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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Lay of the Land - Corridors (Tag Forgrave)

Posted by Lieutenant Bethany Kovra Gadi (Counselor) in Lay of the Land - Corridors (Tag Forgrave)
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Bethany was surprised and she relaxed subtly. When she took this position, she was not expecting to be so fiercely despised by the crew, for some it bordering on near hatred. She’d actually contemplated if it would be better to resign her commission and start a private practice somewhere back home. “Hmmm…I’ve been to the shuttle bay and cargo bay 5. Was there until 0200 this morning. Deck 23.” And the computer trilled and the turbolift took off.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“Cargo bay at 0200? I’d say you’re liable to have run inta Stores, then - he’s a fairly constant fixture there.” Issac turned to face Gadi, leaning against the turbolift wall. “Iffin’ ya don’t mind me asking, what were you doing? Trouble with yer supplies?”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Bethany looks little embarrassed and laughs just a little. “Oh, no my supplies were fine. My shuttle got shipped to the cargo bay instead of docking in the shuttle bay.” She looks over at him holding back more laughter and biting her lip. “So, you see, what happened was, I have this mentor who…well they, thought it would be funny to put a new security system in my shuttle for me. The flight out was 2 weeks and they kept going on and on about how bad I am at tactical training and self defense. And they installed this…this monster of a security system…Well ask Stores about it. Anyway, unless your biosignature is keyed to it, it will shock you if you touch the hull. I tried to deactivate it in flight, but I’m not an engineer. When I arrived, I input the shuttle bay chief’s biosignature to my shuttle till I could take care of it.” She stops huffing out a deep breath, it was really embarrassing that F’actar had done that to her.

Issac was silent; letting her continue her story. If she were to look, he had an impressed expression on his face.

“Some of the crew decided to play chicken with my shuttle, ended up in sickbay. Stores has the whole thing on video. No one told me till I went to get some gear I’d left in the shuttle that Stores had moved it to the cargo bay to keep people away from it. I spent all night taking the stupid thing out. Probably would have fried myself if Stores hadn’t helped me deactivate it.” Hopefully, by now, Stores had recycled all the pieces from that stupid system so it couldn’t be put back in. She wasn’t sure how Forgrave would take having shuttle that shocked people on board his ship. Of course it wasn’t dangerous anymore, she hoped.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“Ha! Sounds exactly like any bored tech I’ve ever known… More bravado than brains; at least some of the younger ones.” He shook his head, still chuckling. “And I swear, Stores is a damned wizard with some of that stuff - we’re lucky to have ‘em!”

“I shouldn’t say it, but the video was rather funny. You should have Stores show it to you. Of course the more they went back, the worse the shock effect became.” Bethany nodded, “I have to say I’m really impressed. What he did was nothing short of magic, as far as I’m concerned. And what she did I never would have figured out how to get it out. I’m really grateful he was willing to help me.”

“I gotta say; I think I’d like ta meet yer mentor some day - I like their idea of security. Maybe not ideal in all situations… But as a deterrent I’d imagine that’s awfully effective.” Issac cocked his head to the side, thinking. “Unless yer a bored crew-member, egging yer buddies on…”

Bethany laughed, “F’actar is the one who rigged my shuttle. T’Jal, my actual mentor, she probably helped her, but F’actar is a crazy genius half Kling half Vulcan who designed it. They’re both old, over a hundred, the both of them.” Bethany looked a little wide eyed, “Don’t tell them I said that. They’d put that system back in my shuttle, or something worse. But once upon a time, way long ago they both served on board. Back before the Dresden had letters, I think. They don’t talk about it.” And before he can say that maybe her mentor had something to do with her transfer, if he even had the thought or not. “I thought they had something to do with my transfer. That’s why I went to visit them before I transfered out, but they said they didn’t. I had no reason to doubt them.” Bethany is obviously curious now about the changing of the officers, and doubt and suspicion crosses her face. “Either way, if F’actar could get aboard to see a newer vessel than the ones she used to serve on, she’d be like a kid in a candy shop. Just keep her away from any access panels. She might try to make improvements.”

Forgrave was far more intrigued than concerned over the booby trap; it didn’t sound overtly dangerous, and it was private property. If it couldn’t be scanned; well, that was a different story.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“I’d be happy to show you the schematics if you’d like to see it. Those are still in the shuttle’s computer system. The parts, hopefully, have already been recycled.”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“I think I’d appreciate that; might be something we could integrate into some places on the Dresden - from my perspective, it’s hard to have too much security. Though we’d likely have to clearly mark things for the crew’s safety…”

Bethany nodded. “Or maybe not. I mean I warned them about the shuttle, and they still did it. Maybe the surprise would be more a deterrent?” She ‘appeared’ to think it over, “Yeah it probably wouldn’t. They’d do it anyway. After this deck, I can take you down there and show you.”

