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Posted July 23, 2021, 4:47 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Laith (Helms Officer) (Callie L)


Hsull considered the question a moment. “I’ve actually never met one up close but have seen pictures of them, several classmates at the academy had mentioned having one as a pet growing up. I think one would be too large to have aboard a starship, Fuzzy here is actually pushing the limit.” Hsull released T’Laith’s hand, not worrying too much about the empathy part, he had no real dark secrets to reveal. The Savannah was now attempting to twine herself around the legs of the female, as much as the leash would allow. “I think she likes you. Would you care to accompany us on an exploratory tour ?”

Hsull - CTO

“Yes..” she paused, “They would definitely be too big to bring aboard a Starship, perhaps a little dangerous too..” T’Laith began, having recollected herself from the previous handshake. Now attempting to gently move herself from the confines of the creatures adorable grasp, “Of course.” she responded, appeased to have someone to get lost with. She gestured smoothly with her hand out as-if to request Hsull went first, in hopes of freeing herself from the animal entwined around her legs.

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Hsull reached down and gently unwrapped the leash from around the legs of Fuzzy’s new friend. “Is there anyplace in particular you’re interested in, or are you just out for a whatever discovery tour........, and oh by the way, you don’t drink coffee do you ?” The Savannah was now sitting quietly by Hsull’s side and looking expectantly at her new found friend. “My past experience has been mostly with small craft tactics, especially fighters, but I have had some experience with larger craft. How about yourself ?” Hsull gave the cat a light rub over the head and down her back with his claws barely exposed, she seemed to really enjoy this for some reason.

Hsull - CTO

Relieved to have the furry creature removed, she could finally focus on talking to her new acquaintance. “Not particularly, I was simply just perusing for the moment.. and no, I prefer tea to coffee.” T’Laith began, beginning to continue her walk down the hallway, “My last ship was a light escort vessel, the USS Austere. I have no experience with fighters, however I did spend five years on a Vulcan D’Kyr class, the VEF Spyss, as a Junior Helms Officer before I joined Starfleet.” she paused, turning the conversation back to the Caitian, “You say you have experience with small craft and fighters, do you fly much yourself?”

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

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