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As Keri walked along the hall towards the Counselor’s office, she felt relieved to have met with her new boss. Just getting the first meeting out of the way, so to speak, took the pressure off from all the other ‘firsts’ she would be experiencing throughout this day. Still, even the idea of meeting Captain Holloway seemed manageable now that she had taken that first, terrifying step.

She was looking forward to meeting the Counselor, as she enjoyed psychology and its applications. Still, she never liked Duty Evaluations - they lacked depth, to her mind, anyway but then, Lt. Gadi had access to her records and would be fully aware of any relevant tidbits by now. She wondered how long the Counselor had been aboard the Dresden and if she might have any advice about how to acclimate with the crew? Kerilah had a tendency to be seen by others as pushy due to her enthusiasm and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her new crewmates.

Two crewmen coming off the lift were discussing a new Chief Engineer and she wondered how recently that had happened? She had so much to learn here, and she couldn’t wait to get started…

Ensign Winter got to the door of the Counselor’s Office and initiated the chime, taking note of her hair once more before doing so, and waited for a response…
- Dr. Winter, Ensign.

“Come in!” a feminine voice called. It had a soft quality but carried. Upon entering Dr. Winter would see Lt. Gadi look up from where she was on the floor of her office. She stood up and walked over offering her hand. “Welcome aboard Ensign Kerilah Winter. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “Do you have your files with you? I can take the PaDD and get you signed off if so.” She walked over towards the replicator. “I just arrived a couple weeks ago so I apologize for the lack of decor. Come in and have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?” Bethany moved over to where she had been and Winter would notice a small fence about 10 inches high in a circle on the floor. Inside the area is a small greyish, slightly brown, Mini Rex rabbit. Bethany grins. “Apparently the previous counselor brought his dog to work, so I brought my rabbit. She’s very friendly.” She ensures the fence is closed so that the rabbit can’t get full access to the room. “How was your trip out?”
Lt Gadi, CNS

Keri is a bit taken aback by the woman’s friendly and disarming nature and more than a little surprised to learn she, too, was a new arrival to the Dresden. “It was fine, thank you”, she says responding to her question as she takes a seat and hands Lt. Gadi the PaDD with her files and records. “I believe everything is in order. I’m anxious to get started, of course, but everyone seems a little tight-lipped about the current mission… Is there anything you can tell me, Counselor?”

“Only that we are headed out to a new research station. I haven’t been given the particulars. The staff briefing happened before I arrived. My understanding is that it is at the cutting edge of scientific research.”

As the young woman took the PaDD, Kerilah couldn’t help but admire the sweet, quiet rabbit in the enclosure. She rather liked animals, but never had the time for a pet of her own. She continued looking about the room at the disarray and recalled the state of her own quarters, as she still had to organize her own unpacking. She decided to appreciate the comradery of being the ‘new kid’ with Bethany and wondered if there would be a conflict in becoming friends, but it was too soon to consider such things.

-Dr. Kerilah Winter, Ens.

IC: “Luna is very friendly. There’s a jar of treats over there” she pointed to the edge of her desk, “You are welcome to give her some. She’ll love you for forever if you do.”
Bethany took the PaDD sent the psychological profile to herself, marked En Winter off has having appeared for her eval and then handed the PaDD back to her. “So straight out of the Academy, skipped the academy cruise as well. That’s impressive ensign. How are you feeling about being aboard your first ship?”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

Kerilah grinned her appreciation and reached for the treats, taking a few and gently offering them to Luna as she spoke, “I’m excited… and a little nervous, of course, but mostly, I’m just anxious to get started. Got any advice?” she asked as Luna nibbled the last treat and Keri stood up, straightening her uniform. “I mean, in general, of course”, she concluded.
< Dr. Winter, Ens.

Luna was more than happy to take the treats from Kerilah. She even sat up, stretching on her hind legs to get to them. “Remembering back to my very first assignment I would suggest remembering what you do for fun. It’s often a temptation to take on extra shifts, stay longer, arrive earlier, throw yourself into extra curricular projects focused on your position. That will wear on your sleep and eating habits, and burn you out. So what do you do for fun Kerilah?”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“That makes sense. I guess, I’ll have to add my Spring Ball program to the holo-deck”, she replied happily. ‘If you play, you’re welcome to join me sometime. Just let me know.” She hoped she hadn’t made the woman uncomfortable.

