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Posted by Lieutenant Elaine Janvier (Chief Medical Officer) in Reporting aboard, Medical

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Hsull stepped down off the transporter platform, digging his claws into the matting covering the deck. He checked with the transporter operator and found his bag had arrived slightly before he did. Shouldering the bag he headed out the door and down the passage way towards Sickbay and Medical. As he walked he favored his right leg and walked a slight limp, the injury was healing but still bothered him a little. He always liked to get the medical check in done first, it was good to meet the medical staff as he often spent so much time there. Now with the rehab for his leg and the checks to make sure his cloned heart was up to snuff he spent even more time there.

He reached Sickbay and entered the outer area where he dropped his bag. Looking around he spotted a nurse and approached. “Excuse me, I’m the new Tactical Officer, CWO Hsull and I’d like to get my medical check in out of the way.” His voice was deep and a lot of words were pronounced with a soft purr or a slight slurring sound, he was easily understood but it gave him a slightly odd accent. He turned his bright blue eyes on the nurse, and perked his ears forward, “Today please, I have a lot to do.”

Hsull - T.O.

OOC: Welcome aboard. :)

IC: The nurse nodded sharply, and pointed at a young human woman standing at the back of the room engrossed in making notes or citations in the PADD she was holding in her hand while absently petting a small dog in the other. “Our CMO over there will see to that. She prefers to handle all the new crew members herself. “

Upon observation the CMO was fairly petite in size, even by human standards, her dark blonde hair was kept carefully under control in a formal bun. She seemed much younger than most of the staff that were working in Sickbay, no older than her mid twenties but from what Hsull would be able to observe, she seemed to have a good relationship with most her staff as she occasionally smiled and nodded as one passed her by.

Nurse NE

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IC: Hsull nodded to the nurse and headed back to where the young woman was standing, trying to minimize his limp as much as possible. He noticed the small dog and paused for a moment, his past experience had shown that most dogs and he didn’t get along. The dog was small though so he didn’t think he would need his claws to fend it off. The young woman was engrossed in the PaDD she was holding and didn’t notice him approach, which wasn’t unusual as he made very little noise when he walked, the dog however did sense his approach and turned to face him. “Ahem.....excuse me ma’am, CWO Hsull reporting aboard and in need of a physical.” The small dog and he eyed each other trying to decide if they were going to be friends or not, Hsull knelt down and held out his hand for the dog to sniff. If the dog attempted to bite he figured he was fast enough to pull back his hand, and in deference to the doctor he would refrain from retaliating.

Hsull - TO

Janvier looked up, interruptions weren’t unexpected, but normally she heard them coming before they arrived. “Lieutenant Janvier,” she introduced, keeping a careful eye on the dog who she knew was overenthusiastic at the best of times. “And the dog is called Enj, he’s our designated Chief Morale Officer.” she chuckled as the dog finished sniffing Hsull’s hand and having made his decision his tail started wagging enthusiastically. “He’s been with me as long as I’ve been in Star-Fleet. He’s met most species that are a part of the federation now.”

“Now has your file already been forwarded to me, or do you have that with you?”

Dr Janvier, CMO

Hsull decided the dog and he would be friends and rubbed it behind the ears, being careful to keep his claws fully retracted. “I’ve got my file here.” he handed the doctor the PaDD he had been holding. “As you will see, I have a few modifications, new eye, new heart, new hip and knee. Other than that I’m all original equipment.”
The dog was rubbing up against his leg, and he reached down a gave it a belly rub. “I can see where Enj would raise morale…, really a friendly little fellah, for some reason most dogs and I don’t seem to get along but Enj and I are buddies it seems.”

Hsull - TO

Taking the file Janvier quickly scanned through the information, her researchers eyes quickly finding and picking out all the information she needed to know for Hsulls boarding physical. Enj’s tail thumped enthusiastically against the bed as he leaned into the pet behind his ears. “I’ve never met anyone Enj didn’t like, he likes to greet all of Sickbay’s visitors and residents.” Janvier grinned, then scratched the back of her neck sheepishly, “Though it is probably fair to warn you he did love chasing the Caitian Security Officer when he went on his training runs. It was all a game to him, it’s a bad habit but he doesn’t mean any harm from it.” she glanced at the small ball of fur with a fond smile, “He’s not the most well behaved dog out there but he means well.”

Dr Janvier, CMO

Hsull continued to scratch and pet the dog. “I’m not doing much running right now, but when I start he’s welcome to come along. I think I’m supposed to explain why I have a bionic eye and not a cloned match, This eye has telescopic as well as microscopic capabilities to a certain degree and can switch to the infra-red spectrum, I feel kind of Borg like but it comes in handy in my line of work. I’m still learning to control it. The rest of the repair work was pretty standard, just need to to get all the attaching parts limbered up.” Hsull hopped up on the bed and the small dog crawled into his lap. “Looks like I’ve made a friend.”


