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OOC: Hey all! This downtime between main sims is a great opportunity for us to do some cool side-sim threads that focus on character development! Some of my favorite Star Trek episodes are the ones that deal with morals, ethics, and cultural differences. This thread will aim to explore the trill and their crazy biology/culture! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, and I hope to keep the thread as open IC as possible. If anyone wants to be the one manning the transporter, feel free to jump in!
Cet sighed in frustration. “The lounge would be preferred,” he said in a huff. “He’ll be back to speak with me eventually.” The trill man looked to Ensign Heimdel. “If you’ll escort me to this lounge I’d appreciate it.” He was obviously in a bad mood, and seemed out of sorts from being dismissed by Renveer. But Cet was still trying to be polite, even if he gave off the impression that he had a little bit of a superiority complex.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

‘‘I’ll reserve a guest suit just in case” Stores said. It wasn’t in his nature not to poke the bear…

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Supercargo

Heimdel, playing the role of diplomat; quickly interjected before Stores could further rile the man up. “Right this way, Sir! We have a lovely guest lounge that can accommodate you. Do you have any effects that you need brought along? Ensign Braxton can collect those for you.”

As her back was turned to the Trill man, Heimdel shot a quick grin at Stores before leading the man down the hall. Braxton quickly gathered Dr. Cet’s effects (if any; making a quick scan with a tricorder) and followed; pausing at the door to wag his finger at Stores. A hint of a grin flashed on the dour man’s face before he left; clearly they found Stores’ antics amusing - though they couldn’t show that in front of the Dresden’s guest.

Stores winked at the two officers and returned to waiting for Browns replacement so he could get back to his work.

Quietly, so as not to be overheard by Dr. Cet, NE Braxton commed Renveer. =/\=Sir, we’re escorting Dr. Cet to the guest lounge now. We’ll hold him there until you request otherwise; and we can prepare quarters for him on your order.=/\=

Renveer’s voice came over the comm, his tone flat. “I don’t anticipate that Dr. Cet will stay the night. And if he insists on it, please escort him off the ship at 20:00. =^=

=/\=Understood, Sir.=/\= NE Braxton was decidedly un-excited to participate in whatever drama might be occurring with this unexpected guest, but he was determined to do his job properly - which included diplomacy. Hopefully it wouldn’t come down to forcibly escorting Dr. Cet off the ship… Banishing those thoughts for now, he rejoined his partner and Dr Cet in the lounge; resuming his position near the door.

Heimdel led Dr. Cet to a nearby room that served as a guest lounge for arriving passengers. It was a simple yet nicely appointed room; complete with various couches and chairs. Along one side of the room was a counter with a replicator for refreshments, and one wall had a viewscreen that was currently displaying the Dresden’s exterior view; Starbase One and its swarming ships presenting a unique sight.

“Refreshments, Sir?”

-Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Supercargo

Cet nodded. “Tea, please. Any kind will do.” He looked around the waiting area, his expression unimpressed. But he settled in one of the chairs and looked to the security officers. “Please, tell me. What are you impressions of Renveer? He recently became executive officer, yes? Did he earn that promotion? Has he been successful in fulfilling its duties since the assignment?” His tone was quizzical, but also cynical… as if expecting the answer to reflect negatively on the other trill.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Heimdel paused at the replicator when Dr. Cet asked about the XO. Using the tea to buy time, she considered her response carefully - her initial thought of a combative reply wouldn’t do. “Green tea, Sir.”

“As to Commander Renveer… I feel he has done an excellent job in his roles on the Dresden; both as a ship’s Counselor and as Executive Officer. I obviously am not in a qualified position to speak about the rationale of decisions made by the personnel department… But yes, I do feel he has performed admirably. I have no doubts about his ‘earning’ his rank or position.” Internally, Heimdel was quite irritated at the insinuation of the Commander’s incompetence - who was this man to question StarFleet business? Surely he didn’t truly know the Commander; or else he wouldn’t be asking such questions.

-Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

“Hmph,” the man snorted, seemingly unconvinced. He sipped the tea as his eyes peered over the rim at Heimdel. “Perhaps. But if we had been joined, he would have been at least a captain by now.” Cet tilted his head in thought. “Maybe even an admiral, come to think of it.” The trill sighed. “Without me… well, he has little more to contribute than one of you humans, hmm?”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

Heimdel was caught off-guard by the direction of Cet’s speculation - frankly, she had made the incorrect assumption of where he was headed. And… was that pity in the man’s tone? She wasn’t very familiar with Trills; outside of Renveer. Again, she paused to consider her words before speaking; looking for the diplomatic approach. Before she was able to come up with a reply, a new voice spoke up.

“If we’re making speculations on what could have been, Sir; well then the Commander may well have not been able to succeed as well as he has, had you and he ‘joined’ - if it is indeed such a thing that can make such a fundamental difference in one’s character and ability. Everyone in StarFleet succeeds, or fails, on their own merits and ability - no-one else’s.” NE Braxton’s dry tone made clear his distain for the Trill guest; if his words somehow could had been misinterpreted.

-Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

Cet waved his hand dismissively. “Joining is only ever an additive process. A joined trill will always be superior to their unjoined self.” The man’s expression turned dark. “This host especially is lucky to have the assistance of a symbiont. He would still be a meager medical assistant if not for me.” Cet balled his fists and looked down at them with disgust, as if loathing his physical form.

At Cet’s use of the phrase ‘This host’, the two security officer’s eyes met; Braxton (out of Cet’s line of sight) mouthing the words to Heimdel in the unspoken question; wondering if he heard the Trill correctly.

Then the anger was gone, replaced with a sigh and the familiar uppity attitude. “But, we have an opportunity to correct all of this. To make things right again, for the betterment of everyone involved.” He paused to consider a passing thought. “Actually, I would appreciate if you would arrange a meeting with a member of the Dresden’s medical staff. I have some questions for them.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

“I can contact the medical department; and see if some time can be made for you. Do you have any specific concerns you’d like to address?” In a bidding to (at least temporarily) escape the Trill’s caustic aura, Heimdel was quick to volunteer. Her patience was being severely taxed.

-Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

Cet shrugged. “Speaking with a surgeon would be ideal, but I hope your chief medical officer would be qualified to do any sort of advanced medical procedure.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

“Yes, I believe she would be qualified… though I cannot guarantee her availability to perform any elective medical procedure.” Especially for someone as rude as you… With that, ensign Heimdel quietly left the lounge; leaving Braxton with Dr. Cet.

Standing in the hallway, NE Heimdel contemplated her words before comming Lt Janvier. =/\= Heimdel to Lt. Janvier; do you have a moment? We have a guest in the lounge that would like to speak to you; though I am not sure of his specific concern. =/\=

=^= Janvier here; I’m on my way. Is there anything specific this guest of yours needs me to bring?=^= There was a slight pause before the doctor added, =^=Medically speaking. I’m not bringing them a sandwhich =^=

NE Braxton found his curiosity and concern growing; and soon overwhelming his stoicism. “Sir, I find myself curious as to why you are here… You seem to have some sort of… relationship with the XO, and frankly, any guest’s request for a medical professional raises concerns to those aboard. I’m not trying to pry into your personal business, or that of the Science Ministry that you represent, but if there’s anything that we should be aware of…”

-Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

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When the doctor appeared in the Lounge it was one of the very few times that she was wearing a lab coat, making her appearance very noticeable. The white was stark against all the Starfleet uniforms. She had been doing lab work and hadn’t bothered to take the coat off. Partially because it seemed pointless to, and partially because she was making full use of the large pockets the coat came with. Stepping through the door her eyes sought out Heimdel while she tried to pick out the guest that had requested her presence.

