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Posted Oct. 16, 2020, 2:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - FedSec’s Secret Project: A Discussion - [Tag CO, CE, Dr. Drillek]

Posted by Gamemaster Alias Smith N. Jones, Esq. (GMT) in Main Sim - FedSec’s Secret Project: A Discussion - [Tag CO, CE, Dr. Drillek]
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Issac sat patiently, skimming his notes while waiting for his ‘guests’ to arrive. After the call with FedSec yesterday; he had forwarded the recordings with some brief notes and a meeting request to Captain Holloway; and an additional meeting request to Dr. Drillek and Lt. Kleinhoffer (sans the recording). FedSec had indicated that the Dr. had been the project leader on the warp signature module; which had been added to the Dresden’s list of concerns with the station. ‘They’ had indicated that both the Captain and Chief Engineer could be pulled into this conversation, and Issac had done so.

Beyond the general concerns with the confidential nature of the project, Issac had concerns with the instructions he had been given; effectively, either forward the readings it had collected, or destroy the unit if it’s been compromised. With the whole station falling silent, there was no telling what they might find.

Lt. J.G. Forgrave, CoS

The door slid open a d the slender form of Dr. Drillek entered. He looked around the conference room and then picked a chair on the opposite side of the table fro. Forgrave. Nodding as he sat, he said “Well, I guess I’m early for a change.” and chuckled.


OOC: Even though this thread is set the day after the current main sim threads, wouldn’t it be better if it happened after the current main sim events, but later in the same day? I am not sure how long they would take to get to Julian Echo (it might have been said in the briefing thread but I don’t remember and I can’t find it…) and it would probably make more sense for this to happen before they got there, I am assuming? – Joana

Molly had read and reread the exchange and the notes Forgrave had sent her. She had listened to the recordings and she still wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Why had Security been contacted and not her? What was this new warp signature detection module that had been installed on the station, how important was it, and why had Drillek failed to mention it? Could it even be tied to why the station had gone silent? Was any of this related or was her mind just trying to make connections where they effectively did not exist?

Striding through the doors moments after Dr. Drillek, Molly nodded quietly to the officers already in the room both in way of greeting and acknowledgement of their presence. She held a PaDD in one hand and a steaming mug of coffee on the other. Placing them at her usual seat at the table, she pulled her chair and sat down. She shot Forgrave an encouraging smile and waited for the meeting to start.

Holloway, CO

OOC: Eh, I suppose I’m not too concerned about the exact timing; I have no qualms about it being the same day or next, or whenever it would work out plot-wise. As far as it goes; I figure there’s been enough time for the participants to review the notes beforehand and have time to think about it.

IC: Forgrave nodded politely to both Dr. Drillek and Captain Holloway as they entered; he gestured towards the waiting seats in front of him. “Thank y’all for meeting with me on short notice; I know we’re all plenty busy right now.” Checking his watch, he shrugged. “I’d like to go ahead and start; if Lt. Kleinhoffer shows up we can fill her in - she’d mentioned that she might be occupied by some last-minute jobs.”

A wry grin crossed Issac’s face as he addressed his guests. “Hopefully there’s no question as ta the purpose of me dragging y’all in here; but I don’t mind refreshing y’all’s minds. Very shortly after Admiral Hallsley briefed us, I was contacted directly by Federation Security; asking after details of our mission. Now, I have questions regarding information security on that score; but that’s separate from this meeting. Long story short, ‘They’ want me; or I suppose ‘us’, to check in on a warp signature module that has been installed on the station - I reckon with the station falling silent, they’re not getting the expected reports and whatnot. Due to the classified nature, they have concerns about it being compromised, and want to take steps to ensure it’s security and classification.”

Issac turned to Dr. Drillek. “And that’s where you come in, Sir. When I asked about a contact on the station, I was directed towards you, Sir. I’ve invited you here in the hopes that you can provide some..... answers and direction on this issue. I reckon I’ve got my orders, but I’d like information - context and background.” Issac leaned back in his chair; letting the silence ask its questions for him.

Lt. J.G. Forgrave, CoS

Drillek looked at Forgrave and the Captain and said “Im happy to help, but I will need some more specifics. What exactly do you want to know, Lieutenant? Context of what? Background of… who designed it? Who installed not? What it does? I mean, I don’t think either of you have the time or inclination for me to go into the years of research and development behind the device; so if you could narrow your scope of inquiry a bit, I’ll answer whatever I can.”


“I reckon to start with, can you give me a brief overview of the project? How…” Issac paused, searching for the right words. “How advanced is this thing? I’ve been told it’s confidential and classified and whatnot, but what risks could compromisation of the module run? I suppose I’d like to know the stakes, as it were.”

Forgrave, CoS

Drillek shrugged and took a deep breath. “Well, as far as how advanced it is… very. The project itself has about a decade of research and development into it. In a nutshell, it would allow a station to pick up and identify warp signatures in advance of a ship’s arrival… they’d know they were coming before the ship or ships got there. Think of it as akin to when humans were first able to get radar lock on a flying object past the horizon. Its a huge step.”


Issac was silent, taking a moment to process the implications of what had been said. “That… that is a huge step… Yeah, I reckon I can see why… we were contacted about this.” But I’m still curious why I was contacted, and not the Captain.

“So if there is any chance of.... let’s say foreign entities on the station, then that is cause for concern on this issue; along with concerns about the rest of the station, of course. On the station itself, how much ah… awareness is there of this module? Is it entirely hidden and remote, or are there people on the station in charge of it specifically?”

Forgrave, CoS

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