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It was a slow go . The manual thrusters at first made the ship jerk. With trial and error the thruster directions made the vessel lurch in an unexpected direction and with it the stomach shifted with it. It took time for Foster to not only get the thruster direction fine tuned but the thruster power to not cause one’s teeth to snap and the body to feel like they were in a vehicle that was hitting the brakes too hard.

At last, however, the ship leveled out and the G forces normalized.

The damage reports in that time were not looking well …
There were issues between Decks 8 and Decks 13. Transporters were offline in that area. The main computer was sputtering between on and offline status. Moreover the aft torpedo bay was showing a rise in internal temperature. This was all separate from, but likely linked to, the impulse engine issue.
- Wookiee

Braxton was gripping his chair tightly as he tried to regain his composure “Captain decks 8 and 13 have reported issues. I’m dispatching repair crews as we speak to assess the situation and make repairs.”

Lt. Cmdr. Harris, XO

“I’ve been able to stabilize the ship, Captain.” Cadet Foster announced with a sigh of relief. “But if we have another explosion, it’s going to be another ride on the merry go round.” Nicholas continued to hold the ship in one place hoping they’d be able to fix the problem sooner rather than later.


Foster would see, once things were stabilized, that while he could see warp power available the computer was utterly hit and miss with helm control, cutting in and out with on and offline status. While they were now moving in a straight line with only a modest spin that Foster was not entirely able to eradicate.

Reports were coming in with minor injuries on all decks. Reports of explosions from aft areas on decks 9 and 10 were reporting more serious injuries.
- Wookiee

=^= Doctor Ryley take your medical team to decks 9 and 10. They’ve just reported there are serious injuries there. Keep us updated. Harris out=^=

Lt. Cmdr. Harris, XO

“Good work XO,” Freja nodded to her first office, before turning to the helm, “Good job Cadet, keep us as steady as you can.”

=^=Andreassen to engineering, I’m going to want a damage report as soon as you’ve assessed everything,=^= She spoke, =^=If we can spare it, I’d also like a bit more power to the thrusters to help stabilize us and keep us limping toward the Starbase.=^=

“Any injuries here on the bridge?” She looked around to assess her bridge crew.

~Freja Andreassen~

“I’m also getting conflicting reports with helm control, Captain.” Cadet Foster called out with confusion. ” Sure we have warp power but helm control keeps cutting between online and offline.” Nick tried getting a fix on their location and was successful but noticed another problem.

“It looks like I can manage directional control, but we’re still spinning,” Foster added.


=^= Working on it Captain. We are having computer issues though, which is giving us issues in running the diagnostics. But I’ll get the ship back. =^=

Lt Sutret - CE (crosspost)

=^=Acknowledged, let me know if you need any help from us on the bridge.=^= Freja responded.

“Keep on it Cadet, at least we aren’t pulling quite so many Gs now,” She replied to her helm officer, “It’s been a few years since I was flying fighters, I’m not used to it.” She finished with a smirk.

~Freja Andreassen~

The ship shuddered as something made a small ‘boom’ somewhere in the ship. On the status screens Impulse engine number 3 went from yellow to red, however sensors on site showed that while a major plasma conduit ruptured, all it did was take the engine offline. The conduit was closest to the severely damaged Engine 2.

Science from the back reported, “Ma’am, I am showing life support offline on Deck 9 and 10 in the aft quarter. Force fields are in place outside of those regions to contain it.”
- Wookiee

“Captain we lost impulse power in Engine three.”

Harris, XO

“Did we lose people?” Freja snapped, “Can we shut down the whole impulse engine system before it blows our entire ship to bits?”

~Freja Andreassen~

Impulse engine 1 and 4 will respond to commands. Engine 3 is offline and may or may not take a shut down command. Bets are that it would.
- Wookiee

“I’m getting a response from Engines 1 and 4, Captain.” Cadet Foster announced. The Helmsman looked over at his status board and saw that the 3rd engine was offline, and proceeded to shut it down for good measures. “Engine 3 is also powering down now as well.”


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