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Captain Jones had sent a message to the senior staff to join him on the bridge. They had their first operation ahead of them.

OOC: All DH’s to include Marine CO’s, CAG


The doctor heard the call come over the speakers. He acknowledged the call as he left sickbay and headed directly to the bridge. As he moved to the nearest lift as the doors opened to an empty car as he entered. “Bridge!” as the doors closed quickly and the lift took off to the bridge. It took no time at all for the lift to reach its destination. As the lift stopped and the doors opened to a calm bridge. As he exited the lift as he looked for the captain.

Lt . Jg. Liam Batario - CMO

The message came though Davon finished his coffee and headed up to the bridge. “Crewman Jesa you have security while I am with the captain.”
“Aye sir.” Came the reply.

He entered the bridge and saw the Captain and the CMO were already there. “Captain, Lt. (j.g) Riloc reporting as ordered sir.”


Heather heard the call to join the Captain on the bridge and left Engineering in capable hands before using the closest lift. “Bridge.” She ordered the lift and waited, the short ride that would take her to her destination. She was glad she’d had a few bags today instead of just one, especially if she was going to be on the bridge for a while. As the lift came to a stop and the doors opened with their customary woosh sound allowing Heather to step off. “Lieutenant (Jg) Heather Argeneau Reporting as Ordered Sir,” Heather said as she moved to take her Station.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Stepping off the open lift Sheriye padded over to her science console and activate it while saying,” Rreporrting ass orrderred, Captain.” She purred as she checked her sensor relay diagnostics. A shiver of excitement frizzled down her spine, noticeable if anyone was looking by the ripple of fur down her back, the tip of her tail flicked back and forth.

Sheriye CSO

Halloway reached the Ready Room at about the same time as the CAG. Smiling as he approached, she greeted him. “Good morning Major.” To which he smiled and nodded. “Mornin’ Commander… after you ma’am.” He motioned into the room and Halloway lead the way in. “Thank you Dawkins.” She said as she stepped in ad headed to her seat to the Captain’s right. Dawkins walked to the opposite side of the table and sat in the second table from the head.

Dawkins, CAG & Halloway, XO

Admiral M’Ressa followed the XO out of the out into the CIC, she stayed behind them though and stood near the back as she listened to Jones’ recitation.

Captain Jones walked to the center of the CIC to the information holo emitter, tapping on the console the display showed a class M planet that appeared to have large areas of desert like terrain. In orbit of the planet a civilian science vessel was present in a geosynchronous orbit.

Jones turned around to the staff assembled, “We have been assigned our first operation by Star Fleet. This mission is a War Game Scenario in coordination with the Klingon Empire. The planet you see before us is name Tith, it is a Class M planet with no local population. The scenario is as follows.”

Jones hit a button to advance the information on the screen, “Tith was once the site of a Klingon training grounds, there is also a burial grounds on the site, Archologist’s have began to make a dig of the area in order to study the culture of the Klingons from 500 Years or more ago. This created severe backlash within the Empire. Captain Gorth of the House Marluk took extreme offence as his ancestor’s had been interned there. Gorth convinced two other Captains that we know of to assist in taking over the site. They conducted a surprise attack on the SS. Property, a science vessel who was contracted to assist in the dig site.” Jones pressed another button which showed the animation of three birds of prey decloaking and overtaking the lightly armed vessel.

“Gorth decloaked and set on the Property boarding and seizing the ship. There is a skeleton crew on board of Klingons, from what we understand the crew of the SS Property was sent to the planet. Gorth then proceeded to assault the compound and take all the personnel on the planet hostage. This occurs two days ago, Star Fleet sent in a negotiator to attempt to get the civilians released, but Gorth would not speak to them and fired on the ship causing damage that required they return to dock.”

Jones sipped on his coffee for a moment assessing the staff’s reaction. “Our mission is to recover personnel along with taking back the ship and facilities, Any rogue crew members from the Klingon’s if captured will be handed back over to the Klingon Empire. I have been studying these for the last two hours.”

“What I believe is best is the following course of action. I want the ship out of dock and enroute within two hours, Engineering you need to make sure that the ship is ready to go with full power and all systems up. From there Major Dawkins, I want a escort flying with us as we move out of dock, we will move on a course of 163.4 for 10 Minuets at three quarters impulse. At the 10 Minuet mark all craft will dock, this docking needs to be within 5 minuets.”

