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While Hall went to the mess hall and sat down after grabbing a cup of coffee. She sat down and started to think what if she needs more junior officers. Although, she is debating to talk to the captain about it. She just doesn’t know what to do. But she is glad to be department head.


It had been a long day on the flight line. Every day was exhausting and busy and full. They never stopped. If there was nothing ‘to do’ they trained and trained some more. Today was running launch drills. Siraa and the rest of Delta had just finished. She was still in her flight suit along with the other Delta aviators as the whole group made their way into the mess. It was orderly chaos as the whole group cued up to get their food and then founds tables to scarf down their meals. Siraa was the last one in line.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Ldr

The young Lieutenant Hall noticed that the Mar. Captain of Delta Squad came in she looked up.


Siraa sat down at a nearby table with a few of the others officers from her squad. They didn’t talk much, mostly nods and grunts as people sat down with them. The focus was on the food, socializing would come after. Siraa looked up and over and gave the young Lt a nod. “You’re the new Chief of Security, Lt Hall, right?”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Ldr

“Yes I am. I’m Lieutenant Melanie Hall Chief Security Officer. And you are if I may ask?” She asked.

CoS Hall

The Andorian woman smiled and spoke with deep pride, “Marine Captain Siraa sh’Rharror, Delta Squadron Leader, 214th Attack Group, Black Sheep.” She held her hand out across the space between tables, “Pleasure, Lieutenant.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

The Lieutenant shook the Marine Captains hand and said “The pleasures mine. So uh what can I do for you?” She asked.

CoS Hall

Her antenna waved over her snow white curls. “Oh nothing. Just being friendly. Thought I would say hello. I won’t interrupt you further.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

“Oh no. I’m actually doing nothing actually just sitting here eating and reading. Nothing else.” She said to Marine Captain.

CoS Hall

The marine captain continued to eat like the rest of the group that had come in. There wasn’t much talking amongst them. She tilted her head toward the PaDD, “Anything interesting?”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

“Heh. Not really. Uh it’s a romance novel. And me being a romantic doesn’t really help.” She said.

CoS Hall

Her antennae waved back and forth lazily. “Nothing wrong with that. Literature can take us all sorts of places, and a good love story can give hope to us when the universe seems to be set against happy endings.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

“Heh. Yeah. I’ve been wanting to have a lover but it never really happened. But you know how that goes.” She said.

CoS Hall

“Well it’s certainly not easy when you serve. I miss my Th’se, but we both serve so we knew what we were getting in to. Chimera is a big ship, don’t get discouraged,” the woman encouraged.

“I’m not discouraged. I have known this ship since the beginning of my stay here. However, like most people they don’t typically get to know the ship until they are on board or have the computer telling them where to go.” She said.

The marine looked perplexed. She wasn’t sure what knowing her way around the ship had to do with not giving up hope of finding a life partner, but maybe it was some human turn of phrase she was unfamiliar with. “Well you seem ahead of the curve then,” Siraa said.

“Yes I am captain. No matter what.” She said smiling.
Lt. Hall

“I can admire that, Lt.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

A bit later the door to the mess opened and Kevasi stepped in. She looked around and gave a smile and a wave to those that were around in the area. She walked over to the replicator and spoke softly. “Cherry blossom tea, warm.” Once it was done she picked it up with the handle of the mug that had formed with it. She then walked over to the others and looked for an empty seat, electing to set in one that is on the edge of the group. Once she sat down her shoulders sank down and she showed a little bit how tired she felt. She took a sip of tea and placed a PADD on the table. “Hello, how is everyone?” She asked softly and politely.
Dr. (Lt. J.G) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

Siraa smiled, “Dr Tulbrad! It is good to see you. How are you doing?” Siraa liked the doctor immensely. She was competent and quite personable.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

Kevasi gave a warm smile to Siraa. “Hello Siraa it is good to see you. I’m well staying busy one way or the other.” She chuckles softly and takes another sip of her tea. “Sometimes with as much as needs my approval or such my sleep can be laid to the wayside.... almost makes me wish I was a Denobulan.” She chuckled softly again before shaking her head. “How are you, and the marines?”
Dr. (Lt.J.G.) Kevasi Tulbrad, CMO

“That would make the workload easier.” Siraa chuckled and looked around. “Good. Chow time and then back to work. We’re working on close in launch maneuvers today.”

Mar Cpt. sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

Scott sleepily shuffled into the Mess hall and wandered over to the gang enjoying their meals.
“Hey guys, mind if I join you?” He asked, he sounded happy, but worn out.

Ensign Scott Gallahan (Security)

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