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Posted July 20, 2021, 2:47 p.m. by Warrant Officer Hsull (Chief Tactical Officer) (David Stiles)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Laith (Helms Officer) in Ship Familiarization - Tag to Ens. T’Laith

Posted by Warrant Officer Hsull (Chief Tactical Officer) in Ship Familiarization - Tag to Ens. T’Laith

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Laith (Helms Officer) in Ship Familiarization - Tag to Ens. T’Laith
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Hsull had been roaming about the ship, trying to familiarize himself with the layout and meet as many of the crew as possible. He had Fuzzy with him on a leash and she served as an ice breaker in many situations, as people would be more likely to accept the large, beautifully spotted cat, especially as she loved to be petted and made over, than a six foot something fur clad Caitian. They continued to wander the passageways and meet the occasional crewmember as they strolled along.

Hsull - CTO

T’Laith continued to wander the never-ending halls of USS Dresden, making an effort to acquaint herself with the locations of amenities and functions and perhaps meet some of the crew.

After many turns she found the transporter pad, a sickbay and some of the crew quarters and, to her surprise, an animal she had rarely seen before accompanied by a Caitian. Out of genuine curiosity she decided to strike up conversation, “May I?” she quizzed, wishing to approach the creature..

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Hsull and the cat were strolling leisurely down the passageway with the cat exploring every nook and cranny and Hsull noting equipment and areas of interest and greeting the occasional crewman. They rounded a corner and were met by a relatively tall, female Vulcan. The Savannah halted and looked curiously from the new acquaintance back to Hsull as if to ask “Is this one OK ? Can I make friends ?” Hsull stopped and in reply to the question of “May I ?” said “It’s OK with me, but she’s the one to decide. Just let her smell you, and if she starts rubbing her head on you, you’re in.” The cat approached and gingerly sniffed at the Vulcan then began to rub her head against the her ankles and legs. “You’re marked now, and she’ll remember you as a friend. By the way I’m Warrant Officer Hsull the Tactical officer.” He extended a hand, being careful to keep his claws fully retracted. “I haven’t seen you before, but I’m fairly new here myself. Just trying to get familiar with the layout and arrangement of things.”

Hsull - CTO

T’Laith placed her hand near the ground to let the strange creature smell her hand and was surprised to see that she appeared to like her. She rose back up to meet the Caitian as he continued the conversation, hesitantly she met his handshake with her own, clearly uncomfortable due to being a touch telepath however not wishing to be rude. “A pleasure,” she began, shifting her eyes between the creature and Hsull, still cautious. “I, too am new here. Lieutenant T’Laith, Helms Officer.” she responded, still shaking off the handshake. “This is, by far, the most complex ship I have boarded. I must have spent the last hour meandering these halls, trying to find the different functions of the ship.” she paused to see what the creature was doing, still unsure of her safety.

As she looked at the creature she couldn’t help but ask, “Have you ever met a Vulcan sehlat?”, remembering her childhood pet..

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Hsull considered the question a moment. “I’ve actually never met one up close but have seen pictures of them, several classmates at the academy had mentioned having one as a pet growing up. I think one would be too large to have aboard a starship, Fuzzy here is actually pushing the limit.” Hsull released T’Laith’s hand, not worrying too much about the empathy part, he had no real dark secrets to reveal. The Savannah was now attempting to twine herself around the legs of the female, as much as the leash would allow. “I think she likes you. Would you care to accompany us on an exploratory tour ?”

Hsull - CTO

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