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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Lunan Farrah (First Officer) in Main SIM: Engineering (Tractor Beam) tag Science
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Muhjon received the word that there are problems with the way the tractor beam would work where they are going, presumably because of high radiation and the influence of many ships and debris in the area as well. Assembling a task force of himself, two tractor beam specialists, some scientists and whomever else could be of use in the engineering conference room he began.

“Ok. Everyone. There is a problem with the tractor beam not being able to either work properly or is not strong enough to tow such a massive ship. Which is weird considering how massive our ship is. There also might be a problem with other ships and debris around as well not including our very own Marine detachmenthelping to safeguard and clear the area. So I’ve come up with some ideas which O have listed on the board here. Please chime in with your thoughts, experiences, expertise and suggestions after I read them to you.”

“One. Physics is our friend. As you know, in space, if we can get something moving it will stay moving and at that speed until there is interference like debris, asteroids, planets, stars blackholes and like in the way. So if we use our shuttles, we can push that ship in our direction or at least out of danger and then use the tractor beam.”

“Two. We modify the tractor beam using the deflector dish to increase its power. But then that leaves our ship more vulnerable to radiation and attacks.”

“Three. We use the same principle as example number one but make a bunch of small floating and remote controlled little tractor beams that deploy out and help with moving the ship. That’s where the Science department comes into play.”

“Four. We get every ship in the area including our shuttles and spare Fighters to use their small tractor beams to move as one in order to move that ship out of hand way so it can be fixed.”

Looking around the room. “I know I’ve more than likely missed something but this was a bunch of off the cuff ways to help. What are all of your thoughts and suggestions?” While he waited he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Lt. Muhjon Vamuhn, CE

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Moments later, the main Engineering bay doors slid aside to reveal a very determined-looking Commander Lunan. “Lieutenant Vamuhn, I hope you’re not too busy, the Captain and I have a plan we’d like to discuss.”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-



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