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The Dresden began moving, a subtle motion that only those practiced in zero-G operations would notice. Some of the Marines looked at each otther with a sense of relief, and a few mumbled “Finally.” as the mammoth ship began to depart.

=/\= Bridge to Colonel Harris! =/\= came a somewhat frazzled voice. =/\= Colonel… we have Commandant Visil requesting to speak with you, Colonel. That is… Commandant of the Marine Corps, sir. Uh… want that in your office, sir? =/\=


Col. Calvin Harris looked more annoyed than concerned. “What the hell does that crotchety ol’ SOB want now?!” The Marine grumbled to himself as he stalked toward his office before tapping his badge.

=A= Harris here… put it through to my office in the Bay. =A=

Walking into his office suite, Harris sighed as he walked by Jersey. “Hold my calls Brianna… Corps Brass on the horn. I’ll be out… when I’m out hun.”

Jersey looked alarmed but nodded. “Aye aye sir”

Walking into his office, Harris day at the desk… his screen was already up and the ‘Transmission Holding’ screen was on with the rotating seal of Starfleet Marine Headquarters in the middle.

Taking a slow breath, hoping to take most of the annoyance from his tone, Harris tapped the receive key and smiled slightly.

=A= Commandant Visil… Harris here. How can I help you General?=A=

Harris, MarDet CO

The face of the Commandant of the Marine Corps came into view. He looked stern, which was usual, but there was a slight grin as well. Harris knew the man well enough to know that this did not bide well… for him at least.

Well son of a bitch! Harris thought /This/ should be fun Though his expression didn’t change, Cal knew this was not a friendly phone call.

=/\= Cal… how are ya? I hope you’re settling in to your new role well. And I see you and the Dresden are heading out. Good, good… I like my Marines in the field instead of bounving around the Bay. =/\= he added the last part to let Cal know he was keeping an eye on him.


“I’m well General.... as best as can be expected. It was nice to have some leave and spend time with the family.” Pausing, the Marine added “As for my role, I much prefer command of Leathernecks… they listen better!” Harris smiled warmly.

After a pause, Cal added. “Aren’t you up for Retirement soon, Sir? You had already left the Academy before Dad even started… that was around 40 years ago.”

Harris, MarDet CO

The Commandant chuckled, by his eyes flashed at the i situation he knew Harris was making. “Oh, I’m not too far gone yet, Colonel. Still have it where it counts.” and he leaned back in his chair and stared at Cal through the screen. “So tell me, Colonel… whats happening at the Julian Echo station that requires the Dresden’s attention, eh?” The question was given very informally, but there was something in the way the Commandant spoke… he was fishing.


Harris caught the change in the General’s demeanor almost the moment it occurred and an alarm klaxon went off in his head but the Marine didn’t even visibly flinch. Leaning back in his chair as well, Cal smiled slightly. “Nothin’ much really… jus’ some eggheads o’er at SpecPro got their damn panties in a bunch over some fancy ass observ’tory tha’ ain’t answerin’ da’ damn phone.” The Marine began in his Okie drawl. “By da’ looks of it, I’ say we’re jus’ da’ unlucky bastards tha’ som’ Fleeter Brass looked out his damn window n’ saw sittin’ in dock… now we’re off ta’ get those whitecoats ta’ pick up da’ damn phone.” Cal shrugged. “That’s ‘bout all I know General… I’m not in da’ Command loop anymore.”

Harris, MarDetCO

The Commandant nodded as Harris spoke, and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly in a suppressed smile at his last statement. “Well, maybe someday you’ll be back in that particular loop… So. No comms from the station, huh? How long has that been happening, Colonel?”



Harris raised an eyebrow at the Commandant’s question. The reaction wasn’t necessarily in surprise… as he knew the question might come up, but in curiosity as to the rather brazen way the query came… especially attached to the ‘back in that particular loop’ comment. Cal fought off the subconscious shiver up his back… as the last time such a statement was presented to him, he had ended up on a goddamn Black Op in the Neutral Zone that was still classified TS-Eyes Only even all these years later.

In a rather flat tone, the Colonel replied. “From my understandin’… a’cuple weeks.” The Marine’s drawl returning to his relaxed demeanor. “As I said… don’t really hav’ much of’a say as ta’ the Dres’ comin’s & goin’s anymore, but considerin’ we ain’t doin’ anythin’ ‘ight now… I guess I’m jus’ as glad as the other guy jus’ ta’ be underway.” Harris then leaned back with a slightly cocked smile and asked, his Okie accent noticeably absent. “Is there a reason for the Corps’ interest in this mission General?”

Col. Harris, MarDetCO

Visil gave the Colonel a half-smile and said “Oh, no… no reason. The station is strictly science and such, so no need for us ground-pounders. More of a… professional curiosity than anything else. Rumors and whatnot… you know the way scuttlebutt flues around the office.”


“Scuttlebutt…” The Marine said with a slightly raised eyebrow. “… well, ya know what they said in the Second World War sir… Loose Lips Sink Ships.” As he absentmindedly turned his Academy ring on his right hand, Harris asked. “Will that be all Commandant?”

Harris, MarDetCO

The Commandant smiled and said “Almost. Send me an Eyes-Only report when you get an idea on what the issue at the station is. Send it direct, not via the Fleet. I want your take, Colonel. Not some Fleeter who is more concerned with image than facility security. Looking forward to hearing from you. Semper Fi.” and the screen went dark.


“Goddamnit!” Harris’ fist slammed onto the desk, nearly bouncing his Academy mug off onto the floor. Before the cup had even settled on the desk, Jersey was standing in the doorway looking incredibly concerned. “Raven… what’s going on?” The Marine Commander’s blue eyes flashed angrily as they met the young woman’s. “Commandant Visil is frackin’ pokin’ around about this Op. Patch me through to my father… secure comms… his private channel” Jersey gave a sharp, unquestioning nod and turned from the door before it shut. Moments later, the screen on Cal’s desk flashed to life once more with a “Please Standby” glowing in the the middle of the screen.

Harris, MarDet CO

The comms activated and the General swiveled in his chair to look at the screen, his stern face breaking into a soft smile. “Hey there, son. How’s everything? You get that jerky I sent ya? Mcallister’s had a big deer harvest, so if ya need more just let me know.”


Cal’s frustrated scowl soften slightly at his father’s words, a smile of his own breaking across his face. “Hey Pops… yeah, I got the jerky. It actually beat Moll’s & I back from St. Lou’. If ya can set me aside a little extra… between Moll’s & Boomer, I doubt it will last long.” The younger Harris smirked, knowing damn well his father hated that he shared good jerky with the Lab… but his father would also grudgingly admit he loved the old pooch too.

“I’m having some issues with Visil… I had Jersey lock down the call, so we’re private. Are you where we can talk?”

Harris, MarDet CO

“Wait one.” the elder Harris replied and he left the screen momentarily. A half-minute later he sat back down and said “Ok. We’re good. So…” and the Marine General smiled knowingly, “… having trouble with head cheese, huh? Yeah… color me not f!@#$%g surprised. What’d he do now?”


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