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Priscilla hated to do it, but she knew Drellik would want to see what was going on. She tapped the comms, =^=Drillek to the bridge. We’re getting info on the station.=^= The fact she had mispoken and been laid into like an Ensign on their first day at the Academy was still boiling her blood. She had seen other mistakes, worse mistakes, since his arrival and they had merely been frowned at and corrected. Maybe it was her position or the fact she shouldn’t have mispoken when she did. But either way, she still rankled from it. And deep down she knew it was worse because she admired the man as well as felt bad for him.

Shaking herself out of the train of thought, she kept up the scan of the station. “Well at least the distortion, from our end, is slow. I am curious what speed they are running in inside the bubble. And are they aware of the difference?” She knew it wasn’t something that could actually be answered. But her mind seemed to think aloud when she was more than a little curious.


Molly’s voice came through the comms once more, replying to Renveer. =/\= Thank you, Commander. Lieutenant Forgrave seems to be able to understand the beings after what we thought was an attack. I’ll let you know of any progress we make. Is there any more information on the device? Are there any logs of an object of the kind being studied by the station personnel? Project reports, scientific papers, is there anything that mentions something similar at all? =/\=

Holloway, CO

Hsull checked his readouts and current sensor data, hopefully they would know more when the probes finished their scans. “As near as I can tell, things are fairly stable, at least for now. My take on this is that the aliens found this device and not knowing what it was accidentally triggered it and came to the station for help. Not knowing that it would affect the station as well. It seems we need to shut the thing off somehow,.........the how being the problem, I realize I’m stating the obvious, but thinking aloud sometimes stimulates ideas from others.” Hsull looked around the bridge, hoping someone would have an idea about disarming the device.

Hsull - TO

Sensor readings were flooded with temporal ‘static’ coming from the field, but it was thankfully steady in it’s output. Previous logs from the station provided no clue as to the nature or solution to the field problem. In fact, the station’s logs mentioned nothing about the object or the aliens at all.


Renveer sighed through his nose in relief at Hsull’s report. “That’s my interpretation of events as well, Chief,” Renveer agreed. He sat down in the executive officer’s chair for the first time since they arrived at the station and scrolled through the logs. “Lieutenant Simms, do you think an EMP wave would shut down the device safely? Or would such a wave even be able to penetrate the temporal field?”

After reviewing the logs for a moment, he pressed his badge once again. =/\= Renveer to Holloway. There are no logs on the station that mention the device or the aliens, it’s a dead-end. The only hope we have for more information is from the aliens Lieutenant Forgrave is conversing with. =/\=

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

Holloway’s reply didn’t take long. =/\= Noted. Thank you, Commander. I’ll keep you posted of anything we find. Let me know if there are any updates on your end. Holloway out. =/\=

Holloway, CO

Drillek came onto the bridge and went to the Science console. “What are we seeing, Lieutenant?” he asked quietly.


Priscilla took a mental deep breath then smiled at Drillek. She wanted their old report back and was willing to be the first to make the move that direction. “We got a probe to make a sweep. Look…” she tapped the console to replay the footage. He would see the mug, hanging in mid fall, a small delivery drone in frozen limbo between labs… and the group of officers and aliens covering their heads and ducking away from a bright star looking spot in the middle of a table that was the center of the temporal field.

She gave him a moment to digest what he was seeing before she continued. “The XO wants to know if a directed EMP may disrupt the field. I am worried it will cripple both us and the alien ship as well. And if we can get us far enough to not get caught in a backlash, or positioned in just the right way to keep it directionally away from us, I still worry the alien ship will be caught in it either way.” She kept playing the various scenarios over in her head. In everything she was thinking, the station, at least, and the alien ship would be completely shut down from the EMP. Then the question of life support, gravity and other necessary systems came into play. Could they get everyone out in time if it did work?


Drillek looked at the footage and then zoomed in on the ‘star’ and made a hmmm-ing noise to himself.

“See there?” and he pointed at the group of aliens and scientists. “They are all together in a group. Looking the same place at the same time, not at each other… and their reactions are the same: ducking and trying to get away. They are cooperating. Whatever that -” and he pointed at the glowing object, “- is, then that is what we have to deal with. And until we know more about that, I wouldn’t risk anything. And I doubt an EMP would do anything anyway. This is a temporal issue. An EMP would most likely just end up frozen in the same loop and then continue once the loop was ended… at which point we wouldn’t need the EMP anyway. No… I think what we may need is anti-chronitons. But until we know more about what we are dealing with? I wouldn’t recommend any ‘guesses’.”



The words stuck like something she should remember. “Is there a way we can localize anti-chronitons into a small direct beam? Maybe we can take small layers off the outside the sphere and slowly decrease its size. Whatever we do, we have to be sure once we are close enough, we can localize a containment field around that,” she pointed to the small light. “Whatever is making them shirk from it, we need to stop it from spreading again. I don’t think we can risk a large field breakdown all at once. It would have to be timed too precisely to capture the object.” She glanced at Drillek. “What do you think?”


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