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Posted Oct. 29, 2020, 8:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

Posted by Lieutenant Bethany Kovra Gadi (Counselor) in Lay of the Land - Corridors (Tag Forgrave)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Lay of the Land - Corridors (Tag Forgrave)

Posted by Lieutenant Bethany Kovra Gadi (Counselor) in Lay of the Land - Corridors (Tag Forgrave)
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Bethany chuckled. “I don’t mind old. Sometimes they are more reliable.” She leans against the hatch frame. “Actually, I don’t know. Jake, my mentor’s husband, new I was looking for a shuttle, and he found this one for me. She was assigned to the USS Calisto before she was an independent shuttle. I’ll have to ask Jake about it next time I talk to him.”

“If nothing else, I bet it’d be interesting ta know - could well explain any quirks she may have.” Issac removed his hand from the hull, and followed Gadi inside. Still cautious, he was careful of his surroundings, just in case he’d gotten lucky touching the outside of the ship.

Nothing happened when Forgrave touched the hull. Bethany had noticed him testing it and she let out a little sigh of relief. There was a part of her that was afraid that F’actar would have some way to put that system back into shuttle over night. As he followed her in she powered up the computer core and then pulled up the schematics for the security system for him to look at. It had spread out across the entire hull of the ship like a spider web with open ends everywhere. Like live electrical wires that weren’t connected, so when someone touched the hull their hand worked like a conduit connecting the wires, creating the shock. If the person was integrated into the biometrics, accessing the biometric panel first would cut the power to the system. The system recognized the bioelectric pattern of whoever touched it, creating a greater shock each time that pattern came into contact with the shuttle, anywhere, hull, consoles, seats, etc.

Lt. Gadi, CNS

Issac moved closer to the screen to get a better look; forgetting his concerns of being shocked and leaning against the back of the seat. He traced the diagram with his eyes briefly, before moving closer and panning the screen with his fingers. “Fascinating…” Issac spoke quietly, almost all of his attention on the system displayed on the screen. He was no expert, but the added system looked to be brilliantly designed - especially considering it’s ‘aftermarket’ nature. “I’m amazed this system was routed everywhere - if this is typical fer your mentor, I’d damn well love to meet them! And it looks like it’s got more ‘n enough redundancy; anyone feeling clever enough to start snippin’ wires; well I reckon they’d find themselves in trouble mighty quick.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Bethany chuckled wryly and help up her hand. There was a burn mark on the palm of her hand, and her finger tips looked like she’d touched a hot pan too often. “Oh yeah. Like I said I would have fried myself to needing the burn unit in sickbay if Stores hadn’t helped me. They fought against the Borg. Star Fleet as a whole has moved past our tactics of fighting with them. If I didn’t know they had I wouldn’t have seen how she set it up. Our biggest weapon against the Borg was a constant modified energy pulse. Weapons, shields, warp signature, it didn’t matter, as long as it changed to a random variance every time it was exposed. That what this did. So when I figured out the frequency and removed one part the next part had already changed and had to be deciphered again. Eventually it started moving faster than I could figure it out. The frequency would change in the middle of trying to disconnect it. That’s when I got shocked, and because part of the system was already out, it wasn’t a warning.” Bethany nodded with a smile. “Yeah, this is actually pretty mild for her. I’d love for you to get to meet her sometime. If I ever get on the Captain’s good side, I might ask.” Bethany didn’t see that happening any time soon.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

Issac winced at the sight of the burned hand - that would make nearly any task an exercise in pain management. “Stores is a damned clever man, and I reckon we’re lucky to have his talents! Even if he can be a bit rough around the edges; but then, ain’t we all?”

“I reckon I’d be happy if I never had to meet the Borg, that’s for sure. I’ve never heard a fraggin’ pleasant thing about them… But adapting that to a security system; that is mighty tricky right there. Sounds like they’d worked the biometric ID right into the root of it as a ‘key’ of sorts; so yea, anyone trying to bypass that…” Issac gestured towards her burnt hand.

Bethany grinned. “She’s brilliant. I mean I’m not an engineer by any means and thought maybe it was just my lack of knowledge. Made me feel better when Stores had problems. But apprently he thinks the same way she does, because it only took him once to figure it out.” Bethany wasn’t too worried about the burn. It would take some time to heal or not, but at least she still had use of the hand. If it had been one of T’Jal’s other trainees the system might have been more aggressive. “Speaking of Stores, he said you’re the one who fixed the replicator coffee pattern.”

