Getting settled. All are welcome.

Posted April 6, 2021, 7:36 p.m. by Warrant Officer Hsull (Chief Tactical Officer) (David Stiles)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Getting settled. All are welcome.

Posted by Warrant Officer Hsull (Tactical Officer) in Getting settled. All are welcome.

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Getting settled. All are welcome.
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Hsull had been assigned quarters on deck 6, and as he entered he noticed that his belongings had been transported there all ready. He sat his carry bag down on the desk and wandered into the bedroom. He had certainly stayed in much smaller, more spartan quarters. Returning to the living/dining area he pulled the lid off a container and began to stow things away. Clothing wasn’t much of an issue, he hung his uniforms in the closet along with two robes he wore on the rare occasions he visited home. In the small kitchen area he stowed his collection of coffee mugs in a recess, he had developed an addiction for coffee over the years and was seldom far from a hot cuppa. In the living/dining area he placed a few pictures of his family and hung a frame on the wall that held his decorations and rank insignia showing each promotion. He wasn’t much for art but he did have a sculpture or two from his mother along with a landscape painting also done by her, these he placed around the room. He picked up his carry bag and placed personal hygiene items in the bath/shower area and stowed the bag on a shelf in the closet. He gathered the packing material and after placing it in the empty storage container mad arrangements for it to be teleported to a storage hold. Looking around he felt satisfied with the results and decided to take a quick shower. One advantage of a sonic shower was you didn’t need a towel afterward, after a quick brushing down of his fur he moved into the other room and stretched out on the small sofa/loveseat. He would much have preferred to go about in just his fur, but others seemed to feel that it was a bit too disconcerting, but in his own quarters he enjoyed the freedom. Laying back, he soon began to snore gently.

Hsull -TO

OOC: Perfect opportunity here to surprise the new TO in his natural element.

Issac’s eyes flitted back and forth between the PaDD in his hand and the corridor before him; as he walked, he muttered to himself. “Warrant Officer Hull… Nope, that’s… Hsull; gotta remember that… Caitian… still recovering form injuries sustained… looks like a focus on fighters and small scale; impressive. Reckon that might translate well… Nothin’ else, he’s got plenty of experience.”
He’d intended to meet with the new tactical officer on his arrival, but Forgrave had been detained by work. Apparently, a few enterprising crew had decided that the Dresden made for a decent smuggler; neglecting to consider the fact that the Chief of Operations was fiendishly clever, and knew (from first-hand experience) exactly what and how to look for contraband.

Approaching the door listed on the PaDD, Issac stowed the device away and ran his fingers over his mustache; smoothing down any errant hairs before knocking briskly on the hatch.

-Forgrave, CoS

Hsull had been dreaming,.... dreaming about hunting, about chasing down prey and sinking his teeth and claws into the flesh of the beast and feeling and tasting the hot blood flow and gorging on the raw meat. He awoke to a banging on his door, and found that during his dream he had shredded the cushions on the small sofa he had been napping on. A bit groggy and confused he yelled “enter” forgetting that he was standing there wearing only his fur, with claws out and a shredded sofa. He also realized that he had a terrible craving for meat, the bloodier the better. He shook his head and tried to clear the cobwebs. The door slid open to find him cleaning sofa stuffing from his claws, without looking he growled out, “This better be good, what do you need ?”

Hsull - TO Waking up a bit grumpy

“Well, I don’t reckon I need anything, Mr. Hsul…” Issac’s face and tone were flat; with maybe a hint of amusement. “However, you seem to be short a pair of… well, shorts. And perhaps a few cushions.” Issac stepped inside, closing the hatch behind him for the sake of the Caitian’s decency. Issac sniffed the air; wondering if their new Tactical Officer was hungover - but the expected stench of booze was absent; tamping down that concern. He eyed the sharp claws with mild concern; and subtly adopted a better stance on his feet in case defense was needed. Not that he thought it likely, but a large, angry Caitian could do a lot of damage. And Hsull was large for a Caitian…

“I seem to have caught you at an unfortunate time; Mr. Hsull. I regret missing your arrival, but ‘business’ held me up. Name’s Forgrave, Security Chief. Now, can I get you something? Strong coffee, perhaps? Or should I come back at another time?”

-Forgrave; the amused

Hsull tossed a shredded cushion back on the sofa. “Aye Mr. Forgrave, I could use a cup of hot coffee, extra cream, no sugar. I apologize, the pain pill they gave me makes me have strange dreams and it seems my sofa was in danger of being hunted down and consumed.” Hsull retracted his claws and scratched behind his ears, “If you’ll excuse me I’ll grab a pair of shorts, I’ve been wanting to talk to you and the Marine CO anyway, grab yourself a coffee as well, I’ll just be a second.” Hsull hurried into the bedroom and retrieved a pair of black atletic shorts which he quickly slipped on. As he reentered the living area, “One thing about being covered in fur is that you’re mostly covered.” Hsull began straightening the room and tossing the shredded cushions into a pile in the corner. “Now what can I do for you Mr. Forgrave ?”

Hsull - TO Now business as usual.

Issac nodded at the request for coffee; and moved over to the replicator on the wall. As always, he sighed gently to himself, before quietly ordering. “Two mugs; Forgrave’s brew; one with extra cream, please.” Manners mattered little to the machine, of course - but habits were habits, and it couldn’t hurt. Taking the steaming mugs, he moved over to the small table, setting them down and sitting in one of the chairs as Hsull returned. The coffee was dark and rich; and noticeably different from the bog-standard replicator recipe; as if it were actually brewed instead of computer-generated.

