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As the ship slowly drifted away from Earth Station One, the comms activated and a mesaafe came through.

=/\= Bridge to Engineering. Incoming subspace communication. Requesting Engineering representative of the Dresden. Please acknowledge, Engineering. =/\=


Bump for any Engineering personnel

Mason finally had gotten a moment to himself, and a moment to consider just how he was going to help his friends on the outside when the loudspeaker in Engineering popped on, and a quiet voice called his name. “Ensign Mason, Bridge is calling and no other officers are on deck… They’re requesting an Engineering representative for a subspace transmission.”

The engineering officer mentally cursed as the petty officer informed him. There went his chance to start investigating what could properly placed for his later use. He quickly hustled up to the main engineering control center and nodded thankfully to the petty officer on shift before replying to the transmission. “Ensign Mason with Engineering here. What do you need me to do?”

Ensign Mason, Engineering

There was a pause and then a soft, feminine voice came through the comms as the viewer activated. A human woman in her later twenties or early thirties appeared, bright red hair and shimmering green eyes looked and a broad smile crossed her face. =/\= Ensign Mason? James Mason? Is that really you? OH MY GOD! Its been so long! I didn’t know you were on the Dresden! How are you?!=/\= she said, her eyes shimmering and the smile spearing out, making her eyes dance and sparkle as she leaned closer to the veiwer.


Mason was immediately reminded of the time he’d been lectured by Chief Jackson not to fall for a pretty smile and someone a little too interested in him. He’d thought the lecture had been as worthless as space dust until a fellow crew member had forced to go to the Bonchune’s command for help extricating herself out of a Ferengi contract she’d drunkenly signed. The ensign had made absolutely sure to follow his chief’s advice regarding trips into port after that.

This new…contact reminded him of several near misses that his chief’s advice had barely saved him from. Unknown, friendly, beautiful, and almost assuredly wanting something from him. Still, half the fun in situations like these was to just play along, and see what exactly the lure was hiding. Grinning into the viewer he nodded. “It’s me in the flesh, if just a little more banged up than last time. Life’s been treating me well so far, and I can’t complain. How have the tides of time treated you?”

Ensign Mason, Engineering

The woman cocked her head to the side and said “Good, good.” And then she chuckled softly. “You don’t remember me at all, do you James?” Her expression was not conniving or seemingly false. She smiled and said “Ra her Garland. We met at the Academy. You were the only Enlisted person in our intake. I remember when Renever started talking about ‘stupid brute enlisted aren’t worth spit’ and you pinned him to the wall and made him apologize to yiu and all Enlisted personnel.” and she laughed and threw her head back and giggled. “The look on his face was priceless!” and she laughed a bit more. She then looked at him and the smile faded a bit. “I’m glad to see you still in the fleet, James. I know it hasn’t always been… well… easy… for you. There are days I wish I still was…” and her voice trailed off slightly.


Memory crawled back to James with all the speed of particularly thick engine unguent as the woman continued to speak. His initial assessment of her stubbornly fought back, but after a long moment he began to remember the pretty face on the screen from another time and place, when it was younger and had a more disciplined bent. Ra, a particularly quiet but motivated individual who was reliable when it came down to team exercises. She had more of a cerebral bent that he’d ever had, and had been bound for the Science side of training. Rumor mill had been talking up a storm right after she left, but nothing solid had come of it and the memory of the determined individual had been put aside as the Academy had demanded more and more from him.

Seeing her here, smiling and looking fantastic threw the short engineer for a loop. His earlier suspicion faded and he nodded slowly. “It took me a bit for the rusty gears up here to get turning, but I remember now. It hasn’t been so long that my ugly mug has completely forgotten you,” he said with a chuckle before continuing. “Renever was a blow hard who needed a good fist or two, but he straightened out some what in the end.”

“What happened on you end? Heard scuttlebutt that something nasty went down just after everyone split to their schools,” he finished, slightly cocking his head to the side.

Ensign Mason, Engineering

Ellie was busy handling a different issue and let Mason continue to handle this situation. He would let her know if there was something she needed to do.


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