“Hmmm…” It was impossible to miss the slightly sour note in Gadi’s voice. “Captain Holloway is… well, ‘enigma’ ain’t quite the right way to put it. I sure can’t pretend ta know her thoughts, mind you; but I’d guess your background in Intelligence is making her a bit leery. Heh, reckon the same is true of me, so take that for what ya will. You been in StarFleet for far longer than me, so maybe this is a bit silly for me ta be giving unsolicited advice. But I think yer best bet is ta stick around; and prove yerself. First impression’s been… colored, let’s say, by your background. But I don’t think that’s the end of it; long as you do right by the ship and her crew.” Issac shrugged.

“Maybe all that’s nothing new to ya, but oh well. I view the Dresden a bit like an island; we have ta rely on ourselves, and trust takes a while to earn. You’re the new guy, and yer in a particularly important role. And on top of that, Intelligence has more than it’s fair share of connotation on this ship. You’re in a tough spot, no doubt about it. But would that be different on any other ship? Hell, I can’t say. But we do need someone; and you’re the one that’s here.”

Issac Forgrave, CoS

“It’s an interesting problem with the captain. She has quite the reputation, I’m very excited to her work under her. But as I said earlier, I had thought she and the cmdr had made the choice for a new CNS, but apparently not. So I guess we are all now on uncertain ground, and stranded on this island together. We will either survive together or we won’t, I guess.” Bethany put a hand out as if to dismiss his humbleness towards his advice, and she remembered not to enter his personal space. “I welcome the advice. Experience is not measured in years in Star Fleet. Experience can come from any time in our lives. And the number of years does not indicate the amount of experience either.” Bethany sent a copy of the schematics for the system to Forgrave’s office. “You can look it over and make use of it if you want. Stores can probably tell you more about it than I can.” There was a panel that she apparently hadn’t put back on right. She knelt down briefly to fix it and then stood up. “Anything else you’d like to see? Like I said, she’s old, but she’s in good shape.”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“I appreciate ya passing that along; I think I got some ideas of how to implement that in some sections of the ship; even if we just use some of the bits it oughta prove damned effective. And as far as this ship goes, reckon I wouldn’t even know where ta start; been told I got an engineer’s mind, but I ain’t got the training. Leastwise, not with modern tech.” Issac grinned. “And don’t you believe Stores - I sure brewed the coffee, but I didn’t have nothing ta do with the replicator recipe! That’s his black magic at work there; no doubt about it.”

Issac shrugged off Bethany’s ‘praise’ of his advice; after all, he wasn’t some grand philosopher; or a trained Counselor for that matter. He’d just been on the ship for a relatively short while; long enough to maybe get the feeling of things.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Bethany’s smile lit up. “You brew coffee? Well then.” She turned and walked towards the back of the shuttle and opened a cargo panel. She returned with a bag, that from the rich aroma was obviously fresh coffee grounds. She passed it to him. “Mast Store Provisioners Appalachian Blend. I bought several…cases the last time I was home. It’s grown on a farm near the Carolina mountains.” She didn’t know why she told him that. It was a good possibility that he already knew that. Mast Store was all over the Carolinas and most people who lived near the mountains knew of the store even if they didn’t patronize it. “I actually have the whole coffee beans if you have a grinder.”

Issac couldn’t help but grin; it was a wholly unexpected, but appreciated gift. “Mast Store, eh? I’d actually been meaning ta swing by there while I was on shore leave, but I got called back earlier than expected. Thank ya Ma’am, I do appreciate this! An I’d say you’ve more ‘n earned yerself a cup or three of it at your request; so long as any’s left, of course. As far as the whole beans go, I’ve got a grinder, but I’ll admit ta not using it much; mainly if I got more time than expected in the morning - and that ain’t a common occurrence; leastwise, not lately.”

She moved toward the back to the hatch and waited for Forgrave to exit in front of her, unless he had more questions about the system or the shuttle. “So what do I need to do to see the video footage when you get that system put in and someone plays chicken with it?” She was laughing only half serious.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

Issac was content to follow Bethany, answering questions and providing commentary. In response to her question; he took a deep whiff of the bag of coffee held in his hands. “I reckon you said you got more of this stashed away? I suspect we can work out a trade; something mutually beneficial.” He nodded conspiratorially. Embarrassment could be a good motivator; if pain didn’t quite work.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

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