Onboarding - Newcomer on Deck 23

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Posted by Lieutenant Jean Hugo (CNS/Chief of Security) in Onboarding - Newcomer on Deck 23

Posted by Captain Freja Andreassen (Commanding Officer) in Onboarding - Newcomer on Deck 23
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Jean Hugo had, remarkably, managed to avoid everyone on the USS Chimera - and he wasn’t sure how it had happened. Arriving a few hours ago, Jean had stepped off of the transporter pad in a line of other personnel joining the ship. Unbeknownst to him, however, he made a right turn on Deck 8 instead of a left because he was too busy reading an article on his PaDD. This mistake had now cost him two hours of wandering around the ship.

Jean stepped out of the turbolift onto Deck 23. In the back of his head, he knew it would probably be easier to just say “Bridge” and zoom up there and get someone to assist him, but now it felt just a little like he was somewhere he shouldn’t be. In the store after it’s closed - that’s what it felt like. No one around, really no noise, just him trying to find his office. Which office was it again? He couldn’t remember if he was going to work out of the Security Office or the Counseling Center… Maybe it was both split between time? What an idea, having to navigate the corridors and hallways trying to figure out which office he was supposed to be in at which time. As he walked down the corridors looking at the nameplates next to the doors he thought lazily about the possibility of using point-to-point transporters between the two.

Jean decided he would go through the door at the end of the hall… As it opened he found himself in a largeish room with a long table and 10 chairs. “What a nice office this would be,” he said out loud to himself. Scanning the room he spotted a replicator and approached it, “decaf sweet tea, s’il-vous-plaît.” Once it stopped shimmering, he took the glass and sat down at the center of the table and stared at his tea. “Okay. Deck 23 might be a bust. Now how long do we sit here? Do we just wait until someone stumbles through the door or…”

He let out a huff. He knew he was going to have to ask the Computer for help and he wasn’t pleased with it. How does it look for the new head of Security to immediately get lost on his own ship, and looking for his office no less?

“Okay we’ll wait a few minutes and if no one shows up we’ll ask the thing.”

-Lt. J. Hugo

OOC: Excited to be writing again! I will try to look for an entry spot in the interim sim. -Thomas

Crewman Yu Sless strolled around a nearby corner, spying the newcomer he nervously shifted, “Er, is there something I can help you find sir?” He voiced his question, rather hesitantly too. There was a large influx of new senior officers on board, maybe Captain Andreassen lit a fire under someone’s butt to fill the last of the vacancies. Having only encountered the new skipper a few brief times, Sless was no expert, but she seemed like a woman who suffered very little in the way of fools.

~NE Sless~

Hugo looked up at the crewman and raised his eyebrows, “Ah, hello Crewman, you’re the first live person I’ve seen on the Chimera since I was severed from my embarking group.” Hugo looked down at his glass and finished off his tea.

“Crewman I am Lt. Jean Hugo, I have been ordered to this ship to assume responsibilities for both the Security and Counseling offices. I was trying to find my office…” he furled his brow, “one of them anyway, and seem to have gotten mixed up. Perhaps you could escort me to one of those offices - or perhaps lead me to whomever I should report to. Unfortunately this was a last minute order I received, and I wasn’t told who I would actually be reporting to. I’ve just been trying to avoid engaging the Computer.”

-Lt. J. Hugo

“Erm, well, the security office is down on Deck 29, the Chief’s office right across from Interrogation Room 2 and the CNS’ office is on deck 33,” Sless warbled a bit, “I’d be happy to show you to whichever one of those you’d like. Or I could show you to the Captain’s Ready Room, which is on this level, Captain Andreassen is our CO and she’s normally in there working on paperwork at this time.”

~NE Sless~

Jean thought about this for a few moments, “Yes, now that you say that it does sound right.” He wondered how he had managed to transpose the deck numbers as he had. “It will be very odd having an office on two decks,” he spoke aloud though it was mostly to himself, “perhaps I can persuade for the installation of a fire pole. I guess it depends on what’s on decks 30 through 32.” He thought about this for a moment and then wondered which office he would need to start up in first. Most likely Security, he should think, and considered it likely the Chimera wouldn’t have a substantial Counseling staff for him to get to know.

“Okay, Crewman, I appreciate your patience while I considered. Why don’t you show me to the Captain’s Ready Room?”

-Lt. J. Hugo

“Sure, right this way sir,” NE Sless led the way, accessing the Combat Information Center and leading Lt. Hugo to a door, which had the standard buzzer on one side to alert the person inside that someone wished entry, “Here it is right here, will you need anything else?”

~NE Sless~

Hugo followed along, “thank you Crewman, I don’t believe I will need further assistance.” He tilted his head towards the Crewman then popped his thumb onto the buzzer.

“Lt. Hugo, incoming Chief of Security and Counselor, for the Captain.”

-Lt. J. Hugo

“Come in,” A female voice called from inside, the door parting.

Hugo stepped in and paused, giving a slight head bow, “Good afternoon, Captain, I am Lieutenant Jean Hugo, coming aboard as the Chief of Security and Counselor, I’m afraid I got lost on my way to my office, or offices, I suppose, a crewman helpfully escorted me here.”

Captain Andreassen was at her desk, she’d looked up as the doors slid open, so the Lieutenant would be able to make out a lady with fair-hair, mid-thirties with captain’s pips on her collar waiting to greet him. Her dark eyes denoting at least a part Betazoid heritage assessed the new officer quickly before speaking.

“Welcome to the Chimera Lt. Hugo,” she greeted, her accent was notably not Betazoid, rather indicative of someone having been raised near San Fransisco most her life.

~Freja Andreassen~

“Thank you, Captain, I am glad to join the crew,” Hugo’s words were genuine, though feelings about the complexity of his new roles would be evident on his face, if not in his thoughts. Hugo stood at an exactly unremarkable height, and his dark brown hair was not quite yet graying enough to give an air of authority by itself. His hazel eyes were the color of a puddle of water in a pothole. While he was fit, he was not bulging with muscles. In other words, he was perhaps the most forgettable face one could see, and certainly not the type that would stereotypically be Chief of Security.

“My understanding from my assignment,” he said in a light voice, “is that I will be on staff as both the Chief of Security and the ship’s primary Counselor, is that right?” Hugo was generally inexpressive, a trait that came from his approach to counseling. Some confused this for apathy or a lack of confidence, though nothing could be further from the truth. Hugo considered himself to be good at what he did and had a proud streak within himself. On the other hand, he was a very controlling person when it came to his movements and voice and was conscious of these at all times.

-Lt. J. Hugo

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