OOC: SIM Update

Posted March 1, 2021, 1:42 p.m. by Gamemaster Alias Smith N. Jones, Esq. (GMT) (James Sinclair)

Wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we are at in the Sim, and let you all know where you can jump in if you feel lost.

The Dresden is approaching the Julian Echo station. You are within visual range, and the crew has determined that something is amiss. An odd anomaly has frozen the entire station in a kind of stasis field, which is also affecting the front half to two-thirds of an unknown alien vessel docked at the station. Contact has been made with the other ship, but the aliens aboard it are a race unknown to anyone on the Dresden or the ship’s computer. Their language is based solely on music; thus preventing clear communications. The Universal translator is working overtime trying to get through, but until then it seems that the bridge has become a concert hall.

A docking port in the alien ship has been found, but due to the foreign nature of the design, a modification of the docking clamp for the umbilical docking system has to be constructed.

“So, illustrious and all-knowing GMT…” I hear you say (thank you for the compliment, by the way), “… where in this convoluted mess of a unexpected First Contact scenario can I hop in to save the day?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

  1. Engineering - Someone needs to help get the docking clamp modified asap.
  2. Medical - This stasis field doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone… for now. But getting an idea of how it is affecting folks might help.
  3. Security - You are going to be docking with an unknown alien vessel soon… well, maybe. Preparations could be in order.
  4. Science - Oh Science… where to begin… The stasis field? The alien ship? The aliens themselves? Anomalies outside of either ship? There is a lot you all don’t know… yet.
  5. Command - Coordination of your resources could help get things moving… oh, and don’t forget your First Contact protocols. winks

GMT Alias Smith N. Jones

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