“I’d say so,” Janvier agreed as Enj’s tail didn’t stop wagging. “From what I can see, your new parts are still fairly recent. Are they giving you any pain at all? Have you been given any physio work to do?” she asked gently as she prepped the scanner to take in his physical. She had noticed that his movement onto the bed he was still favouring one side more than the other. (OOC: I’m making that assumption based off his limp)IC: In a moment his bioscanners would tell her the truth, but she like asking, it was a good indicator as to which patients like the Captain need her to fight them into Sickbay, and which ones like Forgrave and Stores that knew when they were beat and would come to Sickbay when they needed medical aid.

Dr Janvier, CMO

Hsull stretched his leg out, “No, not any pain, just a little stiff. I have stretching and strengthening exercises and they are helping, I’d say in a couple of weeks I should be good to go. Right now just getting the muscles and ligaments worked in and up to strength.”

Hsull - TO

Janvier nodded. “Keep them up, they will be hugely beneficial,” she smiled, gently picking up Enj and moving him to the side so she could complete the scan without the machinery picking up the wrong biosigns. The small dog let out an exaggerated huff but he stayed put where he was supposed to. It was a routine doctor and dog had performed many times before.

Dr Janvier, CMO

Hsull laid back on the bio-bed, noticing his feet hung over the end, all though he was abnormally tall for a Caitian you would think they would make these things adjustable for various species. As he lay there and the scan began he reflected on his youth and growing up. Having just a stub of a tail had made him the butt of a lot of teasing, at least until he began to outgrow most of his peers. It had always amazed him how nature tended to compensate those who were deemed odd or different in some way, like better hearing for the blind.

Hsull TO

Elaine hummed quietly to herself, recognising that Hsull had been pulled into his thought, and unwilling to disturb it. Sometimes she liked to talk to the patients she had as a way of getting to know them, but she knew in her experience that not all patients wanted to befriend their doctor.

As Hsull was laying on the bio-bed waiting for the scan to conclude he looked down and noticed his feet sticking up at the end of the bed, “Funny he mused, how different the species are.” He flexed his feet and watched the tips of his claws appear and then retract, then raising his hand did the same, watching in amusement.
“How do the other species manage with no claws to speak of ? ” His clan being from the more temperate part of Cait which had a jungle like climate, had longer claws than Caitians from other parts of the planet, he trimmed his regularly to keep from snagging in carpet or matting, but extended they were still a good inch in length. He looked at the doctor and thought of human feet or human like feet, all though they had more toes he couldn’t really think of any advantage to having that type of foot, his own four toed foot with claws gave better traction and gave a great edge in hand to hand fighting. His musing was brought back to reality when the monitor beeped.

Hsull TO

OOC: Did the scanner pick anything up?

Janvier looked up from the scanner. “I’ve never thought about that, us humans manage alright without claws as do many other aliens. That question is the same as me asking you how you manage with claws.” For a moment her eyes locked with his before her attention flicked back to the results from the scanner. “I suppose if you want a basic explanation for it, each humanoid has their own physiological traits that they’ve all evolved to have, like how Caitians have claws, but you only have four toes. As a human I might not have any claws, but I have five toes but no claws.” she shrugged “And Enj has claws but they aren’t as sharp as yours are and they don’t retract.” At his name the small dog’s ears perked up. His eyes focused on where his owner was reading the scans, and deciding for himself that she must be finished, he jumped into Hsull’s lap before anyone could stop him.

Dr. Janvier, CMO

OOC: Scanner only picked up that right eye is bionic.

Hsull softly stroked the small dog being careful to keep his claws fully retracted. The creature circled several times in his lap then laid down. “It’s an interesting conundrum, and one I have quite enjoyed discussing with you Dr..” Hsull looked down and noticed that Enj was now sound asleep and snoring softly. “It seems we have a problem here Dr., how do we get me out from under Enj without waking him up ?” Hsull continued to rub the small dog behind the ears and caught the scent of utter contentment coming from him.

CWO4 Hsull - TO

Janvier smiled softly, amused at the show of kindness from the Catian. “Unfortunately you have two options, either you stay there until he does wake up. Or you wake him up. Decisions yours.” she chuckled softly, “He’ll find another lap to fall asleep on in no time.” she slipped the tricorder back into its home, “Well looks like you’ve got a fit bill of health, I wouldn’t mind seeing you once a month to see how your strengthening exercises are working to make sure you are on the right track. But we can organise those after you’ve settled in to your new schedule.”

Dr. Janvier, CMO

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