Lt. Janvier, CMO

“Ah, Doctor!” Cet rose from the chair and quickly made his way across the room with an outstretched hand to Lieutenant Janvier. The bald trill man was dressed in a lab coat of his own, although perhaps a more science-focused one. The insignia of the Trill Science Ministry was emblazoned on one breast. “It’s good to meet you. I need to discuss an operation with you. I need to have my symbiont removed.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

Janvier grasped Cets outstretched hand returning the handshake with a smile. “Lt. Janiver, welcome aboard” she introduced to get the formality out of the way as the Trill man clearly seemed eager to do since he got straight to business. It took some concentration to keep her pleasant smile on her face as she processed his request. Confusion tinged with some suspicion were the two prominent emotions that she suppressed. Symbiont based operations off of Trill was rare. Trill housed surgeons who were expert at joined Trill operations and where most Trill preferred to have them. Symbiont operations off the Trill world were rare and generally an emergency, and removal of a symbiont was almost surly a guaranteed death for the host. His insignia told her that he must have an important position to be so far out in the galaxy but a far as she knew symbionts were only removed if the host was dying. If that was the case what was the scientist doing on the Dresden?

Something didn’t strike right with her, but with no evidence to back up her gut feeling she knew better than to act on him. She couldn’t jump to conclusions without more information. Instead she gestured in the direction the scientist had emerged from, “How about we take a seat?” she suggested, “Do you want anything to eat? drink? Symbiotic related operations are more complicated than a normal operation. We could be here a while. There is much to discuss starting with why you need this operation?”

Lt. Janvier, CMO

Cet sat eagerly, obviously pleased to finally be speaking with the doctor. “No, thank you,” he said in response to the offer for refreshment, “I’ve already had some tea brought to me by the ensigns while I was waiting, and I’d prefer to focus on the task at hand. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time.” There was a hunger in his dark eyes, which were dilated to an almost unnatural degree, that revealed that he was perhaps too excited about discussing the topic of his symbiont removal.

“Doctor,” Cet started with a slightly-condescending sigh, “I don’t expect you to fully understand. But you see, this symbiont ended up in the wrong body. Almost ten years ago, the Cet symbiont was abandoned by a suitable host during its time of need. As a result, it has wasted a decade trapped inside an inferior vessel… one that is unworthy of its potential.” The man spoke in such a way that it wasn’t clear if he was referring to himself in the third person or if the pronouns he used to describe himself were shifting, as if two different people were telling the story simultaneously. “I need you to help me correct this mistake. In Trill culture, care for symbionts is paramount. And for the health of the Cet symbiont, it needs to be removed from Cyon and placed into Lieutenant Commander Renveer.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

Heimdel and Braxton had been listening to the conversation quietly; having nothing to contribute. At the mention of the XO however, Heimdel felt compelled to interject. “You’ll have to pardon me, but I feel that Commander Renveer should have an opinion here… Even if… Both of you? Are in agreement, there is still a third party to consider.” Heimdel was gamely trying to keep up with the suddenly confusing pronouns and entities, but was determined to be respectful.

“Before anything beyond conversation happens, I must insist that the Commander be present and a part of this decision.” Heimdel’s tone was still polite and respectful, but there was a firm edge to it; making her stance clear. “And I’d like to propose bringing our counselor into this discussion as well.”

Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

Cet sighed through his nose as he looked over his shoulder at Heimdel, his gaze steely. “I’m not quite sure what authority you think you have over my medical needs, ensign. Truthfully, you shouldn’t be in the room. As I’m currently speaking with a doctor about a sensitive personal matter, your presence is violating my privacy rights.” He rolled his eyes and turned back to the doctor as he dismissed Heimdel’s request. “I already attempted to speak with Renveer, and he was unreceptive. You’re free to call him yourself if you’d like.”

Janvier made a strange noise. Did he really expect her to perform an operation on Renveer without Renveers permission? “To be clear, I will not perform a symbiont transfer on someone who is unwilling.”

The trill man returned his attention to the doctor. “Perhaps I should reiterate. I am not asking you to do any sort of medical procedure on Renveer, if he does not consent. I am simply asking you to do one procedure on me, to remove the Cet symbiont. I believe that Renveer will make the decision for himself once it is done that he is the rightful host. And then his procedure would be entirely voluntary. If he lets the Cet symbiont die, that will of course be his choice. But that is a risk I am willing to take.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

Heimdel was quiet for a moment; her face tense. Cet (Cyon? She was no longer sure) had the right of it; neither her nor Braxton had any say in his (Their?) medical decisions. “I suppose you are correct. But I must lodge my complaint; and my chief will be informed. I would interpret this as coercion against the XO - your actions may very well pressure him into a decision he does not wish to make; though I’ll admit to ignorance of the specifics.”

