The Return

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“Oh, I suppose I’ll take yer word for it - after all, we already know yer an imposter, so this is just more evidence to be gathered at my leisure, eh?” Issac had a grin on his face, but it went from mischievous to warm at Luna’s announcement of her presence. He always delighted in associating with the animals kept by the crew; but Luna had quite the impressive ratio of size to personality that was hard to beat.

Bethany chuckled softly, “Oh of course at your leisure Lt. I am at your disposal.” There really was no telling what all was in that crate. Her uncles had interesting ideas about what was essential and what was not.

Issac crouched down to let the inquisitive bunny sniff him (and all the better to pet her). “Sorry Luna, ain’t got any treats for ya; looks like they may be packed away still. Or maybe I’m just blind, eh? Let’s see here; I bet you’d like to stretch your legs a bit… Maybe your loyal servant over there will take ya to the lounge, huh?” Grinning, he turned to Bethany. “Reckon either’s fine with me; though the lounge may give ya a chance ta say ‘hi’ ta any crew that pass by.” Issac paused in thought, before adding “Though ta be fair, could be that ya might want ta hold off on that; I sure don’t want ta speak for ya.”

Forgrave, CoS

Luna closed her little bunny eyes enjoy the attention, her back leg twitching happily. Luna sat happily getting petted until there was a mention of treats and when no treats were forthcoming she seemed to peer about the room before hoping over to Bethany and kicking her in the foot. “Yeah yeah I know,” Bethany muttered and walking into the bedroom she opened the duffel and walked back out and tossed the canister to Forgrave. Luna twitched her nose and rose up on her back feet waiting for the treats she knew Forgrave would give her. He was her favorite person, other than her ‘mom’ of course. But he knew exactly where to scratch behind her ear where she couldn’t reach.

As was quickly becoming tradition, Issac immediately began coaxing Luna into doing various tricks; hopping over and crawling under various pieces of furniture. He was always amused by the rabbit’s determination to get the treats; though he didn’t make her work too hard.

Luna’s ears flopped over, relaxed, and indicating a level of happiness as she performed any and all tricks Forgrave asked of her. She would have happily done more. Treats were worth it, and so were ear scratches.

“The lounge is good with me. What do you think Luna, will you let your loyal servant go to the lounge?” She asked with a grin. She set the carry bag on the floor and a very small harness and leash. “Some of the dogs on board like to chase her, and she’ll give as good as she gets, but it’s easier if I can keep her close instead of her running into every nook and cranny on the ship.” Luna looked at the options and then turned back to Forgrave and sat up on her hind legs and resting one tiny front paw on his leg. Bethany tried to hold back a laugh and failed. “Apparently I’m not the only loyal servant.” She was laughing, and she hadn’t in awhile. This trip had been hard. She shook her head, “Oh no Miss Luna, you are not making the chief of security carry you around.”
Lt Gadi, CNS

Bethany admonished Luna just as Issac had started reaching down to the small rabbit; and he quickly paused with a somewhat guilty expression on his face, as if he had been in cahoots with the mischievous Luna. Standing back up, he chuckled and shook his head. “She almost had me, too - I swear, she is a devious one!” He looked curiously at the harness, watching Luna get ‘dressed’.

Bethany grinned, “Oh I won’t stop you if you want to, but she is, as you say, devious.” Luna was full of personality. She really liked Forgrave, and Bethany had to agree. Unlike some of the other crew he seemed to genuinely like her. Bethany always felt that animals had their own unique personalities, it wasn’t just a projection of the pet owner’s imagination. Even when studying animals in ‘the wild’ as it were they showed unique traits and personalitites. Luna hopped over to Bethany and she slipped the harness on. She clipped the leash to it because she never knew where one of the resident K9s would show up. Though it was strange to see a rabbit on a leash, there was one particular K9 that had actually gotten Luna in its mouth once and hurt her pretty badly. So now Bethany dealt with the strange looks.

“Reckon we should let Luna lead? She sure seems ready to go; though I ain’t sure she knows where to go. Though ta be fair, not like I got anywhere specific in mind either…”

-Forgrave, CoS

Luna was already hopping around by the door, “I don’t think her majesty will give us a choice. She’ll probably try to go to the arboretum but she’s small I think we can redirect her to the lounge. If that’s still where you want to get the coffee.” Bethany stepped up to the door so it would open and off Luna went straight for a the turbolift. “So tell me, anything interesting happen while I was gone?” Like a noticeable drop the in the command staffs irritability because they didn’t have to deal with her? She didn’t say that but it’s what she was thinking. It was very ironic to her that the most suspicious and xenophobic of the crew was the only one who really bothered to get to know her. Those that should know better were close minded and seemed to stay that way. She hoped in her absence they had had time to reevaluate but she wasn’t holding her breath.
Lt. Gadi, CNS

“Hmmm, I hadn’t actually considered the arboretum; that or the lounge’d suit me just fine - as you know, I ain’t one ta be described as ‘picky’.” Following the impatient Luna into the turbolift, Issac thought he might could hear something more than innocuous in Bethany’s question; and he thought he had an idea of what it was. Though it was never directly discussed, tensions had been high when Lt. Gadi came aboard. Forgrave had wanted to chalk it up to the massive restructuring of the command staff; but it was impossible to discount the distrust of some of the crew towards anyone associated with Intelligence.... where Lt. Gadi had come from.