Jones moved the diagram forward “We are four hours from Tith, once we drop out of warp we have to be ready for anything. Once we are there I will attempt to contact Gorth, depending on his reaction which I expect to be the same as before we will move forward with the operation, I want two platoons of Marines in the transport shuttles, once the launch order is given they are to proceed to the SS. Property and gain entry by any means possible, but with that said lets make sure the ship is still functioning when we are done… While this is occurring I want a CAP flown and prepared to attack the Birds of Prey, The Chimera will assist in attacking the birds of prey.”

“While this begins I need a Recon Team to conduct a Orbital jump to this position” The display zoomed into a rock outcropping 400 Meters from the compound “From there the team will set over-watch to provide cover for the ground assault that will come, along with providing detailed information about the ground element and the conditions on the ground.”

“For the ground assault, after the SS. Property is taken back I will send a small crew to maneuver her out of the area into safety, the marines on board will join the rest of the marines on the ground attack. The ground attack will consist of three elements, the first element is the recon team, the second element will be the headquarters company and command element, along with the field hospital setting up 600 Meters to the east. This position” Pointing to a large clearing that was just behind a hill from the compound. “Is the landing zone for the attack group, This will consist of Alpha company and two platoons from Bravo Company, with two platoons from Bravo company in reserve. The CAG will ensure that the ground elements have overhead Close Air Support available.”

Jones looked around, thinking of the massive formation that he had just observed, and wondering how well these people could work together under high stress. “I have given the order already to ensure that all weapons are on light stun, this may be an exercise but it is the first thing we ever do as a unit together and it must be done right. So let’s start poking the holes in this plan, we only have an hour to do so.”

Captain Jones

Heather listened to the plan she wasn’t a tactically minded person, so it sounds about right to her. Though her own instincts are mostly to keep her secrets, she didn’t see a reason she would end up on any of those teams off the ship. “Thanks to the Station repairs to the Ship are almost done we should be ready to go within the hour,” Heather told the Captain just in case any of those repairs didn’t stick it would give her time to fix the stations errors.

Heather Argeneau, CE

OOC: Just a reminder that this is a brand new ship just out of space dock

IC: “Im sure Argeneau you will have everything ready.”

Heather gave a nod, in response to the Captain’s confidence in her ability.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Devan nodded. “I’ll have security prepare the brig for any apprehended Klingons sir.” He had faith in his second Amird; the Betazoid was capable and he knew there was a strong chance he would be on the bridge manning tactical during the mission.


Jones nodded to the officer, “Very good Mr. Devan, I’ll need you on the bridge manning tactical, I also need you to ensure that the CWIS is manned.”

“Understood captain I have crew in position before we leave dry dock.” He said with crisp formality.

M’Ressa was a silent presence as she observed the crew and their responses. The Chimera was really a testing platform for all the divergent sections aboard her. Starfleet wished to see how the different sections could work together under high stress. One didn’t usually have both platoons and pilots on the same ship.

Admiral M’Ressa


“Skipper…” The Chimera’s XO chimed in. “… considering this is a fast and furious tactical situation, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to set up one or two of the Runabouts as Mobile Sickbays?” Halloway began. “I’m sure the Marines are completely capable of setting up a MASH Unit in a quick and dirty scenario, but as we have a few hours… why not think outside the box a bit and give the units one or two Mobile Bays capable of advancing easily with the front? They can be closer for support, carry their own shield and weapons capabilities, and would thereby free resources for other needs.” As Halloway finished, she took a sip of the cup of tea in her hand. “Just a thought Sir.”

Halloway, XO

Jones nodded, “That’s what the medic’s are there for, they need to be prepared to extended stay in case there is no ability to pull them from the area quickly. The MASH should be ready to maintain people for up to several days”

The Chimera’s CAG glanced up from the PaDD he had been tapping away on during the Captain’s description of the mission. “A couple thoughts Sir…” The newly-minted Major began. “As the Air Group is still at only half-strength, with three of the six standard complement Squadrons embarked, I would think it best… with me coordinating from Flight Ops… to have a full squadron each assigned to two of the BoPs with the Chimera focusing her efforts on the third while I bring in two of Captain Carnegie’s Recon craft in to give Flight Ops a better focused view of what’s going on with each BoP.”

Making a swipe motion on his PaDD, he continued… never looking up. “We then assign the remaining squadron to CAS in support of Ground Ops, supported by another Recon craft, in order to give Ground and Air forces a better scope of the opposition faced. And, of course, our data can be cross fed into the Chimera’s sensor network enabling you to observe from the information we take in via the Holo-tank.”