There was a quiet chime as the turbolift reached its destination. The doors opened to reveal a less-polished corridor; with more emphasis on functionality than aesthetics. The panels on the walls and ceiling were designed to be quickly removed and replaced; providing access to conduits and power lines hidden behind them.

“Lower engineering; not the prettiest place on the Dresden, but a fine place nonetheless.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Bethany stepped out and looked around. “It has it’s own beauty. It’s the heart, the core, of the ship. And their is beauty in the design of how that works. I don’t understand it, but She appreciated the functionality and she stopped to listen. “I’m sure it’s a fanciful notion, but ships seem to sound different to me.” Bethany moved past but not through the warp core reactor area. She didn’t come on this walk to get in the way. She made note of the layout of the crew quarters on this deck and specifically the evacuation section and its set up. As ship’s counselor it was important to know those areas. She had no way of knowing which one of those she would be at if an evacuation happened, and it would be her job to help keep those there calm and if possible comforted. At least to prevent panic and chaos. “Tell me Lt. is there any thing I can do, as CNS, to make your job easier, or assist you?”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“Don’t know I’d say it’s fanciful; every ship is different. Even if the cores are the same, you’ve got different layouts and structure that’d carry the sound differently. And I’m no pilot, but I reckon they’d handle differently too - even replicated items; once they’ve been used will have their own personality, if ya get my meaning.” Despite his not being an engineer, he spoke with quiet passion.

Bethany nodded in agreement. “I do get your meaning. It’s like home, in the Appalachian Mountains. Each valley is different, the sound, the window, the rivers, they all move a differently, creating a different feeling or personality about the place.”

“Hmmm… I don’t reckon I’ve got anything in mind at the moment, ta be honest. I suppose there’s the standard ‘support my folks after an incident…’ but beyond that, I’m not sure. I think I’d like to encourage everyone in my department to meet with ya; say on a monthly basis or something. Reckon it’d be good ta make sure we’re all on an even keel; so ta speak. Past that, I’m certainly open to suggestions - I’ll admit ta being a bit new at this.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“Well that makes two of us. I’ve never been a ship’s counselor before.” Her voice drops to whisper conspiratorially. “I have no idea what I’m doing.” She moves down a corridor and then having completed the deck moves towards a turbolift. “We can set that up. Every month will be good for now. Some officers may need less or more time. And crew evals are every 6 months, so there is that as well. I don’t want your people to feel they are always in my office and interfering with their work.” She has this vague idea that security and counseling would compliment each other well. “I don’t really know about suggestions. It just seems to me that our roles on the ship compliment each other. We both have to be able to understand people and situations and react accordingly.” She steps into the turbolift, “Cargo Bay 5” she tells the computer once Forgrave is on and the doors shut.

Issac shook his head and laughed; “I reckon we can figure it out together then! And I reckon my saying monthly meetings can be taken as a starting point; more the idea was getting my folks used ta meeting with ya. I don’t want anyone shying away from help iffin’ it’s needed. An’ while I sure wouldn’t say I’m good at understanding people, I’m sure trying ta learn.”

She gets off on the deck and walks into the cargo bay. Her shuttle is in a back corner, cordoned off with caution tape and force field. She shakes her head. She guessed Stores though it still needed to be up. She walks over and inputs the code Stores gave her for the forcefield and turns it off. She steps over to the shuttle and eyes it warily for a moment. It’s an older type 6 shuttle. It’s in good condition though. The name is written across both sides Athena and the markings of her old number can be seen as a shadow. Her new number is “Shuttle 515.” Bethany looks her over, “She’s old, but she still runs.” She carefully lays her hand against the bulk head to make sure that the security system hasn’t magically reinstalled itself. Then she places her palm on the biometrics reader and the rear hatch opens.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

Forgrave wasn’t much interested in ships and the like, but he was intrigued by the age and presumed history of the shuttle before him. “Seems like she’s got some stories to tell,” indicating the shuttle. “Did this belong ta yer mentor before it was yours? And hey, if it still goes, nothing wrong with having a bit of age. Maintenance and refits can make a thing immortal; even if ya do run into the Ship ‘a Theseus paradox.”

Before following Gadi into the shuttle, he approached the hull of Athena and carefully laid the back of his hand against the plating; testing to see if he would be zapped before committing to stepping inside.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

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