Sickbay - Check In of the CAG

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Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Check In of the CAG
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The Marine Aviator made his way to Sickbay, a place he liked almost as much as the Counselor’s office. Walking in he looked at the staff going about their work. A ship this size was bound to have a busy medical section, but this one at least appeared to meet the Marine’s standard for… adequate.

He stopped a passing Ensign and said “Need my physical for on boarding.” and the nurse nodded and said “Yes, sir. Have a seat and I will make sure you get seen.” Lardel nodded and sat down, his helmet bag on the deck next to him.

Lardel, CAG

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The nurse wandered further into Sickbay stopping by a man in jeans and a Navy blazer who stood at the foot of a biobed watching another medic work on the person asleep on it. He appeared to be recovering from some sort of surgery.

The bearded man in the blazer looked around at Lardel where he sat and then back to the nurse. A quick conversation passed between the two in which the man rolled his head around his neck and shoulders and then nodded and moved back towards the Major. He stood before him, leaned on a black mental cane and said. “I’m Doctor Ryley, Nurse Fidgit tells me you need a boarding physical.” He inclined his head “Follow me.” and moved back towards an empty biobed.


Lardel followed and sat on the bed when they got to it, dropping a flight bag on the floor with a thud. “Major Lardel, Marine Aviator, Commander Air Group. Newly arrived, Doc. No changes, no illness, no injuries since my last recorded physical. And the squadron is doing post flight checks, then you will have them here as well, Sir.”

The Zakdorn was professional and polite, but something said he didnt like Sickbay very much.

Lardel, CAG


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