CO's Quarters - Dinner for two (Plus Boomer)

Posted Nov. 24, 2020, 4:07 p.m. by Captain Molly Holloway (Commanding Officer) (Joana Ribeiro)

Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in CO’s Quarters - Dinner for two (Plus Boomer)

Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in CO’s Quarters - Dinner for two (Plus Boomer)

Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in CO’s Quarters - Dinner for two (Plus Boomer)
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Cal whistled mindlessly to himself as he made dinner while his beloved, noticeably older, black Lab Boomer snoozed on his new dog bed by the couch. As things had been rapidly moved around to accommodate the Dresden’s sudden change in Command, there were only the few personal affects Molly had in her DH Quarters that had been moved in and the massive collection of Cal’s personal furniture swapped down to his Quarters in Marine Country and Molly’s replaced with Fleet Standard. It had been a busy and brief home visit before heading back to the Dresden. Cal was happy they had let him stay on, but it would take time to get used to the notably smaller Quarters. Thankfully, when you & the new Skipper have been a couple for years now… you still get to crash in your old quarters whenever you want!

The table was set for two, candlelight… the only type of wine Cal could ever get Molly to drink… real dishes… and if Cal timed things right, Molly would be back from her tour of the ship and meetings about the time he’d finished. The ship would be underway soon, so nights like these would be a rarity for a while but he wanted to do something nice for Molly considering the stress he knew damn well she’d been under.

About that time, an incoming transmission chirruped on Molly’s screen at her desk. Cal turned the temp off and walked over to see who was calling. Seeing the name, he couldn’t help but smile and open the transmission. “Hey old buddy!” The Marine said as he settled into the chair, the smiling face of Lucas Holloway appeared smiling back at him. “I was expecting to see my niece, Calvin....” His smile as wide as Cal’s. “… but my favorite Jarhead’ll have to do!” He laughed as Cal rolled his eyes. “How can I help the great & powerful Lucas Holloway?” Cal replied. It was Lucas’ turn to roll his eyes. “Well… is Gracie around?” With a head shake, Cal responded. “Nah… the new DHs are running her into the ground. So Boomer & I came over to make her dinner.” Lucas’ smile turned warm. “You always have taken good care of her Calvin, seriously… Robert & I both think you two are perfect for each other. After seeing you two at Erin’s wedding, there was no doubt.”

Harris smiled warmly in return. “That means a lot, it really does.” After a pause, Lucas asked. “You at least got the ring before you left home, right?” Cal chuckled, causing Boomer to stir. “Of course I did Lucas… I would never pop the question with a goddamn replicat…” Lucas sharply cut his sentence off. “Watch your mouth Calvin! You’re talking about asking my Gracie to marry you. I don’t care how you talk with your Marines, but that girl is one of the most important people in the universe to me and everything regarding her will be with respect… do I make myself absolutely clear, Colonel?!” The change in tone startled Cal and he felt like he was 16 again, bravely facing down Nessie’s dad after they told her parents they were expecting.

///”You are planning to marry our Ness, aren’t you Alex?” He remembered being terrified that they would take Vanessa away from him so when her father asked about marriage, Harris hadn’t paused for a second. “Of course I am, Sir. With…” He took a breath. “… with your permission, of course.”///

“Calvin!?” Came the snap like a cracking whip from Holloway. Cal jumped slightly and then nodded. “Of course, I meant no disrespect.” Lucas looked pleased with the answer. “Of course not… look, when you get a chance… have Gracie give me a call, ok? No rush.” Cal nodded. “No problem.” The Marine still felt his mouth was dry from the scolding. “And Calvin…” Lucas began, Cal’s eyes focusing intently. “Take care of my little girl, OK?” There was not a moment’s pause. “I always do.” Cal replied before Lucas wrapped the call with. “I’ll talk to you later… you two be safe out there.” There was another nod followed by “We will. Talk to you later” Then Lucas killed the call.

