Thursday, 0600 - Holodeck 3: Rowing practice

Posted Nov. 24, 2020, 7:47 p.m. by Captain Amelia Manning (Former Executive Officer) (Joana Ribeiro)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Renveer (Executive Officer) in Thursday, 0600 - Holodeck 3: Rowing practice

Posted by Captain Amelia Manning (Former Executive Officer) in Thursday, 0600 - Holodeck 3: Rowing practice

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Renveer (Executive Officer) in Thursday, 0600 - Holodeck 3: Rowing practice
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Renveer nodded and climbed clumsily out of the tank to let her follow behind him. He felt some creeping soreness in his shoulders, but he resisted the urge to let it show. “Aye aye, captain.” Renveer collected his things and stood in wait, ready to go. He was still a little nervous about how this would go, but more than anything Renveer was excited to get moving. After all, actually rowing down the river was the fun part, right? And the scenery had looked beautiful.

“So earlier you mentioned that rowing in the river is a lot different than in the tank…” he started as they walked. “How so?”

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, Counselor)

Amelia smiled, following behind Renveer out of the tank. “Very much so!” She said, maybe a little too enthusiastically. “For starters, the boat sways side by side with the water, much like any boat would. That doesn’t happen in the tank, since it sits firmly on the ground. The second thing to pay attention to, is what we rowers like to call ‘catching a crab’. If you’re not fast enough to take your oar out in time, the movement of the boat will cause the water to pull your oar forward, and the oar handles to hit you in the chest if you’re not careful.” For a moment, she wondered if it was a good idea to tell him about ejecting crabs, but for as much as she wanted to for the sheer amusement of the fear factor, she decided it would not be a nice thing to do to a beginner (OOC: For reference, USRowing has an old video about this that despite its bad quality is quite good at explaining. Here’s the link.).

Renveer wondered to himself is it was possible to get sea sick on a rowing boat. Not that he had ever gotten sea sick before, but it would be just his luck. He swallowed a gulp and nodded in acknowledgement of this… crab hazard.

“Now. Before we think about the water, we need a boat.” With a joyful smile on her face, Amelia took the lead, guiding the Counselor through the building’s doors and to the boathouse. Inside, the walls lined up with rowing boats of different sizes, all of them upside down. “Let’s take that one.” Manning pointed to a double scull sitting stored at waist level. Turning to Renveer, Amelia realized the Counselor might have never actually carried a boat before. “Uh… it’s lighter than it seems, but if you prefer I can just have the computer place a boat in the water. Taking the boat out is just something I enjoy doing, but I am not sure how suitable it is for beginners…” There was an apologetic smile on her lips. “What I’m trying to say here, and I hope you don’t take it in the wrong way but… how often do you skip arm day?”


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Renveer chuckled in half-amusement and half-nervousness. “Well, boxing is my preferred method of exercise, personally, so hopefully that’s done something for me.” The trill was not ripped by any means, but he had a filled-out structure that at least implied he should be okay… although the possibility of tripping was always present.

With a shake of his head, Renveer moved over to the boat and positioned himself next to it to support one end of its weight. “No, I’m here to experience rowing. That means all parts of it! Especially if you find this part meaningful, we should take it out ourselves.” He placed one hand under it and tested the weight. “I think with the two of us we’ll be fine.” He tried to sound confident. “I’m ready when you are.”

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, Counselor)

OOC: I’m so sorry it took me this long to get here!!! – Joana

Amelia chuckled, but the grin on her face showed real appreciation. He was trying, and to her it meant more than she cared to admit. “It’s supposed to be carried by the number of people that fit in it, so with two of us we should definitely be fine.” She gave the Counselor an encouraging smile. “Now, get on that end, and I’ll get on this one. We’ll pull the boat together and once it’s fully out of the supports, we’ll lift it and just carry it over the shoulder. Mind the riggers because they can get stuck on the wall supports if we’re not careful.” She pointed to the metal structures protruding from the boat that were meant to support the oars. “Oh… I forgot…! Well… I guess we’ll just come for those later.” Her eyes settled on the oars hanging on the back wall. “We should have gotten our oars to the dock first but that’s fine. There’s no set order.”

Renveer chuckled lightly. “Maybe it’ll be acceptable for us to cheat just a little and have the computer materialize them at the dock for us.”

Positioning herself next to the front end of the rowing skull, Amelia waited for Renveer to do the same on the other end. “Alright. On my count. One, two, three.” And she lifted the shell slightly from the supports and slid it off, hoping that on the other end her rowing partner was doing the same.


Renveer heaved on three, lifting the back of the boat maybe a little too enthusiastically, sending his end up a little higher than Amelia was holding hers. He quickly adjusted so that they held the canoe even. Once the boat had slid off the supports, he stood rigid as he watched Amelia for the cue to start moving. On her go, he’d hoist the canoe up to his shoulder as she did. He careened his neck to ‘mind the wall supports’ the whole time, still a bit nervous about the whole ordeal. But now, with the canoe on his shoulder, he smiled. “Got it,” he said in celebration.

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, Counselor)

“See? Easy peasy!” Amelia smiled. There was no sarcasm on her tone, as a long time rower, Manning was certain that what they were doing was an easy task.

Slowly, Amelia walked forward, holding the front of the scull sideways on her shoulder, hoping that her motion would indicate to the Counselor what to do. “Let me know if you need to stop at any point!” Manning shouted to the back, hoping that her voice would carry as she couldn’t exactly turn her head.

At a slow pace, the pair carried the boat to the small wooden dock on the river. “Now, this is the trick part. Just follow my lead.” With clear practice, Amelia held her end of the boat by the sides, waiting for Renveer to mimic her grip. Slowly, she flipped the boat around, matching her own speed to her less experienced companion, and together they lowered the scull into the peaceful river waters.

“Voilá!” There was a radiant smile in Amelia’s face when she looked back at the Trill. “So, what did you think? Harder than what you were expecting or were you pleasantly surprised?”

With a quick command to the computer, four oars materialized on the dock. Handing two to Renveer, Manning quickly instructed him on how to set both of them on the riggers and through the oarlocks. Now the boat was ready, as two oars sat on the dock, holding the scull in place, and two sat across it, shifting the balance of the boat to the dockside. “So… ready to get on the water?”


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