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Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in Cal’s Quarters/Cargo Bay 1 – An unexpected package

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Posted by Colonel Calvin Harris (Marine Commander) in Cal’s Quarters/Cargo Bay 1 – An unexpected package
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In Calvin Harris’s quarters, a small light on the desk’s terminal blinked softly, indicative of a new message.

To: Colonel Calvin Harris
The package with ref:1837852A is ready for pickup in Cargo Bay 1.
Please do so at your convenience.

NE Foster, Cargo Bay 1

Having just gotten back from the gym, Cal clicked the acceptance key… read the message… then closed the screen and headed to the shower. 15 minutes later, the Marine CO walked into Cargo Bay 1 and walked over to the Ops Desk. “Excuse me, I got a message about a package for me. Calvin Harris.”

Harris, MarDet CO

“Uh… ah yes, Sir.” The clearly distracted young Ensign quickly stood at attention, before turning back to his terminal and cross-referencing the Marine’s name with the Dresden’s list of incoming packages. “Follow me, please” The Ensign said as he walked with large strides across the bay.

Harris chuckled softly at the young Ensign’s initial start at his arrival. After so many years in the Corps, the sudden snap of respect was old hat at this point but he did find the effect… humorous… from time to time. This was one of those times. The Marine followed the Ensign on his voyage across the massive Bay. Looking over to the Starboard Pads, he frowned ever so slightly. When the Dresden had been the brief home of a small wing, those beauties lined three-quarters of the landing pads on the ship’s starboard flank. Alas, today… the Dresden was home to only his beloved personal fighter.

“This one.” The young man motioned to a large wooden crate, about 20 inches in length, 13 inches in depth, and 7 inches in height. The whole front of the crate was taken by an ostentatious crest engraved in maroon. Underneath the crest, also engraved, a ribbon read ‘Nisi Dominus’ (OOC: If not God, nothing). “It’s quite heavy… do you want us to transport it directly to your room? Usually we would simply do that instead of having you come all the way here… but it requires you to sign a proof of receipt…” He said as he extended Cal a PaDD for him to sign.

Cal stopped. Gazing down at the crate, he seemed both surprised and confused. Taking the PaDD from the Ensign, Harris signed the receipt and added. “If it’s that heavy, I would appreciate some help getting it to my quarters”

“Quite a curious one, isn’t it?” The Ensign chuckled. “Could you give us a hint as to what is inside? Me and my mates spent the whole morning trying to figure it out.”

NE Foster, Cargo Bay 1

Harris chuckled and patted the Ensign on his back. “To be honest Ensign… I haven’t the foggiest goddamn clue. If nothing too crazy, I’ll be happy to fill y’all in” He then took a knee to look closer at the crest, hoping to get a better idea of who sent the archaic looking container. “Hey Ensign…” He asked over his shoulder. “… that PaDD have any info on who the frack sent this in the first place?”

Harris, MarDet CO

The crest seemed to be an old design, with two helmets on the upper line, a medieval looking lion below them, and yet another helmet below the lion. However, because of the nature of the engraving on the wooden crate, there were no colors with the exception of the dark maroon outline.

“Uh…” The Ensign fumbled to look for the sender’s information. How had he failed to have that on hand? His supervisor wasn’t going to be happy if she found out about it. “We should have that on file…” The young man said as he frantically tapped the PaDD. “Ah, yes, here it is. Oh… it was sent from Starfleet Academy actually… that’s weird… uh… sender’s name… Captain A. I. Manning… does that help, Sir?”

NE Foster, Cargo Bay 1

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“Manning eh…?” The Marine said more rhetorically than if actually speaking to the Ensign. As a slight smirk creased his lips, it took all Cal had not to chuckle. Then, his face now expressionless, Harris turned to the Ensign and asked deadpan. “This hasn’t been… ya know… ticking, has it?” Dresden’s Senior marine looked completely serious.

Harris, MarDet CO

“Ticking, Sir?” The Ensign eyed the Marine with surprise. The reference to old Earth bombs clearly lost on him. “No, Sir.” He blinked for a moment, confused. “I take it you know the name? Should I send it up?”

NE Foster, Cargo Bay 1

Harris chuckled and stretched as he stood up.”Yeah Ensign, I know’er. The good Captain was my XO while I was in Command of the Dresden. She actually headed to SFA during the last crew rotation. If you could be so kind, have this brought up to my quarters. I would prefer to open it there… trust me, it’s perfectly safe. Ya see that crest there…?” Harris asked with a smile.

“That there is her & her husband’s crest. Ol’ Pete is a a Baron and the Captain, I believe, is a Countess in her own right even before they got hitched. That all is way above my pay grade but I was expecting something for my birthday, just nothing this damn fancy! Thank you for letting me know Ensign… go on now. I’m sure y’all got better things to do than babysit an ornate box.”

Harris, MarDet CO


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