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Posted Oct. 13, 2020, 2:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clinton Reed (Chief Operations Officer) in Operations visits Security, tag Isaac

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Operations visits Security, tag Isaac

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clinton Reed (Chief Operations Officer) in Operations visits Security, tag Isaac
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The first thing that Stores did after changing into his new uniform was to seek out the Chief of security. Not only did he wish to ask him to assist him in continuing his away mission training but he also wanted his advice as to his new position. Supercargo and Operations Chief were in many ways the same position but Starfleet went about some things differently than did a long haul freighter crew. Not the least of which was how the three Operations decisions worked together.

Walking into security for the second time today he rang the Chef’s Door.

Clinton”Stores”Reed. Operations

On hearing the chime; Issac habitually glanced at the small display under his desk wired to the nearly-invisible camera hidden in his door. He had to do a double-take; the familiar face didn’t match the uniform… But there was Stores - and so he keyed the door open, standing to greet the man.

“Stores! You aren’t here to turn yourself in, are you? Seems like you may have stolen those pips along with a uniform…” Issac gestured towards Store’s aforementioned collar; before waving a hand towards the chairs in front of his desk. A broad grin crossed his face. “Can I offer you some coffee?” Issac didn’t wait for an answer before moving over to the coffeemaker in the corner; pouring two mugs and depositing one in front of his guest, before settling back into his chair.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Taking the coffee Stores sat down and tugged at his dirt collar. “Na, the CO did this to me. Her and the XO went and made me Chief of Operations.” Taking a sip of the steaming liquid. “You know as well as anyone, I have no clue how to be a Starfleet Officer, Isaac. Sure, shift cargo, run the deck devision on a ship, pitch hit for engineering when they need bodies. That I can and have done, but I never in my wildest dreams thought the Brass would promote me.”

Clinton”Stores” Reed, Operations

“Hmmm.” Issac was silent for a moment; thinking of Hammor. He didn’t get a chance to know the large Orion well, but he did like what he had known about him. He’d heard about the.... ‘reassignment’, and he sure as hell had strong ‘Opinions’ on the matter. But that weren’t up to him - though it did remind him that he had intended to keep in touch with Hammor.

Issac shook his head clear of the past and grinned at Stores. “Well, I daresay they couldn’t have chosen a better man for the job! And beats me why yer coming my way fer advice; I ain’t exactly got much experience neither. But as far as it goes.... seems ya know what ta do; trick is, how’re ya at delegation? Does tha thought a’ sending someone else ta do yer job make yer skin crawl? ‘Cause it does mine.” Forgrave settled back in his chair with a sigh. “But I reckon that’s the lesson we gotta learn, right? I gotta stand back and look at the big picture; let my people handle the details. Goes against my nature.”

“Never have had problems delegating, but I won’t send people places I won’t go myself.” Stores had plenty of experience running crews.

“I reckon they put ya there ‘cause yer the man they need, and the man they got. Not like ya won’t frag it up on occasion - void knows I have. But I’d be more ‘n willing ta give ya help or advice, if that’s what yer looking for.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“Yes sir, as you and Engineering are the other two divisions wearing Operations gold I figured you would be the natural choice to come askin’.” Not to mention the fact that Isaac tolerates his lack of Fleet decorum better than most.

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Operations

“Hell, I can’t say as I know what to do…” Issac idly scratched his chin. “I reckon I got an idea of what’s gotta get done; and I dole out assignments as needed; but I aim ta make my department fairly self-running; make sure my folks know what ta do and when. A lot of my work has turned inta management - following up after folks, organization, and coordination with other departments.” Issac shook his head and gestured towards a stack of PaDDs on his desk. “It’s alarming just how much paperwork stacks up. I guess in a word, responsibility.” Issac grinned at Stores.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“Responsibility?! That is a positively vulgar word.” Stores grinned. “So that’s their plan, promoting me out of causing trouble.” He was still in shock over his promotion.

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Operations

“HA!” Issac let out a short laugh. “Don’t go tellin’ me it’s a foreign concept, Stores! I’d like ta think I know ya a bit better than that. And frankly, I’d be amazed if you managed ta keep yerself outa trouble just cause you got a bit of extra weight on your collar. Now, that ain’t a dig at ya; I’m guilty too.”

“But on the whole, I don’t think I can tell ya what yer job looks like - I just don’t know. All I can speak of is Security; but by them lines, I expect you got a pretty good idea of what needs ta happen day ta day with operations. Past that; there’s your routine maintenance or concerns; daily, weekly, monthly tasks and stuff. Maybe start by writing everything out; and organizing it so it’s all in front of ya. From that, I guess start doling out assignments.”

“That being said; I don’t expect you came to me just ta get told what ta do; but I ain’t sure how best ta help ya. Is there anything specifically I might could help ya with?”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“ Coffee and and your assurance that I wasn’t crazy to take the promotion.” Then the grin,” or no more than usual.” If nothing else He trusted Isaac to always be truthful and act with integrity. Might not always work to his favor but he knew which way the man would jump.”upside, I can fill most of your requests threw official Chanel’s now…”

Clinton”Stores”Reed, Operations

“Well, we got coffee covered. And I think it was a good choice - on both sides. Yers and command’s - you’ve done a lot ta prove yerself and yer abilities, and I think this is just a…” Issac paused, searching for the right word choice. “It’s a rational decision. A hole formed in the lineup, and you’re the right man fer the job. Reckon it’s the same reason I’m in an office now; as unexpected as it was.”

“That bein’ said, I think we’re both up for some late nights; I know I got a lot ta figure out and not much time fer it. Reckon yer in the same boat; even if ya been at it for a good while.” Issac shot Stores a grin in return. “Official channels, eh? I’ll admit, that sounds just fine to me; though it may not hurt ta keep some… let’s say contacts in yer Rolodex. Impossible ta predict the future!”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

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