“Well, as you know things are never quiet around here; but it feels like things have been settling in over the past while. I know I’ve been getting used ta my command; and I think that’s true of most everyone else ‘round here. There was.... more than a bit of a changeup goin’ on when ya came aboard, but I think our crew is getting used ta things.” Issac scoffed quietly. “Though I reckon I’ll be the first ta admit I ain’t necessarily tha best one ta ask; I can tell ya that the number of fights has gone down - or at least, they’re getting better at hidin’ it from me…”

-Frograve, CoS

OOC: So the lounge is deck 8 and I know I’ve seen people talk about the arboretum but there isn’t one on the ship specs, so no idea where that is....LOL I swear she’s not an imposter!
IC: “Deck 8.” Bethany called to the computer as the doors shut. Luna was anything but patient, wandering about sniffing everything and even banging the doors at one point. Bethany took a deep exaggerated breath of weariness at her antics. “Well I need coffee. A week in that cramped shuttle, I need a pick me up. We can let her wander after.” She listened to Forgrave’s updates. She had known it would be an adjustment when she was given the assignment, she hadn’t planned on the outright hatred of some of the officers and the back stabbing. Most people assumed she was used to it, she was intelligence wasn’t she? But she wasn’t, she simply worked with them, or for them? It didn’t matter what it really was. She sighed stepping off the turbolift. “I don’t know Forgrave, I don’t think much gets past your security teams. Even if not reported they would have heard it. For the most part they are well liked, and this crew has a habit of sharing the scuttlebutt, true and outragous. I think it’s as much a testament to your department as it is to things settling down.” She entered the lounge, heading straight for the replicators and coffee. Luna, drew lots of attention.
Lt Gadi, CNS

“Well, if I ever turn down a cup ‘a coffee, you’ll know I’m the imposter!” Issac chuckled; no matter the time or situation, he was always up for coffee. “Well, I do try ta keep an eye on things; I know we miss stuff, but as it goes… well, I reckon Store’s liquor still ain’t high on my list of concerns…” He shook his head; “I figure there’s always gonna be trouble; way I see it, it might be best to let them get away with the little stuff. And hopefully try ta keep an eye on it!”

“From a counseling stand point, a little bit of trouble is good for venting off the steam and pressure that builds up. We agree on that point. Did you ever come up with a good use for that security system? Oh by the way, there’s a newer version on my shuttle. Fair warning.” Luna was making the rounds, or as far as she could get anyway, getting attention from just about anyone. She had been a regular site before Bethany left and she was glad to see her antics brought smiles to those around the room. “Okay so I know there is a decent coffee in this system somewhere, but no one ever told me which one it was.”

Issac couldn’t help the exasperated sigh, or the resigned grin. “Yeah.... it’s ‘Forgrave’s brew’. And that ain’t hubris; Stores developed the recipe based off of coffee I brewed, and despite my best efforts; well, the name remains.”

Bethany turned away to hid the grin on her face and quietly ordered two of “Forgrave’s brew” from the replicator. She turned back, sipping the coffee, looking almost relaxed for the moment, she passed Issac the other one. Luna was hopping around making herself known to everyone and Bethany dropped the leash so she could wander a bit further.

Self-admittedly, Issac wasn’t the most observant man; at least when it came to such things as feelings or emotions. But he thought he could sense some trepidation in the returned Counselor. “Ya know, pardon me fer mentioning it, but ya don’t seem quite as thrilled ta be back as I mighta expected. Not that I think the sun shines outta my backside or nothing! But uh; I reckon you didn’t exactly get the warmest of welcomes when ya first came aboard, ta be honest.”

-Forgrave, CoS

Bethany covered her mouth quickly as she started to laugh. “I think we’d have a problem if the sun did. But I couldn’t have asked for a nicer welcome back escort.” She looked around the room, nodding to several people. As far as the lower ranks and enlisted went, Bethany had a good repour with them. “Ah don’t mine me, I’m just a bit maudlin. It was a hard trip away; it didn’t end well. My first go round was rough, no doubt about it. Too many people ill at ease.” She turns a smile his way, “I’m tougher than I look. It will all work out, and truth be told despite my rocky acceptance, there are certain things that make coming back to Dresden well worth it.”
Lt Gadi, CNS

“Well, I’m glad ta hear it; I know the crew’s been looking forward to your return; I think we’ve all been looking for some stability. And if nothing else, Luna’s damn good for softening any rough starts.” He grinned at the aforementioned lapin’s antics. “And though I can’t say I’m all that well versed in any other ships… well, the Dresden does seem special. Maybe that’s just her lineage or history, as uh, bloody as it may be… Not like that’s unique, but I reckon fer good or ill, violence brings people together.”

Forgrave, CoS

Bethany nodded. She knew all about the Dresden’s history, having been briefed by those that had actually served on her, directly. “Violence does do that, near death as well. Brings people closer, but isolates them as well.” She laughed as Luna drew a small crowd that was now feeding her lettuce, carrots and fruit. She had a better way of distracting the masses than Bethany did. “She almost seems to understand, doesn’t she?” Bethany sipped the coffee again, she had no idea what the specific recipe was, but it was good.
Lt Gadi, CNS

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