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=^= Bridge to SIckbay this Commander Harris, be advised we’re getting multiple reports of serious injuries on decks 9 and 10. Also be on the lookout for incoming minor injuries as well. We have reports are coming in on all decks so prepare for an influx of people in Sickbay. Harris out=^=

Harris, XO

It did not take too long for the first to come in. Two people were beamed into sickbay. One was a male Bolian laying on the deck with serious burns to one side. The other appeared to be ‘singed’ with minor burns and a bleeding cut to her temple area. “Doc!” she called out, then put her hand to her head and muttered, “Lesson for the day .. don’t shout.”
- Wookiee

Ryley moved to the biobed of the Male and began a scan. He looked up at the woman. “Lesson two. Lie down shut up and let doctors treat you.” He nodded at of or the medical officers who moved to check the burn and handed her some gauze for the cut.


The burn on the Bolian was extensive. It was a deep burn making his blue skin raw and of a sickly robins egg blue color. It would need more than a regeneration but likely skin grafts of some form.

”I need 4 ccs of Kelotanehere.” he said. When he was handed the hypo in question he checked the dosage and applied it to the Bolian’s neck. Swapping instruments he ran a deep tissue scan to gauge the level of the burns and starts a burns treatment series.

It was evident with the Bolian that there was a patchwork that they could do now and treatments down the road. The danger lay with the deeper layered burns and nerve regeneration. The Bolian groaned at the hypo, his eyes registering shock setting in.

“When I lay down the room spins. And that’s even without drinking anything. Ow,” she said as she applied the gauze.

NE medic was running a tricorder over her head as she spoke.

Rebecca departed the shuttle and shook her head. Her companions on the trip were as silent as she. Partially her own fault, she hadn’t exactly been chatty either. It was just curious how it seemed, lately, if she didn’t start a conversation, one never seemed to start. She just hoped those in the Science Department weren’t that way. A quiet lab was an unproductive one. At least, in her book it was.

She had left her duffle with the kind NE Ensign who had greeted the shuttle and assured her that her bag and other belongings would be in her quarters by dinner. That was good enough for her. So now, here she was, turning to pass thru the doors of medical for the first stop on her check in list. The XO was after this, then her Department. She was all smiles as she entered and looked around to see who was unoccupied and could assist her without intruding on whatever day to day things were occurring.

Suddenly the entire world shifted and she slammed into the doorframe with a loud enough grunt to surprise even herself. A moment later, picking herself up off the floor where she hadn’t remembered landing, she glanced around. Realizing it hadn’t been a personal bout of vertigo, she shook her head and rubbed a small lump where a goose egg lump was starting from where she’d smacked herself on the bulkhead. Making sure her vision was clear, she moved to the Doc and touched his arm. “I’m Lieutenant Morrison, the new Science Chief. Are you ok, first off?” She nodded to his leg and limp unaware of the nature of it. “And second, how can I help?” She was ready and eager and knew that her own check in was second if not fifth priority at this point.

Lt Rebecca Morrison
Chief Science Officer

Ryley scowled ”Im just peachy” he grumped and turned to look at the person who touched him. His brow relaxed slightly but he moved his arm out of her way. Pointing at a chair he said ’Sit down and let someone check your head.” he said noticing the bump. ”You field medic trained?” he asked her as he himself began scanning her head, a medical officer taking over the burn victim for the moment.


Becca quickly pulled back her hand thinking she had perhaps insulted him. “It’s just a bump,” she said, her hand going to the lump as she sat down obediently. “I have the basics from Academy and enough to make due on Away Missions. Will that help any?” She smiled hopeful. “Can always just keep folks calm till you get to them, if that’s any more help. I’m the new Science Chief, Rebecca Morrison. Had been coming to do check in. But I’m sure it can wait at this point.” She tried to smile to alleviate the tension already growing in the room.

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Riley ran the scan and then closed his tricorderl he opened his mouth to speak to her when…

At that three others came in. Two were helping the third. “Doc! She inhaled something. Breathing problems!” one of them called out as they rushed her over to the cluster of doctors.
- Wookiee

He pointed to the nearest bio bed and started scanning. (ooc: scan results Gene?)

There didn’t appear to be any obvious damage to her lungs. Scans registered chemical compounds to what would be expected in a fire on board. These compounds looked to potentially be the source of the problem, reacting with her lungs and inhibiting oxygen from being absorbed; the particular cells that would so react in the lungs were constricted.
Wookiee, showing utter lack of comprehensive biology <G>

Becca looked at the Doc. “I may not know much, but enough to not hinder. And I’m an extra pair of hands, Sir.” She was sincere in her desire to help. Without clearances she was going to be of any help anywhere else on the ship. At least here she could help in some capacity, she was sure.


”Good, how about you don’t be a hinderance then and get me a triox hypo…its the blue capped one in the holder.” he said indicating the hypo station. ”Pressit downcfor 5 seconds and then bring me it. Then grab a med kit and see if you can help some if the minor injuries.”

He checked the recorder readings, ”Any idea what she inhaled?” he asked those who had brought the woman in.


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