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Posted by Lieutenant Priscilla Simms (Chief Science Officer) in Captain’s Ready Room - tag Lt. Priscilla Simms

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After a successful mission and a few days of dealing with reports and the usual paperwork that came with it, Molly found herself looking a the crew’s roster. A few names stood out to her, especially as they had been on the Dresden for a while. Their work had been always diligent and on point, and she really appreciated them. As such, she felt that it was time to repay that extended and loyal service to her and the ship, and show some long deserved appreciation.

Without another thought, Molly tapped her commbadge and spoke. =/\= Holloway to Lieutenant Simms. Can you come by my Ready Room as soon as you’re available? Holloway out. =/\=

With that, she waited for a response.

Holloway, CO

=^= On my way, Captain.=^= Came the prompt and proper reply.

Priscilla frowned. She had hoped to have more time before facing the Captain. She was going to ask the woman a favor, but wasn’t exactly sure how to phrase it yet. Glancing once more around her office, she picked the small pencil file off her desk and headed for the Ready Room.

Less than five minutes later, she was tapping on the Captain’s door chime to announce her arrival.

Lt Priscilla Simms

“Come in!” Molly’s voice carried through the door.

Inside, the office was simply decorated, yet, slightly odd for what most people would think when they thought of Holloway. Walking in, the most apparent piece of furniture was the desk, directly facing the door, and behind which Holloway currently sat. To the left of the door, there was a small but comfortable sitting area, with a coffee table, a small couch and an armchair. Above it, on the wall, a reproduction of one of Claude Monet’s Waterlilies was hung. Lastly, on the far corner of the room, there was a massive bookshelf, full of what seemed to be old books from different places, and a myriad of trinkets from the various places Holloway had visited. A few glass terrariums adorned the shelves, bringing some greenery to the place.

“Ah, Lieutenant Simms.” Molly said with a smile. She seemed less taciturn than she often was, probably the result of their recent successful mission. “Thank you for coming. Please, have a seat.” Holloway said motioning to the chair across from her on the desk. “Can I get you anything to eat or to drink?” She said standing up and walking to the replicator.

Holloway, CO

“Thank you, no. I’ll have dinner later. But I appreciate the offer. Please have whatever you were planning.” She settled into the offered chair and smiled. “Been a while since I was in here last. Looks good.” She watched the Captain a moment and then decided she’d strike first. If this was a bad meeting, perhaps it would turn the tide. And if it was a good meeting, perhaps it would help.

“Thank you.” Holloway said as she walked to the replicator. “I’m not the best interior decorator but… thought I’d try a little harder than usual.” There was a light tone to her words. “Coffee, three sugars.” She finally ordered the computer.

“I’m actually glad you contacted me. I was about to ask for a chance to speak with you, anyway. I wanted to request to be one of the Science Officers to volunteer on the station. This last anomaly has piqued my interest and I admit the opportunity sounds amazing.” She watched Holloway move to the replicator and wondered how her request for departure would be taken. There were already one or two in science who could step up easily enough. So it wasn’t like she was leaving the woman in the lurch.


“Oh…” There was a sudden pause, as Molly took longer than it would be usual to take her coffee mug from the replicator. The news had clearly been met with surprise on Holloway’s part. “Of course.” She said before turning to face Simms and moving back towards the desk.

Sitting back down in silence, she took a sip before speaking again. “You know, my sister is a scientist.” Molly motioned with her chin to a small collection of objects sitting on the table next to her terminal that included a very old and battered copy of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth and a blue mug with the letters UCLA in large yellow print. “She was always driven by curiosity, and while I myself cannot really understand the feeling, I see it in her eyes every time she finds a new topic of study.” Holloway smiled. “I could never deny anyone of that pleasure. If anything, I wish to experience it myself, but alas… life has other plans for me.” She took another sip of her coffee. “I just hope it wasn’t us that drove you away.” There was a chuckle at the end of the sentence, but the expectant look in her eyes would tell Simms that Holloway partially feared it was the case.

Holloway, CO

Priscilla hadn’t expected the concern that came from the Captain’s voice. “No! Not at all, Ma’am. I swear.” She relaxed a moment and shook her head looking where the Captain’s gaze had drifted. “It’s just this anomaly. The abilities it presents and represents are just too vast. And if I leave here and ignore it, I will forever wonder if someone asked the questions I have floating in my head about it. To be able to suspend time like that, and be movable. We could stop catastrophes long enough to pull the lives from their impending dooms. We could stop enemies without killing them. And if localized to the point of individuals, what kind of affect could it have on stasis and deep space travel? I know I am asking a lot. And if you say no, then I will certainly pen my questions, concerns and curiosities to files and have them sent to those who will be doing the studies. But I knew if I didn’t ask, I would forever wonder.” She bit her lip realizing she was rambling.

“I’m sorry, Captain. You called me here for a reason and I have completely taken over the conversation. I apologize, ma’am.”

(babbling brook of course)

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