The Return

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in The Return
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Bethany glanced down, “We’re almost there Luna. You’ll be settled in again in no time.” It hadn’t been popular that she’d been called away, but she had and she wasn’t expecting to be treated warmly by the command staff. Oh well she still had a job to do. She’d been gone several weeks, and she was sure the work had piled up.

=^=Shuttle Athena to Dresden. Requesting permission to dock.=^=

This time she was known to the crew and didn’t have all the extra verifications to go through. =^=Permission granted Athena. Welcome home Lt.=^=

Bethany docked, had her things transported to her quarters and proceeded to have her shuttle moved to her spot in the cargo bay. Bethany took the turbolift down. She expected Stores to be there to berate her about her shuttle and the extra effort it took. But she was told he was not currently working shifts (OOC not sure the story given. I know Charles is eLOA). Bethany finished locking the shuttle down and securing it. Then she grabbed a few bags of Coffee from the storage hold and stepped out. Luna had been transported to her quarters. She turned, closing the hatch and licking the shuttle. She stepped over the caution ropes and sighed at the empty cargo bay. “Home Sweet Home.”
Lt Gadi, CNS

Quiet footsteps sound off the metal tiles in the cargo bay; followed by a familiar southern drawl. “Well, if it ain’t our wayward Counselor!” Issac ambled into the bay, a broad grin on his face. “I apologize we ain’t got more of a welcoming party for ya, but we’re all running around; busy as can be right now. And frankly, we weren’t quite sure when you’d catch up with us. But I’m glad ya made it; hopefully yer time away weren’t too bad.” Issac’s tone was warm and welcoming, a noticeable difference from their first meeting several months ago.

Forgrave, CoS

Bethany turned at the sound of foot steps prepared to warn the wayward officer to NOT touch the shuttle. Her mentor had tracked her down while she’d been gone and reinstalled the security system. With a new twist. This one was much funnier, as long as the person didn’t have a pace maker. The voice though was unmistakable. “Issac..Forgrave!” She wasn’t sure he’d take to her using his first name. Though she’d simply been being herself she remembered he wasn’t comfortable with people being overly familiar so she added his last name in there, making it a bit more formal. Though this time he seemed genuinely happy to see her. “You are more than enough of a welcome.” She was genuinely happy to see him. “My time away was sad.” The officer she’d been summoned to help had decided he didn’t want help that he didn’t want to keep going. “But I did bring you a gift.” She reached into the duffel and passed him a bag, fresh coffee beans. “There is someone else who will be happy to see you, but she’s already been transported to her cage in my quarters.” Bethany grinned, Luna had taken to Forgrave the first time she’d met him. The little rabbit, despite his uncertainty of whether she should be dinner or not, had decided she liked Forgrave immediately. Bethany had to agree with Luna. “Join me for coffee? And we can catch up?”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“Well, I’m sorry to hear your time away from the Dresden wasn’t ideal, but I sure ain’t so foolish as ta turn down good coffee.” He grinned as he accepted the gift. His store of coffee was in no way running short, but such prizes were not to be passed on. Tucking it under his arm, he asked “So, how is Miss Luna doing? Still bribing anyone she meets out of food?” Issac had a broad grin; he had quite the soft spot for animals, but the mischievous rabbit had swiftly won him over.

“Sometimes, people see too much, are forced to bare too much in this life. And no matter how much we want to help them, they simply don’t have the will to continue.”
It was said with the defeated voice of one who has been forced to accept that bitter truth too often. Bethany turned her attention back to Issac and laughed, “Oh yes. She has everyone she meets well trained in a matter of minutes. She’s been very unhappy while we were gone, she was confined to her cage for the majority, and Luna, as you know, is accustomed to her freedom.”

Forgrave glanced at his watch; taking a moment to consider what was on his schedule, before shrugging to himself. He was easy enough to get a hold of, if needed. “That’d be nice; you know I’m always up for a cup of coffee; and it’d be good to get ya up ta speed. Reckon I’ll let ya lead the way; find out if yer an imposter or not!” Issac’s grin had turned mischievous, though it was no less genuine.

-Forgrave, CoS

Bethany gave him a mock look of trepidation. “Imposter? Of course not. I know the way. We’re on deck 7, right?” Bethany led the long way around down the corridor. She’d been stuck in the shuttle for almost a week. “I didn’t get to go home this trip, but I was able to procure a rather large delivery of coffee and other staples from home. Though I’m unsure what exactly all is in the crate. I haven’t had time to look. Knowing my mother and uncles, it could be anything from grits to animal fur hats.” She stepped onto the turbolift and once the doors slid closed she made quite the show of trying to remember where she was going. “Deck 5.”
Lt. Gadi, CNS

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