CMO Check-In: Ensign Kerilah Winter Reporting

Posted Nov. 21, 2020, 2:22 p.m. by Ensign Kerilah Winter (Doctor) (Kimberly Tenneson)

Posted by Ensign Kerilah Winter (Doctor) in CMO Check-In: Ensign Kerilah Winter Reporting
An involuntary pause grabbed Keri as she stood before the door to sickbay, second-guessing herself. She took a deep breath and remembered that she had felt the same way her first day at Starfleet Academy. This too shall pass, she thought and walked through looking for someone to speak to. It seemed fairly quiet and at first, she didn’t see anyone, then she saw the Doctor at her desk.

“Ensign Winter, reporting for duty”, she said with a calmness that surprised, even her. “If I may, do you prefer Doctor, Ma’am or Sir? It seems to come down to Officer preference and I don’t want to presume”.

Kerilah’s loose, curly hair was pulled back in a clip away from her face as she stood at attention in her pressed uniform, the cool blue on her shoulders indicating Medical, making her feel at least 5 cm taller than usual and waited for the woman to instruct her.


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