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The Dresden was floating in space outside the alien vessel. Thrusters kept the ship locked in position as the umbilical docking array slowly accordioned it’s way across the chasm of empty space between the two ships. After a few minutes, it reached the triangular hatch in the alien ship and the modified docking clamps locked the two ships together. Sensors indicated a solid fit… the work the two Ensigns had done was spot on. As the green lights filled the passage between ships indicating the atmosphere was in place and safe; the hatch on the other side slowly spiraled open from the center and an orangish-yellow light could be seen inside.


Forgrave’s eyes narrowed instinctively against the light, and he adjusted his stance to be slightly perpendicular to the hatch; ready to fight or run as required. With nothing immediately forthcoming; he glanced at his fellows, both gauging their reactions and looking for input or comment.

-Forgrave, CoS

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As she walked with large strides away from the Bridge, she tapped her commbadge. =/\= Holloway to Gadi and Janvier. I need you both at the docking port to greet our guests. =/\=

Bethany looked up from her desk, where she was acting as a press secretary for the ship at the moment, before tapping her combadge =^=On my way captain.=^= She scooped Luna up and placed her in her cage, she had plenty of food and water and would be safe there. She exited her office and headed toward the docking port. She arrived and took note of the security and eyed Forgrave. She didn’t walk up to him, but rather stayed out of the way of the security team. Yes Bethany was intel, but she wasn’t that kind of intel officer. She had basic hand to hand training, more than a normal Star Fleet officer, and risk assessment, and could identify several plans of egress if needed, but her specialty, if it could be called that, was observing people and behaviors. She wasn’t really sure what was going on, and she had no intention of making the fatal error of being in the way. She nodded to Forgrave, hoping for some indication of why they were all there. Other than the obvious - they were docked with someone and they were on the other side of the hatch.
Lt Gadi, CNS

Holloway arrived a few seconds after Gadi. Nodding to Forgrave, Molly turned to the Counselor. “Thank you for joining us, Lieutenant. As I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve made contact with beings of an alien species that seem to have been caught in the middle of the anomaly affecting Julian Echo station. There’s no way to dock at the station at present time without being caught in it ourselves… so we are docking with the alien vessel to try and help them get free from it, and hopefully, as we do so, we will be able to restore the station to its normal condition. They speak in melodic tones, and their language is unlike anything I’ve ever seen… but we seem to have established some sort of rudimentary communication…” She was hoping her short summary would bring Gadi up to speed. As she spoke, Molly glanced at Forgrave, encouraging him to add any details he deemed fit.

Bethany nodded, feeling more lost than she had before. Melodic tones? Did that mean they sang? Did the sound rhyme and have rhythm and tone and meter or just sang? So many questions, but too late to ask…

As the crew began to gather, music could be heard coming from the open hatch. Suddenly, a flying metallic object shot through the opening and hovered just on the other side. It was a sphere and had a dark, horizontal ring around the middle. A red light slowly circled the object inside the ring for a moment and then seemed to pause in the direction of the closest Dresden crew. It hovered silently for a moment and then a multitude of appendages erupted from the top. Metallic arms ending in blades, small saws, pinchers, and a drill were visible… as was one ending in what looked like a beam weapon of some kind.


After giving her own affirmative, Janvier arrived minutes after Gadi with a medical satchel and a tricorder in hand just as the ring erupted. Not really expecting something to erupt as she entered she flinched, fumbling and nearly dropping the tricorder she had in the process. Her eyes did a quick triage of the occupants of the room and once she was satisfied there was no injuries she stepped closer to Gadi, making sure that she kept Forgrave in her peripheral without making it look like she was looking at him. She was acutely aware that out of everyone in the room she was most likely the one in the room with the least amount of combat training. Her few years of service on her previous post had taught her to always keep the CoS in her line of sight so she could take cues from them in an un predictable situation.

Molly’s brow furrowed as the flying object came into view, and she glanced around for someone with a tricorder or something that could give them more information on the sphere.

As the arms extended from the object, Holloway’s hand slowly made its way to the trusty pistol she always carried concealed on her uniform. This was a first contact mission, and she hadn’t brought a phaser with her, as that could be seen as potentially threatening to their new guests. Which was why there were security officers in the group.