Harris headed back to the kitchen and fired everything back up. His mind now on the small, ornately craved Cherry box back in his quarters. With luck, he’d be just about finished when Molly got home.


It didn’t take very long. Perhaps thirty minutes for Molly to walk through the doors of her new quarters. Well… new-ish. She had stayed over more that a few times when Cal was in command, so the space was not really new. Just the contents. And even those were somewhat scattered around as Molly hadn’t yet had the time to place them where they belonged. Fortunately, she had been able to leave behind part of the crates of random objects Erin had given her over the past few years, and while she thought it was sweet, both her and her dad had agreed that the youngest Holloway had gone a little overboard.

What she wasn’t expecting, however, was to see the table set and Boomer and…

“Calvin?” There was a smile on her lips when she walked over to the Marine. A hand softly resting on his shoulder as she peaked over to what he was doing. “Are you… cooking?” The smile turned into a smirk. “I didn’t even know you knew how to cook!” She gave him a playful wink before placing a kiss on his lips.

Cal laughed as he went in for the kiss, which was broken by a furry head coming up between them. “I see someone wanted to say hi.” Harris patted the old dog’s head and looked back at Molly with a roguish smile. “An’ jus’ what’da hell is that suppos’ ta’ mean?” Cal’s accent had been stronger from time to time since being home.

Molly’s lips curled into a smirk, but she didn’t take the bait, scratching Boomer’s head as well.

“So… what is all of this about?” Molly was visibly tired, but the happiness and love in her eyes was unmistakeable.


“Well Skipper…” Cal began with a wink. “… ol’ Boomer & I thought after such a hard day at the office, our fearless leader deserved a little R&R.” His smile was full of love as he returned to the sauce on the stove top. “So we thought we’d drop by and whip up one of our favorites… Tournedos of Beef… (said in perfect French) it’s served with garlic roasted mushroom caps and topped with a béarnaise sauce.” The Marine smiled confidently. “Fell in love with it while at West Point and insisted they teach me the recipe. There’s a whole cheesecake in the fridge… it’s garnished with an amazing berry drizzle. Picked it up in NYC while handling some last minute business this afternoon. I mean, I’m good but I ain’t that damn good! I’d screw a cheesecake up in a heartbeat!”

An inquisitive eyebrow raised in Molly’s face. “Tornedos of Beef.” She stated in heavily accented French. “Can’t we just skip right to the dessert?” The sarcasm was obvious in her tone.

“Now…” Cal said with a flourish. “… off you go. Shower and freshening up should give me enough time to finish up here. Go’on now… shoo!” He chuckled as he steered Molly to the bedroom.


“Alright, alright. I’m going, I’m going!” Molly said in feigned annoyance. “No need to push! Boomer, you know the drill, keep him miserable!” She said with a chuckle on her way out the door.

The old dog looked happy in response to Molly’s request before returning, slowly, to his dog bed. Harris glared playfully at the dog. “Traitor…” Boomer appeared to ignore him as he settled in his bed

Mindlessly discarding her worn uniform on the bed and letting her hair down, Molly made her way into the bathroom. She couldn’t deny that the dinner sounded absolutely delicious but as she glanced at the actual bathtub that was now fully hers, the prospect of a hot bath was even more appealing. Did she have the time, though? Probably not. She should probably leave the bath for the following day and content herself with the regular sonic shower that had always served her so well.

Even taking a little extra time to take a breather from the day, it didn’t take long for Molly to be back in the dining room. She had put on her favorite pair of flowery shorts, an old Starfleet Academy t-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops. She pulled up her hair on a messy bun as she walked tiredly to the dinner table and sat down. She didn’t speak immediately, but she took the time to look around the dinner preparations as Boomer walked toward hers and set his chin on her leg. Her hand mindlessly went to the old dog’s head.

“Thank you…” Molly finally managed to articulate as she gazed lovingly at Cal and his setup. “I really needed this.”


