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OOC: This takes place a short time after the sim end get together ..

You may place yourselves wherever you deem fit, though wouldn’t hurt for many of you to be on the bridge ..

Alas, Commander th’Jir had been picked up by the USS Alamo to be taken to his next assignment. The Chimera had remained on station not far off from Starbase Halycon to tweak the warp drive that had, in the trip from their last adventure, been strained. When all was ready, the helm set course for SB Halycon and turned the ship about to place her on course.

Suddenly, the ship was turned about like a top. A loud explosion could be heard sounding through the ship and the stars whirled wildly as it spun through space. The Structural Integrity field was not compensating well as everyone was pushed off and was sustaining increased gravity forces from the centripetal forces. The yellow alert blared and alarms went off on multiple consoles but especially the engineering station.


Cadet Foster clung to his station at the helm, his fingers barely holding onto the panel. “Unable to pull myself up!” He called out to whoever could hear him on the Bridge. “Looks like something’s going off in Engineering!” The Cadet added. His fingers began to slip, and moments later Nick ended up against the bulkhead from the forces.

Cadet Foster

Mirai Nakuto hated bridge duty. On the engineering deck, with a hyperspanner clutched between her fingers and a driver coil assembly to strip down and rebuild, she was about as content as she had even known. But when shackled to the bridge station for an eight hour shift, the half-Klingon had been forced to invent various methodologies to maintain her concentration levels and keep herself awake.

And so it was that, on this particular shift, she had been regaling (or maybe torturing was a more appropriate description) the crew with a vibrant recital of ‘The Fall of Kang’. Pacing the short distance from the left edge of her station to the right, she roared “So honour the valiant who die ‘neath your sword. But pity the warrior who slays all his foes!”

But someone or something in the universe, it appeared, did not appreciate Klingon epic poetry and as Nakuto reached the climax of her delivery, she was cut short by a cacophony of alarms screaming forth from her station. No time to react was given, however, as before she could even turn, the Chimera began to spin like a toy ship in a maelstrom, the crew thrown in every direction across the bridge.

For her part, Mirai managed somehow to anchor an arm around the back of her seat and held on tightly as the centrifugal forces took hold. With extreme effort, she heaved her body back into the chair, maintaining its backwards position relative to the rest of the room so that her arms could wrap around the seat back now at her chest, in an attempt to keep her place.

Before her, the engineering console continued to blink and screech out its warnings and she, still disorientated and dizzy, attempted to form some sense from the chaos.

“Structural integrity field is failing at several points all over the ship,” she declared. Had they not just escaped nearly being crushed like an empty beer can? Something out there seemed determined to flatten the Chimera. “Gravitational pressure increasing. I…I am going to attempt to trigger a long-range scan, see if I can detect what might be causing this.”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

The source was evident on the console. A diagram of the impulse engine assembly showed one in glaring red with the two next to it in yellow. Data streamed along the side too fast for Nakuto to take in in entirety - but the one thing was sure - something had caused impulse engine #3 to blow. It was streaming ignited deuterium like a rocket and, in the engineer’s mind, likely causing the spin in space that they were doing.

Long range scans .. nothing nearby that would play out what had just happened.

The G forces were significant but they could be fought. They might keep a weaker person down, or someone used to a weaker gravity, but they could be fought with effort. Aka, helm, was able to reach the panel if need be.
- Wookiee

Freja had been in her ready room, patiently going over the latest batch of reports that required her attention before winding up unceremoniously tossed onto the floor.

“Delightful,” she muttered to herself after the few milliseconds it took her to realize she was no longer in her desk chair, frowning when she went to rise, only to feel a force smacking her back down into the deck plating of her ready room, having had fighter training years ago she immediately recognized the pull of G forces and their effect on her body. That meant whatever damaged her ship was still wreaking havoc in some way and she needed to get to the bridge.

With some effort, she managed to rise and stumble toward the door, fighting the dizzy feeling in her head, she managed to exit her ready room and somewhat gracefully stumble to her command chair, “Report,” she said, her dark eyes scanning every nearby console while she waited for someone to speak.

~Freja Andreassen~

“Unable to stabilize structural integrity, Captain!” Cadet Foster called out from the Helm. “Helm is also not responding to my commands.” The Cadet turned and faced the Engineer as she had read out something about the engines before the Captain stepped onto the Bridge.

Cadet Foster

As the moments went on the forces were still present, though bit by bit they stabilized at about 2.5g’s. On the screen the star field spun indicating that the ship was, in effect, ‘twisting in the solar wind’.

Cadet Foster would note that all impulse engines were down. They had not yet gone to warp before this happened and all impulse engines were offline. The engineering station would show more detail about the engines.


“Looks like we’re slowly stabilizing, Captain..” Cadet Foster announced. A few blinking lights on the console caught the Cadet’s attention. “Hmmm, Captain, it appears our impulse engines are offline,” Nicholas added to his report. Cadet Foster found that he was unable to pull up any detailed report around the issue, but knew someone from Engineering would update the Captain shortly.


=^= Bridge, what is going on up there? =^= Koria said from Main Engineering, where she had been pinned against one of the consoles. She could see the blown impulse engine on her status display. It took a moment, but she was able to reach towards the controls to turn off the deuterium supply for that impulse engine.

Lt Sutret - CE

=^=Looks like an impulse engine is malfunctioning, can you kill it from down there?=^=

=^= Sickbay to Bridge, You guys want to stop spinning things about and crashing for all of five minutes? We just finished alphabetising the sick at supplies from the last disaster. =^= The voice of the CMO added.

Cross posting

=^=Bridge here, working on that problem right now,=^= Freja responded, turning to the helm, “Can we use our thrusters to slow our spinning even more?”

~Freja Andreassen~

It would be possible. Primary thruster control was offline. Helm would have to do it manually.

From her station, Mirai triggered a diagnostic of the IPS fuel lines that ran from the PDT to the engines themselves, to see if she could pinpoint what had caused the engine to blow. Right now her primary suspicion was an issue with the fuel supply but…hopefully the diagnostic results would either confirm her suspicions, or at least rule it out.

  • Mirai Nakuto (Eng)

The computer would show that there had been a command from engineering in impulse control. Engine 2 had been commanded to cycle down and dampers in the deuterium injection system had been initiated while Engine 3 had been commanded to increase power to compensate. Further investigation would be needed to fathom just why that command had been given, though that being said - it was not unusual.
- Wookiee

Cadet Foster looked over the Helm Navigation console and sighed. “Our primary thruster control is offline, so I’ll have to control in manually,” Nick replied. The Cadet switched the thruster control to manual and awaited instruction from the Captain.

Cadet Foster

“Fire thrusters,” Freja replied with a nod.

~Freja Andreassen~

“Fire thrusters now, Captain.” Cadet Foster replied. Nicholas quickly searched his console layout and found the thruster control along the navigation portion of his station. “Please don’t break the ship..” The Cadet said quietly to himself as he activated the thrusters and tried to compensate against the spin.

Cadet Foster

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