Holloway glanced at Forgrave for a moment, before training her eyes on the object. Could it be some sort of recon scanner? Although why the amount of weaponry? If positions were reversed and the Dresden was the one being helped by unknown beings with whom they could barely communicate, they would also be hesitant in trusting their rescuers, no matter how willing to help they seemed. Maybe they should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Silently, she watched the object’s next move. No matter what, they didn’t want to be the first to make the an aggressive move.

Holloway, CO

Bethany didn’t move but she was ready to. She cursed silently wishing she’d been requested to the bridge to observe but hind sight and all that. She watched the sphere, her peripheral vision on Forgrave, Harris, and the other security officers. She tried, with her empathy, to detect the emotions of those on the other side of the docking tunnel. She didn’t have much hope of getting anything, she wasn’t a strong empathy and had no telepathy at all. But if the feeling was focused and strong enough she might. Was it fear, aggression, greed, friendliness? But she’d much rather see someone than rely on her shoddy and unreliable Betazoid heritage. Personally she felt the sphere hanging in the air was quite clear, they were aggressive or fearful.
Lt Gadi, CNS

Forgrave was visibly tense at the appearance of the strange orb; actively fighting the urge to do something; trying to convince himself to be patient. If they wanted us dead.... Well, we wouldn’t even know it. But still, what is that thing? Looks like some kind ‘a sensor, but… equipped for what? Maybe… Issac carefully moved forward, eyes searching for any aggressive movement from the probe; peering at the various instruments on display. I reckon it could be a surgical suite… With slow, deliberate movements, a hand went to his hip, going for the tricorder on his left instead of the phaser on the right. His other hand waved his companions back; he felt that hostility was less likely than caution, but he didn’t want to take too many chances.

Forgrave, CoS

The drone mirrored Forgrave’s movements until they were ten feet apart. I hung silently in the air, the arms focused on him…

And then the beam fired.

A bright green light hit Forgrave right between the eyes, and the Security Chief hit the deck hard; like a tree toppled in a single swing of an age. Immediately, the drone retreated into the confines of the alien vessel.


The thunderous crack of the archaic chemical combustion hand cannon now leveled down the corridor echoed for just a moment. “Goddamnit!” The Dresden’s Marine Commander swore as he glanced at the six Marines in Combat Environmental Suits now storming toward the party. Harris’ 1911’s barrel was still smoking as he lowered it from the passage then motioned to the Sergeant at the column’s lead. “I missed! After that bastard Gunny!”

Everything happened at once. Between the sphere firing at Forgrave, and the unexpected loud bang made by Harris’s weapon, Molly found herself with her own pistol drawn but with nothing to fire at.

Bethany grabbed for a phaser that she didn’t have. Gah! What would T’Jal make of that. She ducked, expecting the security and marines to return fire, trying to half catch the security chief before he fell, but was a second behind. She knelt next to Forgrave reaching for his wrist to check his pulse, looking around for Janvier to make sure the doctor could get to Forgrave. She had no idea if it was safe to move him physically or with emergency transport or not. She checked his breathing and then his neck and head for injury, eyeing the spot where he got shot. If Forgrave had reservations about alien species before, he was really going to hate them all now.
Lt Gadi, CNS

Sphere forgotten, Gadi found Janvier hot on her heels as the doctor to ran over do do what doctors do best.

Issac had been hurt before; sure. Been hurt bad on occasion. But this… this was Different. Pain flashed through his skull; emanating from the point of contact and reverberating around; like a ricochet in an armored box. The pain was endless.... until it wasn’t. Something hard was beneath him; thought was difficult. With a grunt, his limbs shifted; proof of life and mobility. Light pierced his eyes as he wrenched them open; there was a silhouette…

It was far more of a grimace than a grin, and his voice was strained at best. But he was alive. “Ain’t dead… Though ya do a fair impression of an angel.” It would be easy to miss, but something about his voice was off; as if he couldn’t quite modulate his volume. He sat up and made to try and stand, wincing as he did so. He rubbed his temples and gently shook his head; trying to shrug off whatever had happened.