Bethany smiled, “I have no idea what spring ball is but I’m up for trying it.”

She leaned over the edge of the partition and rumpled the fur on Luna’s head once more. “I also enjoy cooking, swimming and music - contemporary string quartets and 20th-century blues are particular favorites of mine. Beyond that, I’m generally engrossed in my work”.

Luna was in bunny heaven. The twitch of the small cotton tail and whiskers making that quite evident. Bethany laughed as Kerilah tried to move her hand away, and Luna, like a dog or cat, tried to catch her hand with her front paws. “I think she likes you.” Of course Luna liked anyone who would give her treats, but she didn’t beg extra attention from just anyone. Kerilah must have a magic touch as far as Luna was concerned. “Well I’m not certain, as I haven’t checked it out myself, but most of the lounges on the larger ships, like Dresden, have a kitchen for crew use. Now if you want to be able to cook in your quarters or get good ingredients I suggest you make friends with Lt Reed. Our COO. That man can find and get ahold of anything. He’s good people. Well the whole crew is full of good people. As for swimming there is the holodeck. We aren’t lucky enough to be a mythology class and actually have a pool on board. And music, there are plenty of events scheduled to attend or you are welcome to schedule your own. As far as hobbies go I always suggest that if you can’t find it, make it happen.”

She began absent-mindedly playing with the cascading stars along the curve of her helix as she watched the Counselor take in her response. It was always interesting to Keri to see which instinct a psychologist followed, the diagnostic one that drove them to analyze every little thing (of which, she too, was guilty), or the empathetic one that drove most to connect on a personal level, first.

Dr. Kerilah Winter, Ensign

OCC: I had to make an adjustment to this post in order to maintain the report I’m trying to establish with you, Jennifer. LOL So, I think I’ve fixed it now. Let me know if something isn’t working, ok? Thx. And thanks for your patience.

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IC: Bethany had glanced briefly at her file as it transferred to her console. “A doctor and a psychologist? Tell me Kerilah what approach do you prefer? Clinical or more wholesome approach for an evaluation when you see someone new in sickbay?”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

Kerilah watched as she leaned in, attentively and recognized the approach. [Establishing a connection, it is. Nice.] she thought to herself and smiled warmly at Bethany. “Well, I guess Spring Ball is most easily compared to Raquetball on Earth. I’m sorry to say I’m not familiar with Betazoid sports, so I don’t know what it would be comparable to for you…” Keri thought for a moment about what else she had asked, as she got lost in thought, trying to recall her basic studies in Federation Cultures but drew a blank on sports. Then she remembered.

“I’m sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment. I had a hard time choosing between medicine and psychology as a major, yeah. When dealing with a medical patient, I prefer talk therapy with an emphasis on Dialectical Behavioral Therapies”, then she raised a slender finger for dramatic emphasis, “But I prefer the clinical approach in Forensic Psychology, which is my true passion”.

Ensign Winter sat back and casually crossed her leg as suddenly realized this was technically a session and she should probably get more comfortable. It was silly, actually, for her to lose sight of that, but also a credit to the Counselor for putting her at ease enough to forget. And what a clever and disarming device, little Luna was - she smiled. There were those that might see it as a cynical view, but Kerilah saw it as a wonderful example of excellent training and honed skill, nothing more. She was relieved to know how adept Lt. Gadi was at her job and encouraged to know that she felt at ease talking to her.

“I am having some trouble focusing today, though”, she told the woman, somewhat abruptly. “We’re never very good at taking our own advice, are we? I mean, I’ve taught skills for just this kind of mindfulness, and yet now, on my first day aboard, I just can’t seem to slow my brain down. It’ll pass as I settle in, but right now I’m a little ‘off’ my game”, a soft giggle passed her lips and she allowed the silence to breathe.

> Dr. Winter, Ens.

OCC: The Helix is the upper cartilage of the ear? She has five tiny star-shaped piercings that are the colors of the rainbow - she doesn’t wear them when on-duty, but she hasn’t reported for duty yet; just doing check-ins. (Honestly, she probably forgot to take them out when she got dressed. Ha!)

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