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Posted July 27, 2020, 12:29 a.m. by Lieutenant Jean Hugo (CNS/Chief of Security) (Thomas B)


There was a beep on ‘a’ console. A transmission was coming in … from one USS Markham, a Destroyer class frigate.
- Wookiee

“and just like that, we’re saved!” Cadet Foster called out as he turned to face the Captain. “We’re getting a transmission from the USS Markham, shall I put it on screen?” The Helmsman asked.


“Please do,” Freja nodded, rising from her chair and mentally preparing herself to speak with whomever greeted her on the other side, she wasn’t familiar with the Markham and with her ship barely holding together she obviously had other concerns than to quickly look up that information.

~Freja Andreassen~

Hugo stepped onto the bridge and manned the security station, quickly pulling up damage reports and looking for potential problem areas.

“Bringing up the transmission now, Captain.” Foster announced. Once the Cadet turned back to his station, he also transferred known data about the Markham in case Captain Andreassen wanted to do a little research. It was hard enough to keep the ship steady, so hopefully the Markham would be able to assist them.

Cadet Foster

A Vulcan’s image came up on the screen. He was of middle age and Vulcan-ly calm. =^= USS Chimera, this is Captain S’avis our long range scans have registered an unusual amount of energy in the region of your vessel. With the range the source is indeterminate. Are you in distress? =^=
- Wookiee

“This is Captain Freja Andreassen. You could say that, whatever it was, it caused one impulse engine to blow, the extent of our damage is still being assessed at this stage, we’re running on thruster power at the moment.”

~Freja Andreassen~

There was a faint ‘nailed it!’ comment from somewhere in the back of the bridge, S’avis presenting a long suffering expression that only a Vulcan could pull off. =^= Science originally thought it to be a spatial phenomenon that was in your vicinity. We are en route to your location at maximum warp. Estimated time of arrival 53 minutes. Will you require evacuation? =-^=
- S’avis

Hugo’s ears perked up at the mention of the spatial phenomenon and wondered if Science was actively scanning the ship. Preferring to pull reports on-screen as opposed to asking verbal inquiries of the Computer, he queried the Chief Science Officer’s current position… Sickbay. Hugo’s mouth twisted as he imagined Sickbay was likely swamped.

Braxton shook his head in the direction of the Captain. He then shifted his back outward in the chair slightly to the left.

Harris, XO

=^=We may require evacuation of more seriously injured crewmembers, I’ll confer with my Chief Medical Officer while you are en route, the rest of us should be alright, we may need a power transfer to stabilize our thrusters though. I’ll have more details on your arrival.=^= Freja promised.

Turning to her XO, “Harris, can you alert the senior staff to have situation reports on their departments in fifteen minutes, we’ll convene a senior staff meeting then.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Braxton nodded “aye Sir.” Braxton pressed a button for Comns from his panel on his chair. =^=Attention all hands Senior Department Heads; send situational reports to the bridge in 15 minutes. That is all Harris out =^=

Harris, XO

“I’ll try and keep the ship from spinning like a dreidel.” Cadet Foster said looking over his shoulder at the Captain. “But if one more thing on this ship blows, we’ll need to hand out the barf bags.” The Helmsman added turning his attention back to the controls in front of him.


Hugo tapped his combadge, =^=Hugo to Security Personnel, Shift A, divide into duty teams and secure the affected and surrounding decks. With the damage currently unexplained, please conduct basic scans of the area and await accompaniment by Science officers. Shift B, you are recalled to duty. Scout the affected decks and assist medical staff in escorting wounded to sickbay. Detain any unidentified personnel if necessary and report back to me in 10 minutes.=^=

Jean considered his last statements and felt a pull towards sickbay, knowing that immediate response was important not only for medical needs but psychological. He made a mental note to evaluate those affected as soon as possible. Then his thoughts returned to sickbay, and he tapped his chest again. =^=Lt. Hugo to Science Chief Morrison, I am dispatching Security teams to the affected decks, I feel they could benefit from science staff on-site to conduct scans, are you able to have your staff assist?=^=

-Lt. J Hugo

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