PreSim - When Ground Meets The Sky (Tag CO)

Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 7:44 p.m. by Captain Freja Andreassen (Commanding Officer) (Katherine Dedul)

Posted by Lieutenant Colonel Drangon Cull (Commander, Marine Batallion) in PreSim - When Ground Meets The Sky (Tag CO)
After being escorted to the Command Center, Lieutenant Colonel Drangon Cull- Commanding Officer of rhe 1st Marine Raider Battalion- walked to the Ready Room door and pressed the chime. The giant Xindi-Reptilian drew more than a few glances, but Drangon pretended not to notice.

Cull, MCO

“Come,” Freja called, looking up from her paperwork so when the doors slid open, as she’d been bent over her desk, her blond braid now hung over her right shoulder. It wasn’t messy by any means, which meant she had a light day of paperwork, which often didn’t happen.

~Freja Andreassen~

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