The ensign nodded politely to Lt. Janvier. “Ma’am. I suppose we have been asked to leave. Unless you object; I’ll be contacting Lieutenants Forgrave and Gadi; as well as Commander Renveer.” She paused; letting Braxton out the door first; in case either party had any comments.

Janvier nodded, “Let them know I will be in touch. I have a feeling that after I have heard what Mister Cet has to say I will want to have a discussion with Lieutenant Gadi and/or Commander Renveer myself.”

Nodding a final time; she left the lounge, letting the door close behind her.

Security officers Braxton & Heimdel


Elaine watched the security Ensigns leave. Ensign Heimdel had given voice to the uncomfortable feeling that had begun to settle in the Doctors gut. It had just been a niggling feeling at the start of the conversation but now it had settled. She knew for sure there was something about Cet that was setting it off. Despite him answering her question she still felt like there was something missing. Cyron Cet wanted her to remove the Cet symbiont, a procedure that was at great risk to the symbiont and at the death of the host, and place Cet into the body of Commander Renveer a person who Cet had already admitted wanted nothing to do with the operation. Yet that didn’t seem to phase the Trill man, who was willing to bet the life of Cet on Renveer having a change of heart.

Once the Security Officers were out of earshot she turned back to face the Dresden’s latest guest. “Just what exactly is it that ails you?” She asked, careful to keep her face and tone pleasant and neutral. Now wasn’t the time to insult the man based off a suspicion with no proof.

Lt. Janvier, CMO

OOC Trigger Warning: Suicidal ideation

Cet sighed in feigned relief as he was left alone with the doctor. He gave her a look as if to say ‘those security people, am I right?’ perhaps assuming that she, as a fellow educated professional, might agree with his less-than-respectful opinion of those who he saw as simpletons. He crossed one leg over the other and took a deep breath before continuing after a dramatic pause.

“Well, quite simply Doctor, melancholy. The Cet symbiont is trapped inside an unworthy host. I have failed to live up to the potential that the Cet symbiont should have imbued me with, and as a result, I am depriving a more suitable member of my species from carrying the symbiont. If the Cet symbiont continues to live inside me… it is a disservice to the symbiont, a disservice to my people, and a disservice to the Federation, because something as valuable as the collective knowledge of all of the Cet symbionts past lifetimes are squandered on me, who is unable to put them to good use.” Cyon breathed out through his nose in frustration, but also some other emotion embedded in it as well. “The immense pressure put on me to perform at a heightened level due to my joined status is making me unable to enjoy my life, as humble as it may be. And until it is removed, I will live my life constantly feeling as if I am a failure to my entire culture.” The trill man looked at Janvier, with a flash in his eyes of ‘you probably don’t understand’. “I know the procedure is risky. But the alternative is something more unbearable than death.”

“I have come to you for help, Doctor, because admitting that I have failed to provide for my symbiont to a member of my species would be the most humiliating thing a trill could do. And, Lieutenant Commander Renveer will not only be a worthy host, but a compatible one. He was supposed to be joined with the Cet symbiont ten years ago, and all tests necessary to determine if the joining process will be successfully have already been ran.” Cyon folded his hands in his lap as he settled himself. “There you have it, Doctor. That is what ails me.”

(Cyon Cet, Trill Science Ministry)

Meanwhile, in the hallway outside of the Guest Lounge
NE Heimdel turned to her companion, a worried expression on her face. “Braxton; I wasn’t out of line, right?” The reply was quick and reassuring - “No; not at all - None of this sits well with me, either. Matter of fact; you go ahead an call for the counselor; I’ll get hold of the Lieutenant. I think they both need to be at least aware; if not involved in this.”

Heimdel nodded, grateful for the confirmation. =/\=NE Heimdel to Lieutenant Gadi; could you please come down to the Guest Lounge? We have a… situation that could benefit from your expertise.=/\=

Security officers Braxton & Heimdel

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