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Ding! Ding! The gentle tone let the PaDD owner (Lts Mason & Stores) know a new message had been received - the double tone indicated it was urgent. A glace would show the sender, one Issac Forgrave; along with the subject line: cargo bay-remote probe creation
Message Contents Follow, Spelling unchanged for posterity
-Y’all know we’re nearing julian echo; seems we got some weird readings just now. Want ta send off a handful or more probes to get more info; may be readiological hazards or other ntasties; maybe harden existing tubes or something? might could use torpedos; gut the boom outa them and cram them full of sensors. im thinking lots cheap and fast; no telling whats out ther. range may be an issue; maybe leapfrog info on a trail of probes. got science chief here too; lets get heads together and make something so we dont die stupid and blind.

Setting on a pallet, Stores waited for his friends. Probes, probes he could do. Coffee was waiting for them all.


=^= Renveer to Stores. You’ll likely have visitors in the cargo bay soon to outfit a probe to investigate the anomalous star we’re approaching. Please advise them on how to locate and acquire any parts they may need to do so. Also, we’d like to be prepared for a possible away-team in case of a scenario where the Julian Echo crew need to be evacuated. If you would gather medical supplies and other standard away-team equipment in transporter room one that would be appreciated. =^=

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Looking up from his seat Stores grinned. The X had stoped calling him Mister Reed, that was a good sign. Standard away team was one thing but search and rescue was a docent game. He would split it down the middle with Isaac’s enhanced kit then he would check the roster to see who would be on stand buy and pull a full SAR load out for them.

=^= Stores to the X, will do sir.=^=


Priscilla came in a few minutes ahead of the others. Seeing Stores, she grinned. “The XO tag you with what’s going on, yet?” She moved to the pallet of crates he was sitting on and removed her uniform shirt, tugging her white tshirt down afterwards. “Gotta make some probes to send out ahead of us towards Julian station. There’s some strange readings and no one’s answering the comms, even this close.” She was full of worry, but was trying not to show it. A station as sophisticated as Julian shouldn’t have this kind of telemetry issues already. It was far too new.


Mason raised an eyebrow as he spotted just how many were gathered in the Cargo Bay. It looked like it was about to be a party, and who was he to pass on that. Slipping next to Stores he leaned in and quietly spoke to the man. “Have I missed anything important yet?”

Mason, CE

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