Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Colonel Calvin Harris Commanding Officer Human 6'1'' 195lbs Jerome Davis Late (4)
Commander Amelia Manning Executive Officer Human 5'6'' 130lbs Joana Ribeiro OK (2)
Captain Molly Holloway Chief Intelligence Officer Human 5'5'' 150lbs Joana Ribeiro OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Orin Losc Chief Engineer Betazoid (Mutation) 5'7" (170cm) 145 lbs (65.77 kg) David Bennett OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Eshrallias sh’Vheris Chief Science Officer Andorian 6’4 174lbs Trinity Fister LOA (6)
Lieutenant Commander Katie Nunn Counselor Human 5’7” 145 pounds Sarah Hemenway OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Elaine Janvier Chief Medical Officer Human 5' 8" 60 kg Cass Young LOA (28)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannibal Ashur Chief of Security Human 6' 220 Christopher Bennett OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ellie Kleinhoffer Engineer Human 5'3" 125 Tyra Schroll OK (6)
Ensign Charlie Bailey Doctor Human 5'4" 135lbs Emily S. Late (7)
Ensign Domingo Chavez Security Officer Human 1.72 m 74.8 kg Matt Evans OK (0)
Ensign Wiles Osten Security Officer Human 5'10" 150lbs Ben Z OK (0)
Gamemaster Wolfe Of Chaotica Senior Gamemaster To The Death Ray! Andrew Robinson AWOL (8)

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