Dawkins, CAG

Jones paused, “I want us to ensure that before we send any team planetside we have dealt with all space born combat first.”

“I’d also suggest two recon teams make the jump Captain. Each on opposite sides of the encampment. We are dealing with Klingons here, we need to be prepared to be overwhelmed. Having the second team means we have redundancy in our overwatch, and in making sure that we are prepared for the landing teams.”

Kate moved forward and looked more closely at the display. She pointed at another rock outcropping, about 120 degrees around the camp from the initial outcropping.

“There. Not as ideal, with a slightly obstructed view of the camp. But it will be a good secondary location, and allow us to create a crossfire across the camp, to try and keep the Klingons pinned down while our teams land. I’ll take 1st Team to the primary landing zone, and 2nd Team takes the secondary landing zone. We’ll have the area secure for the rest of the Company to land. And as soon as they touch down, my XO will take command of the forward operating base, while I maintain command of the ground operations.”

MCapt Hawkins - A CO Commander

Jones nodded at both the Company Commander, “Colonel do you have any issues with this?”

Heather listened to the other officers, she was definitely thankful for the two bags of blood she had rather than one otherwise she wouldn’t be able to handle all these warm bodies around her for this long. Listening, Heather was surprised that she couldn’t think of anything else to contribute. Then again most of her training was in combat, not tactics unless you count figuring out how to capture a rogue vampire trying to create a nest. Even then she hadn’t finished her training with her uncle on the tactics because of her mother’s interference. So she had nothing she could really contribute to this conversation other than to make sure that the engines are up to the task. So she listened planning to learn more from those around her instead.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Sheriye listened to all the other DH’s discussing their battle strategy and wondered where Science could fit in on such an exercise. “Captain, iss therre anything Sscience can do to help ssupport the operration?” She finally asked, not really seeing where they might be useful.

Sheriye CSO

“I need science to be on sensors, Isolating all lifesigns, weapons reading and looking for any additional signs of cloaked or uncloaked ships, also as we prepare to enter the area we need to be sweeping for any possible mines in the area”


Sheriye nodded in acknowledgement. That indeed made sense and why the Captain was the Captain, she thought as she grinned wryly to herself.

Sheriye CSO

Captain Jones tapped the ship wide comms console =/\= All hands this is the Captain, Secure stations and prepare to disembark in 1 hour =/\= Looking to the comms Officer, “Comm’s, send request to the station for clearance to undock and disembark in one hour” The comms Officer responded quickly “Aye Sir,” a few moments later the Officer announced “Clearance granted Captain”.

Jones looked to the CAG, “Major, The rest of your ships should be coming aboard as we speak, get your pilots breifed up as quickly as possible and have them ready to go, we will have 6 hours after we leave untill we are at combat conditions.” Turning to the XO, “Commander, I believe you and I have alot to get done over the next few hours.”


Dawkins nodded smartly and replied with a sharp “Aye Sir.” The Executive Officer gave an equally sharp reply, nodding as the Captain turned to her. “I believe so. When do we start?”


Heather looked over her console she was more than prepared for the ship to disembark in an hour, however, she wanted to head down to Engineering to get a closer look at things. Heading to the turbolift from the bridge Heather intended to do just that.

Heather Argeneau, CE

Sheriye tapped her console setting up the sensor parameters for lifesigns, weapon signatures and cloaked and uncloaked ships. Her ears twitched as she followed the various comments around CIC though she kept at her work, claws clicking lightly on the console as she inputted data for her parameters.

Sheriye CSO

” CIWS stations 1 through 4 are manned and ready for action if needed.” Davon said sweeping his hands across the tactical console with theatrical precision. ” Tactical online sir.”


“Captain, Colonel,” Kate said facing them, “If you will excuse me, I need to get my teams, and company, prepped.” Coming to attention she let off a quick salute before pivoting and heading for the turbolift. She stepped in right behind Heather. They only had a few hours to get ready, and they were going to need every second of it.

MCapt Hawkins - A CO Commander


As the Captain was tied up, M’Ressa nodded in acknowlegement to Hawkins. “Understood, Captain. As you were.” She said as she looked around at the crew in the Command Center. “Continue as you were and report to me with status updates.”

OOC: Okay we have unfortunately lost Phil to rl but we have D Grisham coming aboard as aCO. Despite that why don’t we continue prepping the pilots and marines for an excercise? Do you guys just want to self sim that for now as we wait for Luke to return from LOA and start a new sim for us?


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