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Posted by Lieutenant Colonel Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander, Air Group (CAG)) in Main Sim - When In Doubt, Call The Marines (Tag All Marine Aviators)
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The hours prior to the arrival of the Chimera on the scene of the stricken cruise liner were a blur of coordinated chaos across the flight deck. Mechanics and flight deck crew prepped and moved fighters and transports into position and preforming check after check after check. An hour before their arrival, the Aviators arrived for the mission briefing and then made their way down to the flight deck to do their own checks and prepare for their role in assisting those in need.

Above it all, Krin ‘Hannibal’ Lardel, the Zakdorn CO of the Black Sheep Fighter Group watched and coordinated with a meticulous eye to detail. As the ship prepared to drop out of warp, he climbed into the coffin-like cockpit of his own Templar fighter and opened the comms. =/\= All squadrons report in. =/\= and he listened for the responses to come back.

There was a pause and then =/\=Delta Squad ready.=/\= IRIS came over the comms.

After everyone had checked in, he sent a signal to the Chimera Command Center indicating they were ready for launch on the Captain’s command. He didn’t wait very long.

=^=Andreassen to Lardel, get some rescue ships in the air, the Empress is requesting evacuations. If you require support from the starfleet personnel who have pilot qualifications, let me know.=^= Lardel smiled but kept the chuckle from his voice. =/\= Birds on deck. Commencing operations now. =/\= came the CAG’s immediate reply. He switched to the inter-squadron comms and said =/\= Green light. All squadrons deploy on my mark. Three… two… one… mark. =/\= and his fighter shot out of the Chimera’s hanger at the forefront of the rescue operation.

Hannibal, CAG

IRIS wasn’t in her bird, she was flying one of the Troop Transports instead. There had been quite a shuffle to make sure all the transports and SAR shuttles were female equipped. As the fighters finally cleared the hanger, the shuttles lifted and hustled out of the bay in an orderly fashion, falling in under the escorts. As soon as they were all out IRIS hit her comms again. =/\=Rescue transports deployed, Enroute for The Empress.=/\= They wouldn’t pass the escorts, but time was obviously slipping as ORIS spotted the smaller vessel trying in vain to save the cruise ship.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

Oni was now in his bird. =/\=Bravo Squadron, fly out and fight patterns around the wounded ship then do crowd control.=/\= They all acknowledged and one by one they left the Chimera. After circling the Empress and getting into position.

The ‘media’ ship shifted and, while out of the way, certainly was making certain that it didn’t miss any of this drama unfolding. Other ships that may have even remotely been in the way altered course to be away from the incoming fighters and support ships.

As they passed in close they could see the stern engineering section a blackened ruin. There had been an explosion in the central impulse drive unit or thereabouts - an internal explosion by the look of it from the rent hull regions showing signs of an outward explosion. Smaller bursts of plasma showed up bright in the displays against the darker charred metal. One of the more built in warp nacelles too was a blackened ruin but looking like it was caught up in secondary explosions or overloads. Where lights were on they were dim or flickering.

The secondary ship, the Knight, helping was by no means small, but certainly dwarfed by the Empress.
- Wookiee

=/\=Oni to Hannibal. We are in position and the Empress appears to have suffered from an internal explosion near the stern, engineering section and one of the nacelles appears to be damaged as well. Possibly in the same manner but hard to tell. Oni out.=/\=

=/\= Confirm. =/\= Lardel said. Something wasn’t right about this.

=/\= Oni to Iris. Internal explosions to engineering and maybe to one of the nacelles. Be cautious of a sabatour on board. These explosions don’t look like accidents from the outside, but maybe they are. Just a warning. Oni out.=/\=

Major Shinzo Honda Bravo Squadron Leader

=/\=Copy that. Don’t worry, Oni. We’re here to rescue, but we’re still armed. IRIS out.=/\=

Lardel thought for a moment and then keyed the comms. =/\= Chimera Control and Empress Bridge, this is Lieutenant Colonel Krin Lardel of the Federation Marine Corps. Visual inspection of the Empress shows severe damage to engines and structure. Ongoing plasma fires are evident. Empress, we need to get your passengers and crew off that ship. Now. Transports incoming. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT, utilize escape pods. Gravitational sheer could compromise escape velocity. Transports are incoming, Empress. Stand by for evac. =/\= Lardel did some quick mental calculations to see if the Empress would last long enough in position to allow for the plan. And then another thought occurred to him. Tapping the comms, he said =/\= Black Sheep Squadron to starship Knight. Come in, Knight. =/\=

Lardel, CAG

=^= Colonel this is Lt Linda Glamoran in Empress control. Port Supply bay has active control on auxiliary power. Lighting it up for you to find it. Boarding ports 23 Bravo and 31 Delta are available. How many transports do you have? Additionally, we have people gathering at transporter stations. Escape pods are offline. All other boarding hatches and bays have no power. You’d have to dock and work them open somehow. =^= The last came through sounding boggled.

=/\= We can power the hatches from this side, that’s not a problem. Get your people to the hatches. We’ll have transports at all of them. =/\= Lardel replied.

=^= Black Sheep this is the Knight. Comms Director Clay Williams here. =^=

As that came through lights started to flash at three different areas of the hull facing away from the danger area and opposite where the Knight was pushing.

Beta Squad’s SAR shuttles moved i to to the hatches near the medical department. =/\=IRIS to Hannibal. We’re making approach for the forward docking hatches. Drive section looks really unstable, I’d rather not dock there unless they have people trapped down there.=/\= One by one Delta’s troop transports began to clamp onto the docking hatches of the Empress, the others linning up to take their space as soon as they were away.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD


The transports moved up to the docking ports and with a metallic thunk and then a hiss the seals attached and then pressurized the area. IRIS turned to one of the wing nuts. An Efrosian woman, nicknamed ‘Jack’, “Jack, get those doors open and let’s get people on board.” Jack grabbed the industrial Emergency hand actuators and popped the access panel locked within the temporary airlock and began working at forcing the door open.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

=/\= Mr. Williams, it seems that you are having a heck of a time right now. What I am suggesting is highly complex, but I think it may buy us enough time to get everyone off that ship. We have sixty, I repeat six-zero deployed fighters. Transports are docking with the Empress now. I am recommending my fighters attach to your outer hull and use our engines to supplement your drive. One of us wouldn’t do much to help… sixty would almost equate your full impulse. =/\=

Lardel, CAG

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