Battery Spencer - San Francisco

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Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in Battery Spencer - San Francisco

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The sweeping view of the Golden Gate Bridge stretched across San Francisco Bay before the two figures standing off from the crowd in the brisk Pacific Coast morning air. The breeze that morning allowed for the two currently silent officers to take in the breathtaking vista, Alcatraz Island to their left with Downtown San Francisco and Starfleet Academy on the shoreline opposite the 19th-century defensive position where they both stood. Around them, sightseers brushed by… a small girl complained about why she needed to be up so early to “look at some stupid old bridge!”. The older gentleman in her group chided the child in what sounded distinctly like Italian and the little girl pouted before stomping away, her mother in hot pursuit.

Looking across at the Academy, Colonel Calvin Harris… sporting a pair of old combat boots, faded blue jeans with a Starfleet Flight School t-shirt tucked in, brown leather bomber jacket, and blue fitted ballcap featuring gold Aerospace Aviator’s wings… shifted for a moment before taking in a slow breath and breaking the silence between them.

“So…” The Marine pilot began, rubbing a lightly whiskered chin… grey just visible in the otherwise jet black scruff. “… the hallowed halls of Academia?” Harris turned to face the young officer by his side. “Just couldn’t take another goodbye, huh?” His tone was soft, warm… without even a flicker of condescension in his words… an equally warm gentle smile on his face. It was if even the man’s striking blue eyes were… happy for her.

Harris, MarDet Commander

Amelia smiled softly at the words as she took in the view. She hadn’t been back in San Francisco in so long she had almost forgotten how breathtaking the view really was. It was a windy morning, and Manning held her light scarf closer to her neck. Replacing her uniform with civilian clothes for the time being, she was wearing dark blue jeans, a black boat neck shirt and a pair of comfortable black flat shoes. And of course, her favorite summer scarf. It was white with a traditional floral print in peach and green colors. Pete had given it to her on their first anniversary.

“Yeah… Exploring the cosmos is a lifetime experience, and I can never be thankful enough for the opportunity.” Manning shot a grateful smile at Cal. “But it feels empty when he’s not with me.” There was a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Believe me hun… I know what you mean.” There was sadness there too, quiet… lonely… but definitely sadness in his tone.

“I never imagined that Command would ask me to teach at the Academy though. Both them and Pomona College, to be honest. It’s going to be a busy schedule that’s for sure, but I’m going to be back at being a full time Engineer.” The joy in her tone was unmistakable.

Cal chuckled. “Ya know Amelia… I’d love to rib ya’ and say that that’s what your best at…” He gave her a roguish grin and a wink. “… but I’d be lying if I said you weren’t one of the best Exec’s I’ve ever had. Seriously… I know I can be a pain in the ass, so I can appreciate those with the patience to put up with me.”

Amelia smiled and a slight blush showed on her cheeks. “You know, you can stop pandering. We’re not working together anymore and I don’t have to keep managing your image with the crew.” She winked.

“Now… I’m sure you won’t need me anymore, Captain. But if you do, I hope you know where to find me. I expect you to keep in touch.” Her words hardened slightly but the grin on her lips told Cal she was being playful.

Capt. Manning, Former XO

Harris laughed aloud, drawing a few looks from those nearest as the man’s booming joyful laugh startled a resting flock of birds nearby. “I promise Captain… I’ll keep in touch and Mol’s & I will likely pester you two for dinner the next time we make it home. So, that said, now that you got dirt-side orders… you & the Professor gonna make little aristocrats?” The smile on Cal’s face broke ear to ear as he winked again.

Col. Harris, Marine CO

It was Amelia’s time to laugh. Although a generally cheerful person, it was uncommon for Manning to laugh so heartily. “You had to take one last shot, hadn’t you?” She smirked. “To be honest, I don’t know…” It was clear that she hadn’t given the matter any thought. “Pete and I lead pretty busy lives. “I don’t think right now would be the time. That’s not to say that a couple of years down the road that might not become a possibility. I know Pete’s parents have already asked him the same question. But…” She shrugged. “… we enjoy being alone for now. But rest assured, if we do have kids we’ll make sure to invite you to their baby shower.” Amelia winked. “I’m sure you’d find something obnoxious to bring.” She gave Cal another playful wink.

Capt. Manning, Former XO

Harris smiled as he stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets and looked out onto the Bay for a few moments, clearly mocking a moment of deep thought. “I wouldn’t say… obnoxious…” The man’s broad shoulders raised in a shrug. “… but, I mean…” He scratched his chin once more, never looking back at Amelia. “… what color crowns do you people wear anyway? Do I gotta pick it up at Tiffany’s or some place on High Street? And is it reeeally necessary to bow when meeting a newborn? I mean… I’m just an good ol’ boy from Oklahoma. Wouldn’t wanna make an ass outta myself or somethin’!” It was clear it was taking everything in the man not to fall down laughing, but he was clearly in a good spirit and in a rare playful form few ever saw of the stoic Marine.

Colonel Harris, Marine Commander

Amelia scoffed. Her hands on her back pockets as she gazed into the distance herself. “Tiffany’s. We don’t want your cheap American gold! If you’re going to bring a crown, at least buy it from approved Royal sellers. I can give you a list, if you want.” With an exaggerated eye roll, Manning scoffed again. “The audacity of some these uneducated Yanks.” She knew the words were going to annoy Harris. Or at least she hoped so. That was the whole point, right? However, there was a radiant smile on her lips when she turned to him.

Capt. Manning, Former XO

Harris pursed his lips in mock annoyance. “Ha! Those uneducated Yanks had to come in and clean up y’all’s messes for most of the damn 20th! But hell… I could find the little aristocratic somethin’ nice!” He winked.

“The twentieth century is long gone, Harris. Don’t be so stuck in the past.” The smirk told the marine she was joking. Or was she?

After a moment, Harris sighed. “Ya know… I’m gonna have to get movin’. My other half er’ not… if my ass misses that last shuttle on the morning rotation and have to beam up, Molls’ll never let me hear the end of it!” Without another word, Cal turned to Amelia… wrapped her in a big hug… and said just loud enough to be heard. “Damn I’m gonna miss ya girl”

Colonel Harris, Marine Commander

“And probably with good reason.” Manning winked playfully. Promptly returning the hug, Amelia smiled. “I’m going to miss you too, Skipper.” There was a chuckle, but the weight behind her words was noticeable. “Come and visit us whenever you’re landsided.” She finally said as the two parted. “I will not be pleased if I find out you were around and didn’t even bother to say hello.” Amelia paused for a moment, pondering. She had never liked goodbyes. “Take care of yourself. And don’t screw it up with Molly. I won’t be there to help you fix it up. Oh! And I almost forgot.” Manning fumbled with her pockets before producing an isolinear chip that she promptly snuck between Harris’s fingers. “It’s a replicator pattern for the best replicated whiskey you’re going to drink. I programmed it myself, and well… with the required authorization codes, it might use actual alcohol.” She gave the Marine a knowing wink. “Drink it wisely, or I’ll personally find you and kick you. She smiled. “I made a Bourbon option as well. I will never understand you Americans, but I thought you might appreciate it. Think of me when you drink it.”

With a final glance at her former Captain, Amelia’s expression grew peaceful. “Keep in touch. And be careful out there. If you have any new Engineering officers, be sure to ask them for Professor Manning.” Her lips turned into a smirk, and then into a warm smile. “The Dresden and her crew are lucky to have you. Take care. See you when you’re back.” And with that, Amelia turned away and walked into the San Francisco crowd.

Capt. Manning, Former XO

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