Harris smiled warmly as he sat a plate down in front of her. “Molls, I know what you’re going through… the stress that comes with being a Skipper.” He began as he sat down with his plate. “It’s not easy and once we’re outta Port, it can be a goddamn nightmare… even on the Dres’. If there’s one thing I learned over the past few years is the importance of self care for a ship’s Executive. As your partner, but more importantly as your ranking Senior Officer, it’s my job to look after you and make sure you take time for yourself. Now…” Cal motioned to Molly’s plate. “… eat, before that grubby bastard with his head in your lap steals your meal.” The Marine said with a smirk, but the playful glint in his eye said the man was only… partly… joking.

Molly would notice Boomer, while his head was still technically touching her lap, had his grey-dusted nose pointed toward her plate. Harris chuckled as her eyes shifted to his beloved dog. “See… told you!” With that, Cal dug into his plate.


A soft smirk showed up in Molly’s lips as she looked at Boomer. “Go on.” She ushered the old dog back to the dog bed after patting him in the head once again. “And if you behave, we’ll think about a treat, right Calvin?” She looked at Cal with a joyful smile.

Molly waited for the Marine, turned cook, to join her at the table before starting to eat. “Don’t lecture me on the importance of self care. I made it to Captain before you did! Half the stuff you tell me, is stuff that came from me to begin with!” There was a playful glint in her eye, but Cal would know she wasn’t joking. “Oh wow, this is great!” The subject was dropped as the wonderful flavor of non-replicated food flooded her taste buds. She sighed as she looked at the Marine through loving eyes once again. The smile on her lips would tell him that she truly appreciated the gesture; the expression on her face would tell him that she was trying to say something; and the silence would tell him that her mouth was too full to speak.


The warm smile Molly gave him was returned in kind across the table as he began to eat. Pausing for just a moment, Cal chuckled. “I might not’a had a starship Moll’s but I have been in command of units as big as the Dresden’s crew since you were still wipin’ underclassmen’s noses at the Academy. So don’t give me that crap about you makin’ Skipper first!” His smile lit the room before his eyes met hers and he just stared for a few moments… like she was the only being in existence.

“I don’t have the foggiest clue how…” He began… almost sounding like he was in a trance. “… how after all you’ve been through… you still look so young.” Harris blushed slightly as he took a sip and continued. “You look damn near young enough to be Ali’s sister… some would never guess you’ve been a Spacer for nearly a decade!” It was clear for just a moment, Cal caught the reflection of his silver wisps by his ears in her eyes. “I wish I’d have aged as well as you… but I guess that’s them Holloway genes, huh? You’re Uncle is only about eleven years younger than my old man… yet they look around 20 years apart.” After another pause, Cal just smiled with a very soft shy. “My God… you are beautiful.”



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Molly smiled. A wide, warm, loving smile. It was little moments like these that made everything worth it. She wished they could last forever, and that somehow she could hold the memory in her mind clearly enough so that she could revisit it throughout the years. The way Calvin looked at her from across the table made her heart skip a beat, and told her exactly how he felt without him ever uttering a word. Molly hoped the same feeling was reflected in her eyes.

The blush was very noticeable against her pale skin. And even if it wasn’t, Calvin would know it was there. They had been together for years now, and a detail like that would never go unnoticed. “Nah.” The air left her lips, but the voice wasn’t quite loud enough. “You’ve aged just fine. Besides, the greying hair suits you. It gives you a more distinguished look, old man.” Molly was deflecting, but it always worked. She knew exactly what he was going to say when the last two words reached his ears, and if nothing else, it would allow her the time to stop blushing.

Reaching out across the table for his hand, Molly took another bite of her dinner, before looking back up at the Marine. “Just promise me one thing… that no matter where we go, in ten or twenty years, we’re still having moments like this… even if you’re not the one cooking.” She smiled, the same loving expression in her features as before. Sometimes life on board a starship could take a toll on them. And during the past year, the couple had seen more hardship than they could wrap their minds around. But in the end, they had pulled through, and they were here, sitting at the table, eating together. And to Molly, that meant the world.

Holloway, CO

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