ll get started on reaching out to the cruise company and see what I can find out about the Empress and its all-female crew. If there are any cultural sensitivities or protocols, I’ll make sure we’re prepared for that aspect of the mission as well.”

Naisyr, Counselor

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