“Fur works wonders for decency; that is true… But anyways; I noticed you’ve got a bit of a limp, and pain pills? In your file it mentioned a severe injury; I suppose I ain’t reckoned on you still bein’ in recovery for it.” Forgrave’s voice was far from critical; concern was plain on his face. “I got no intentions of throwin’ ya into a fight first off, but this is a warship… If’in your meds are screwing up yer sleep, I’d appreciate ya talking over alternatives with Lt. Janvier; that is, if you ain’t done that already.” Issac made no attempt to word his request as an order; it was exactly as it was phrased - simply a request born from concern.

“But that ain’t what I’m here for; at least, not at the moment. I figured I missed your arrival, so I felt it was owed ta pay you a welcome visit. Try and help ya get acquainted with the ship an’ her crew; answer any questions ya got, so on and so forth.” Issac’s tone was soft and low; words getting smoothed out by a thick southern drawl. As he took an appreciative sip from his mug and leaned back in the chair, he let his eyes wander about the room, making note of those things that distinguished it as belonging to Hsull.

-Forgrave, CoS

Hsull sat in the other chair and took a sip of the coffee, “Say, this is pretty good, nice flavor.” Hsull took another sip and sat the mug down. “I was fully cleared by Starfleet medical before I shipped out, the pills were to be taken till gone and fortunately that was the last one.” Picking up the mug he took another sip and cradled the mug in his hands. “I don’t really have any pain, just a little stiff when I first get up, I stretch and it works out after bit.” Another sip. “Another thing fur is good for is you have built in hot mitts.” Hsull’s hands were covered in fur except for the palms and the tips of his fingers which had a leathery pad from which the claws could extend. “I appreciate the offer of showing me around and meeting other crew members, of course I’ve met the XO, the Doctor and the Counselor, but I’d really like to meet Col. Chandler and see what his and your take is on our new friends over there.” Hsull finished off the coffee and sat the empty mug on the table. “I’m going to have to get the blend on that, it’s quite good.” Hsull had noticed the slightly odd speech idioms of the CoS and was trying to remember where he had heard that before. “I had a Med Tech who was helping me with rehab who had the same speech patterns that you do, and I think he said he was from a place called Alabama on Earth, but who am I to talk about odd inflections. Mmwrrrl !”

Hsull - TO

“Courtesy of our Operations officer, you can get that from any replicator on tha ship; just ask for ‘Forgrave’s Brew.’” Issac pulled a slight grimace at the name. “Stores is a damned talented engineer; he worked out the replicator recipe and named it - and at my protest, promptly make it impossible ta duplicate or rename… crafty bugger that he is…” He shook his head in dismissal, but couldn’t quite hide the grin that formed on his face.

“Well, we don’t know much about what’s going on with the station; right now the Colonel and I are leaning towards caution. I think that they ain’t got no malice towards us, but it’s always difficult when ya can’t clearly communicate. One wrong move or misunderstanding…” Issac shrugged. “All we can do is plan and guess; and hope it goes well. I’m more concerned about whatever technical issues are going on - but that ain’t my department neither.”

Issac grinned; “Odd inflections, eh? Yeah; I’m from North Carolina myself; Alabama ain’t too different - more ‘n close enough so as ta be the same ta most. I’ve always been interested in how accents interact with the universal translator; funny how at least ta me it makes beings sound more.... real, I suppose, instead of a robotic perfect translation.”

“But as far as meeting the Colonel goes; well, don’t tell him I said this, but fer the most part he’s more bark than bite, if you’ll pardon the expression. Not ta say he ain’t got teeth, but he holds the Dresden an’ her crew close ta his heart. Actually, he was the captain up until recently - I believe he stepped down ta ease his workload, instead of juggling both the ship and the marine detachment. I can’t say what he’s up to today, but I’ve got no objections ta introducing ya whenever you’d like - Harris is a good man ta know, for sure.”

Forgrave, CoS

Hsull returned the empty coffee cup to the disposal slot. “Let me grab a uniform and I’ll let you introduce me to the Col. and you can give me a quick tour on the way, I’m anxious to get down to work.” Hsull walked back into the small bedroom and grabbed a clean working uniform from the closet and quickly dressed. He disdained any footwear in favor of better traction and freedom, he also grabbed his cane and carried it out into the living area. “Well, I believe I’m ready, lead the way.”

Hsull TO

Taking advantage of the moment, Issac commed the aforementioned Colonel. =/\=Forgrave to Harris; have you got some time in the near future? Hsull, our new Tac Officer and I are lookin’ ta swing by for a meet ‘an greet if yer free.=/\=

Issac nodded firmly as Hsull pronounced himself ready. “Reckon there’s no time like the present; I’ve shot a message at Harris. I suppose if he’s occupied; it might still be nice ta take a bit of a tour of the ship.” As the duo meandered out of the room and down the corridor, Issac greeted and introduced various crew that crossed their paths; making conversation otherwise. “So, what brings ya to the Dresden?”

-Forgrave, CoS

Hsull was enjoying getting out and stretching his legs and meeting members of the crew, a few were startled at first, having heard of but never having actually met a Caitian, Hsull’s attempts at a smile didn’t work very well as they tended to just show his rather prominent incisors, so he just settled for a polite greeting and a handshake. Hsull was still getting used to Forgraves’s speech idioms but found them somehow forthcoming and friendly. As they walked along he responded to Forgrave’s question, “Two things actually brought me to the Dresden: First, I was due for reassignment after my time in medical rehab and being found fit for duty. Secondly, the Dresden had no Tactical officer and Star Fleet thought I might fit the bill. They continued to walk. “How did you get here, if you don’t mind my asking ?”

Hsull -TO

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