Side Sim: A Proper Welcome (Tag Dr. Winter)

Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 9:06 p.m. by Ensign Kerilah Winter (Doctor) (Kimberly Tenneson)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Renveer (Executive Officer) in Side Sim: A Proper Welcome (Tag Dr. Winter)
The dimmed lights of Renveer’s office and the soft instrumental meditation-like music playing in the background gave the room a dream-like atmosphere. In the early morning, Renveer preferred a slow, smooth transition from sleep to wakening, which meant no coffee or tea, no exercise, just a steady climb to full consciousness through a routine much like the reverse of what one does to prepare for bed. So even half asleep, here he sat in the dawn of the overhead lights, quietly reading his PaDD for the daily reports that came in from around the ship.

Although the typical routine memos did nothing to improve his alertness, he did pause and blink at the report of a new ensign coming aboard. Ensign Winter, who had apparently boarded yesterday. From the look of things, she was fit for duty. Renveer almost scrolled on past the file when the word ‘psychology’ automatically trigger his attention and directed his eyes to focus further on her profile. A degree in forensic psychology… well, Renveer was certainly intrigued.

The executive officer spent the next several minutes reading over her file. He took particular interest in the information about Ensign Winter’s mother, a counselor who had died tragically rather recently… Kerilah herself had indicated interest in being a counselor, based on her studies in the academy. A small smile graced Renveer’s lips.

=^= Renveer to Ensign Winter. This is the executive officer of the Dresden speaking. I’d like to give you a proper welcome aboard if you have a moment. I know the first couple of days are hectic, so stop by my office at your leisure. =^=

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Kerilah was picking at her makapa bread and moba fruit while trying to clear her head of sleep that came too late in the night as her Comm Badge chirped to life. She heard the Commander’s voice through the device and nearly spilled her tea, reaching for it to answer.

=^=Ensign Winter, here. Of course, Sir. Thank you. On my way, Sir.=^=

‘Well that was a hell of a first impression, Keri - brilliant’, she chastised herself as she grabbed another sip of Deka Tea and dressed. She pulled herself together in record time and pulled her unruly curls back into regulation form before putting her breakfast in the replicator and rushing out the door.

Kerilah knew that the XO had said ‘at her leisure’, but when you’re new to a ship and the Senior Officer requests your presence, you move! Besides, she knew she wouldn’t be socializing with the bridge crew very often, so it made sense to seize the opportunity, right? She didn’t know much about the man, beyond the fact that he was a Trill - not joined, by choice - and in excellent health, which lessened the likelihood of them interacting. Still, she wanted to get off on the right foot.

As she entered the turbo-lift, she noticed that the corridors were slowly coming to life as more and more people began their shifts aboard the Dresden. She liked the ‘tone’ of the ship. It had an interesting resonance about it; the specific rhythm every ship had when it has achieved homeostasis with its function and crew and although she had only heard two others in her life, she actually felt in-tune with this one. She hoped it was a good sign. She rode the lift in silence and tried to settle her mind.

It had been roughly 20 minutes since her ‘wake-up call’ from the XO, and now she was sitting, patiently outside his office. She took a deep breath and initiated the door chime.

- Dr. Kerilah Winter, Ensign

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