-Forgrave, CoS

Bethany didn’t flinch as the hand cannon went off and the Marines began to move. What??? Did he just call her an angel? Long years of experience kept her face neutral even if her thoughts weren’t. “Glad to know you are still with us,” something wasn’t quite right with his voice but it could just be an after effect of the shot. Bethany put a hand to his shoulder, “Not so fast, you hit your head a bit hard on that fall. Let the Janvier check you first.” Bethany moved to be out of the doctor’s way but between him and the hatch in case that thing came back.

“Stay still and let me scan you,” the Doctor ordered gently moving quickly to keep herself level with him. Mildly worried that Forgrave might be on the way to meet the floor twice in the same hour “Give yourself a moment to let your body recover.”

A moment later there was a hiss of hypospray as Janvier administered a mild painkiller to help keep him steady.

Dr. Janvier, CMO

She looked at Janvier, “Is it me or is his voice…off?”

As the Marines stormed by, the surprisingly polite chorus of “Excuse us… Sorry Doc.... Pardon us ladies… So sorry…” as the Marines headed down to the other ship with Harris on their heels. As Harris went be Forgraves, he glanced down. “I got this Chief.” Then with a quick nod to the CNS & CMO. “Ladies” The Marines were down through the end of the docking connector.

Harris & Marines

Gadi shook her head absently as the Marines followed by Harris thundered down the hall. Normally she’d move but is was more prudent to stay still. “I think those marines could give Dangar a lesson in manners.” It was a joke, one only Forgave would understand, but his reaction and understanding of it also served to tell Bethany if his mental state had been affected.

As the Marines closed in on the hatch, the iris of the triangular opening closed with a loud SNAP, leaving them facing the metal hull of the ship.


Holloway took a few steps back to allow Janvier, Gadi and Forgrave some breathing room. With the arrival of the Marines as well there were already too many people around the Security Chief for her addition to the group to be productive. The good news were that Forgrave was… alive, at least. The bad news were that they had no idea what the beam had done to him.

Her eyes trained on the hatch and her hand made it to her commbadge before Harris took matters into his own hands.

Harris swore another savage curse under his breath before he slapped his com badge. =A= Harris to Transporter Room One… standby for point to point beam over of myself and the six Marines immediately adjacent to my current location to the first available free spot you can find on that ship.=A=

After a pause he looked back down the tube at Holloway. “Advise we go to Red Alert, Captain” The Marine CO told his Skipper and partner formally. “The minute we have a lock, we’re going over…” He then paused slightly, a barely evident smile crossing his face. “With your permission, of course”

Lt Gadi, CNS

Surprised, Molly tapped her commbadge. =/\= Holloway to Transporter Room One. Belay that order. =/\= Her eyes shot lasers at the Marine Commander. “Are you out of your mind, Colonel? For as much as I appreciate what you are trying to do, with the stasis field around the station and our complete lack of knowledge on the alien’s technology, we risk you being trapped on that ship without us being able to get you out. And that would achieve nothing.” Her voice was steady. Commanding but not louder than usual.

Tapping her commbadge again, Molly contacted the Bridge. =/\= Holloway to Renveer. Our new friends attacked Lieutenant Forgrave. He’s stable, but there’s still plenty we don’t know. If we do not have an open channel with them, I need you to open one and ask what the hell is going on. They seemed in need of our help, but if they don’t need it, we can just leave them here with the anomaly and figure out some other way to go about it. Keep me posted. Holloway out. =/\=

Holloway eyed the hatch, but decided against closing it, hoping to make it apparent that they were still welcoming regardless. For now.

Glancing at the backs of the CMO and CNS, she let them do their jobs, so that they could bring Forgrave back to his feet.

Holloway, CO

Hsull had been watching the scene unfold and wasn’t too terribly surprised at the attack on the Security officer, he checked the Tactical station quickly and tapped his comm badge. =^= Hsull to Holloway, Ma’am if you all will evacuate the umbilical I can use phasers to surgically separate the alien ship from the the station and us. On your command of course. =^= As far as Hsull was concerned they had been attacked and an armed response was the accurate answer. He hoped Forgrave wasn’t badly injured.

CWO4 Hsull - TO

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