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Posted by Lieutenant Jean Hugo (CNS/Chief of Security) in Fresh Fish : Location COS office

Posted by Ensign Jerryd Tass (Security Officer) in Fresh Fish : Location COS office
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The turbolift doors slid shut, “Deck 29,” Tass requested as he set his duffel down. The lift came to life. He watched as the screen counted up. As they approached each floor, Jerryd quietly announced the deck and what departments were on each. He had spent most of the transport going over the specs of the ship and familiarizing himself with the mapped decks.

Soon, he stepped out and made his way to the squad room, finding an empty desk, he dropped off his belongings before heading to the COS office.

“Sir? Ensign Jerryd Tass reporting for duty.” He extended a PADD before continuing, “My transfer orders, a copy of my Oath of Celibacy as per Starfleet requirement, and a manifest of my pheromone inhibitors to also be delivered to the CMO. It is an honor to be posted aboard The USS Chimera.”

Jerryd Tass (Security)

Hugo looked up from his desk, which was fairly barren as he had only arrived on board a few days before. He was about to respond to the ensign but rose his eyebrows, “Apologies, ensign, it isn’t every day that I meet someone who leads with an oath of celibacy and a list of pheromones.”

Jerryd flinched at realizing his potential faux pas but tried to remain composed, “Uh yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir. Most seem to have issue with my race being in Starfleet, so I try to nip most objections or concerns in the bud…”

Hugo took the PaDD and skimmed over it, “Oh, yes, I do recall seeing your name come through. Welcome aboard, Ensign Tass,” he motioned to a chair in front of his desk, “please, have a seat.” Hugo looked back at the PaDD and read over a few parts of it in detail. “Mr. Tass, before we move further into the check-in, I just want to let you know. I am also the ship’s counselor. For Security officers, this creates the potential for conflicts of interest. I strive to maintain appropriate boundaries and in general, will fulfill this role simultaneously for all officers aboard the ship. That said, if at any time you or another Security officer needs to consult with Counseling and would prefer to speak with someone else, please let me know and I will arrange for that without a second thought.”

“I do not believe that will be an issue Sir,” Tass replied as he took a seat across from his chief. “But I appreciate the offer and will take it into consideration should counseling services be required.”

Hugo leaned back in his chair and folded his hands into his lap, “So, you’re Deltan. You must forgive me, it is not a species that I am as familiar with as I perhaps should be. Is there anything you think I should know about that? Otherwise, why don’t you simply tell me a bit about yourself and we can get acquainted.”

-Lt. J. Hugo

“Deltans are often a concern aboard a starship. But I assure you there will be no reason for such. My people have a reputation for our more sexual maturity. We are required to take an oath upon joining Starfleet that we will refrain from engaging in sexual relationships in order to protect those we might get involved with. My body produces pheromones that must be controlled. Without such control, they could have an almost mind altering effect upon those who spend too long around me.”

As Jerryd spoke, Jean felt himself glide somewhat into his Counselor approach, allowing Jerryd’s words to come into his ears and brain without allowing any immediate reaction to them - he simply observed and reflected.

“As far as myself is concerned, there isn’t much interesting to tell. My parents are doctors. My mother serves aboard the Deltan ship “Askara” as the CMO. My father is a professor of Xenobiology. My Sister, a civil engineer on Delta IV, is assisting in rebuilding the cities on the Southern continent after tectonic disruption caused massive damages.” He opted to leave out his brother but his hand absently brushed his upper arm where a large scar was kept to remind him of the accident at the academy that claimed his twin’s life. “At the academy I majored in Security and minored in Forensics, passing with high honors in both.”

Hugo nodded along as the officer spoke.

“I enjoy painting and have taken a particular interest in a human game called Poker.” he smiled at remembering the fun he had at the academy as his roommate taught him how to play and the nuances of bluffing. Tass quickly remembered where he was and shook himself back to the present. He was acting unprofessional. Reminiscing was for fools. “Sorry Sir. I assure, my personal interests will not interfere with my performance aboard the Chimera.”

Jerryd Tass (Security)

“Ah, no concerns. Frankly, I have never had much talent for poker so if there is ever a high stakes game perhaps I will ask you to play as my proxy,” Hugo said, jokingly. “There’s no harm in recognizing those things that are important to us outside of our duties, after all, those are the reasons for which we carry out our duties.”

Hugo shifted his lips from side to side as if he were chewing on some words, “Question - you mention your body naturally produces more pheromones. By inference, is it fair to say that you are more receptive to others’ pheromones, or more able to detect them? If so, is this ability in any way neutralized by the inhibitors?”

-Lt. J. Hugo

“I am certainly able to detect increases in pheromone levels of others. We have a much keener sense of smell as well. Combine the two and you have a walking lie detector… well for many races at least. The inhibitors merely suppress my own pheromones by 72 to 74 percent. They have no effect on my own receptors however.”

Ensign Jerryd Tass (Security)

Hugo stared at his desktop - at nothing really - as the Ensign spoke, and when he concluded Hugo’s eyebrows rose and he nodded his head, “what an incredibly useful skill to have in a Security officer.” He considered quietly for a moment as he thought about Tass’ words. “Something to consider, ensign, is what we look for versus what we observe. Oftentimes in Security education, there is an adversarial or prosecutorial tone in the training, and sometimes I think that produces officers who enter conversations with the expectation that people will lie - or perhaps more precisely, will lie for nefarious reasons…” He trailed off but clearly wasn’t done speaking.

He let his thoughts roll around in his head for another moment, then looked back up, “The most important piece of advice I ever received was this, ‘Just observe, don’t look. If you look for something, you’ll find it whether it’s really there or not. Simply observe, and draw inferences from your observations.’ It’s a lesson I have returned to time and time again.” He tapped his fingers rhythmically on his desk as he considered some more, “Yes a fantastic skill to have, I am sure it will suit you well and benefit the Chimera’s operations.”

“Please, Ensign, you told me a bit about yourself, I heard that your parents are doctors and your sister an engineer… What drew you to Security?”

-Lt. J. Hugo

The Deltan shifted slightly at the question, “Medicine was an interest,” his hand ran along his upper arm absently, “but things change. Not everyone can be healed.” There was a sadness in his eyes as he exhaled slowly. “But security allows me to protect people; to bring justice when required and to help sort out the details to find truth. It may be buried and convoluted, but the truth is always there to find.”

He looked up from the desk to his superior, “Next you’ll ask why not medicine? Because Sir, in medicine sometimes people just die. For no reason, for no nefarious cause.... they just....” his finger dug into the scar, pressing the damaged nerves and shooting a surge of pain down to his fingers and his eye twitched slightly, “they just die.”

Jerryd Tass (security)

Hugo nodded as he listened, leaning back in his chair and observing. “Yes, that’s true, and such is life. That is also often the case in Security roles, as well, ensign. Security’s goal is often preventative, and when things go South, they often do so with drastically, sometimes with the catalyst being death itself. How do you feel about navigating that kind of role, and those kinds of pressures?”

-Lt. J. Hugo

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