Side Sim: Me, Mysymbiont, and I - XO's Office

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=/\=Sir? I’d like to meet with you regarding a guest we currently have on the Dresden. Where can I find you?=/\=

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Renveer’s stomach sank at the comm. The executive officer had convinced himself that the rest of the day would pass by uneventfully, and that at the end of it Cet would leave as abruptly as he had came. It appeared that wasn’t to be the case. Renveer had thus far resisted the urge to check the security feed of the guest lounge, but he quickly pulled it up to make sure Cet hadn’t made a scene. It looked like the man was just sitting there… although Renveer had to admit that he was inclined to brush off Forgrave’s request for personal reasons, rather than objective ones.

=^= Certainly, Lieutenant Forgrave. Has Dr. Cet done something uncivil? =^= The frown was evident in his voice. =^= I’m in my office, you can meet me here if there’s something to discuss. =^= Renveer held his breath for a second, holding out a small sliver of hope that Forgrave would say nevermind.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Forgrave heard the frown in the Trill’s voice (if indeed such a thing was possible), but he thought there may be something else there as well… But unfortunately, he simply didn’t know the commander quite well enough to be sure. =/\=No Sir, by my understanding Dr. Cet has been perfectly civil; though.... Well, the situation appears to be unexpectedly complicated and delicate. I feel it may be best to cover the details in person; I’ll be at your office shortly.=/\= Forgrave’s uncertainty was clear; he made little attempt to disguise the hesitation in his voice.

True to his word, it was only a matter of minutes before Renveer would hear the door chime.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

The door to Renveer’s office opened automatically when Forgrave pressed the chime, obviously expecting his arrival. The executive officer’s office was arranged much like Renveer had organized his space when he was counselor… one high-backed chair for Renveer, situated across from a loveseat and another lounge chair, bridged by an elaborate rug in the center of the room. A desk sat empty and forgotten in the far corner. The walls of the office were decorated with abstract art hailing from members of many different cultures, almost all of them vibrantly colorful. Browns and earth tones dominated the room’s color-scheme, and the lighting in this office had been yellowed slightly, making it less harsh than elsewhere on the ship.

“Thank ya for agreeing ta meet me, Sir.” Issac moved into the office; pausing for a moment before sitting somewhat stiffly in the love seat across from Renveer.

Lieutenant Commander Renveer sat in his chair, curled over a PaDD that displayed the security feed of the guest lounge. His body language was obviously nervous, his leg bouncing and his posture guarded even as he sat up. “Lieutenants Forgrave.” He motioned to the loveseat and chair across from him. “You spoke of a complicated and delicate situation… is everything alright?” Renveer was not the hardest person to read, especially when he had been thrown off-kilter like he was today. It was pretty clear that Renveer knew what situation Forgrave was about to describe.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Forgrave took a moment to consider the Commander’s general posture and attitude; and briefly considered how best to open the discussion. Nothing came to mind, unfortunately; so he settled on directness. “The situation is… well, I reckon Dr. Cet has put us in a rough spot.” Issac raised his hand to forestall any comments from Renveer. “I reckon you may know a bit of the situation, but I ain’t one for assumptions - you’ll have ta pardon me covering familiar ground. As well, I sure ain’t familiar with Trill culture or biology, so please forgive me if I get something off or speak inappropriately.”

“Reckon first off, Dr. Janvier and Lt. Gadi are speaking with him now, and officers Heimdel and Braxton from security are present too - ain’t none of us want any ‘incidents’. That being said, Dr. Cet appears to have come to us with the goal of havin’ us remove his symbiont, I believe with the hope of your accepting it. There’s more to it I suppose, but that’s the gist. I ain’t talked to him, but he seems fairly set on this, from what Dr. Janvier was saying. Frankly, I ain’t keen on dragging ya into this, but it does involve you, Sir. With that said, I got no intentions on letting y’all meet unless everyone agrees ta it - I want ta make that clear. I ain’t taking any risks on that score. But I do think you should know the situation.” And give us some guidance, hopefully… After speaking his piece, Issac fell quiet. He was clearly uncomfortable with the situation, but his voice was firm.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Renveer took a deep breath in through his nose, then let it out slowly through the same orifice. He glanced down at the PaDD again to see that Cet was indeed now speaking with Gadi and Janvier. His expression and voice turned tired, resigned. “I was hoping Dr. Cet wouldn’t make a scene. But, I’ve avoided this confrontation for long enough, I suppose.” Renveer glanced at Forgrave, then away. “Dr. Cet means me no harm. Quite the contrary, I’m certain. And if he’s speaking with the counselor and the doctor, the cat’s out of the bag anyways. I wouldn’t prefer to meet with him, but I owe him a conversation, at least.” Renveer looked back at the chief of security. “This is a personal matter. I’d prefer that this… situation doesn’t travel any further than it needs to. But whoever you think should be included on this conversation, it’s not so private of a matter that there can’t be other perspectives present to expressed. Dr. Cet is going to need to be convinced to relent, and I alone will not be capable of doing that.”

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Issac sent a tired, but warm smile at the Commander. “Reckon there’s a lot ‘a things we’d prefer not ta have ta do - though I ain’t gotta tell ya that.” He fell silent for a moment, thinking about what little he knew of Dr. Cet, and Renveer’s apprehension. “I… Well, I can’t be sure, but I think you’re right - I don’t think Dr. Cet is a danger ta anyone; ‘cept maybe himself. But the situation feels like coercion; and that’s got me damned worried; sure as the void is cold, I don’t like it. I just don’t know enough about the situation and y’all’s culture; and to be frank I guess that’s got me on edge. I may well be seeing things that ain’t there.” Issac’s face colored a bit at the admission; he didn’t like being caught unawares. But his concern for Renveer was clear.

Renveer sighed lightly. “All cultures are complex, and for trill, the symbionts and our relationships with them are particularly important. I won’t lie, this is potentially a high-stakes situation. But one that should be able to be handled privately.”

“I’d say yer personal business is exactly that - yours. I put a lotta value in privacy, and you’ll have yours, Sir.” Issac wasn’t sure what the outcome of all this would look like, but he was determined to put Renveer and the Dresden above Dr. Cet - though he hoped it wouldn’t come to such a thing.

“The conference room right near the guest lounge is open; I suppose if you’re determined to talk with him that would be a good a place as any, Sir.” There was a bit of resignation in Issac’s tone, but no real protest. He moved in his seat slightly, making ready to rise, but waiting for the Commander to stand first.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Renveer stood and straightened his uniform. There was a second of hesitation before he moved to the door of his office, one last moment of ‘do I really have to do this?’ “I appreciate your discretion, Lieutenant. Hopefully we can get this matter sorted and then be on our way.” An optimistic estimate, most likely.

The executive officer led the way out of his office and towards the turbolift, quietly gathering his thoughts as they traveled to the conference room Forgrave had mentioned.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Issac walked with Renveer through the halls of the Dresden in silence; not sure of what to say, and unwilling to squash the quiet with mindless chatter. He wondered how things were going with Dr. Cet; if the situation had changed at all. He hoped that Gadi and Janvier were making progress; he hadn’t heard from Heimdel or Braxton, so he supposed things couldn’t be too bad.

As they neared the conference room; Issac was glad to see the door to the lounge was shut - he was still concerned about a chance meeting between the two Trill. Hopefully things would remain… uneventful.

Issac Forgrave, CoS

Bethany was standing outside the lounge with Janvier. She nodded at Forgrave. Her look none too happy with the current events. “Cmdr before you decide to go in there let’s go in here and talk.” She waved to the adjacent room.
Lt Gadi, CNS

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