CE's office - Nakuto receives her orders

Posted May 21, 2020, 9:03 a.m. by Ensign Mirai 'Raptor' Nakuto (Engineer) (Sharon Miller)

Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in CE’s office - Nakuto receives her orders

Posted by Ensign Mirai ‘Raptor’ Nakuto (Engineer) in CE’s office - Nakuto receives her orders

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“Oh no need Ensign, but thank you. Please come in, um…” she said looking around her office. “Have a seat.”

Spotting the chair, she moved over and cleared it off. Koria moved back over towards her work table and sat down on the stool there. “What do you think of the Chimera so far?”

Lt Sutret - CE

Mirai nodded as she moved over to the seat and settled into it.

“It is…a starship, Ma’am,” she replied, hesitantly, before adding, “I…have been out of commission for some time now. It feels…good to have a deployment again and this seems as fine a ship as any to be serving on.”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

“Well it is a starship,” she said with a chuckle. “The Chimera is definitely an interesting ship, and has plenty of its own challenges. The hardest part for me to get used to is just the size of this ship. But that just means more things to break, which makes sure that we have a job.”

Koria leaned back against the work table and looked at Mirai. “So tell me a bit about you, anything in particular that you like to work on while you are here?”

Lt Sutret - CE

The half-Klingon gave the question some thought, leaning back into the chair and stretching her long, muscular legs out in front of her as she did so. Eventually she sat forwards again and offered, “I am, as you might already have silently considered, older than your usual ensign. The truth, Lieutenant, is that this is my second career trajectory in Starfleet and one that I have had to launch from the very bottom again. Prior to this I was a pilot and an excellent one at that. Or so I thought. Gravity, it seems, did not concur and there was…an accident.”

She winced as the memory came flooding back, the rush of freefall, the stench of leaking fuel and burning flesh. Closing her eyes, she allowed it to unbalance her for one brief, agonising moment, then quickly pushed it away.

“But that was a long time ago now. It was…considered optimal for my own safety to switch career paths and so I moved to engineering. Like my sister.” She shrugged. “I suppose I am still weighing my options in terms of a specialty but…” a wide grin spread across her face as she concluded, “I still have a love for smaller craft and would welcome any opportunities for fighter maintenance.”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

Koria nodded. “Well thank you for sharing your story with me. Gravity always seems to be the one thing you wish wasn’t there, until the one time you need it.”

Sitting up Koria thought for a moment. “As for fighter maintenance, I can’t guarantee anything there. The Marine squadron brought all their own mechanics. They don’t normally call us unless it is a real big issue. But…” she paused as she started flipping through some PADD’s. “We do have our own shuttles that need maintenance. We actually have two, ah here we go, that need full overhauls.” Pulling out a PADD she held it out, “that is if you are interested.”

Lt. Sutret - CE

Seizing the PaDD as if it were an aged bottle of bloodwine demanding to be drunk, Mirai’s face broke into a wide grin. In truth, any project to devote her time and her mental focus to would be preferable to the company of her own, turbulent thoughts. But for the chance to work on shuttles? Why, it was as if she were back in the jungles of Carraya IV, tinkering with her father’s old supply craft. Her sister an equal by her side.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” she grinned at Sutret. “I shall begin right away. Unless you have other matters you still wish to discuss?”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

Koria smiled. “Once you get those two fixed up, check-in with the deck officer. I’m willing to bet that most of our auxiliary craft are not up on their inspections. Put together a plan to rotate them out of regular service so we can get their certifications back up to date. Sound good?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“Aye, Ma’am!” Mirai responded, practically leaping out of her seat. Heading for the door, the half-Klingon paused briefly before stepping through and, turning to look at the CE over her shoulder added, “And thank you, Ma’am, for giving me this opportunity.”

So, dear sister. You will not remain the only notable Nakuto in Starfleet for much longer!

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

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