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Posted July 23, 2021, 5:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Laith (Helms Officer) (Callie L)


Hsull reached down and gently unwrapped the leash from around the legs of Fuzzy’s new friend. “Is there anyplace in particular you’re interested in, or are you just out for a whatever discovery tour........, and oh by the way, you don’t drink coffee do you ?” The Savannah was now sitting quietly by Hsull’s side and looking expectantly at her new found friend. “My past experience has been mostly with small craft tactics, especially fighters, but I have had some experience with larger craft. How about yourself ?” Hsull gave the cat a light rub over the head and down her back with his claws barely exposed, she seemed to really enjoy this for some reason.

Hsull - CTO

Relieved to have the furry creature removed, she could finally focus on talking to her new acquaintance. “Not particularly, I was simply just perusing for the moment.. and no, I prefer tea to coffee.” T’Laith began, beginning to continue her walk down the hallway, “My last ship was a light escort vessel, the USS Austere. I have no experience with fighters, however I did spend five years on a Vulcan D’Kyr class, the VEF Spyss, as a Junior Helms Officer before I joined Starfleet.” she paused, turning the conversation back to the Caitian, “You say you have experience with small craft and fighters, do you fly much yourself?”

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Hsull walked beside the new Helms Officer, matching his pace to hers, the Savannah continued to explore to the limits of retractable leash. “Alas I don’t get to fly as much as I would like to. The Dresden has no fighter compliment, just the Marine CO’s personal fighter, which I haven’t got the nerve up yet ask to take it out. I try to keep my hand in with simulations and assorted small craft piloting.” Hsull figured he didn’t need to go into the ramming the alien ship and the resulting near year of rehab. “You mentioned tea and my coffee is low, lets find a replicator and fix that situation.” He walked on, the coffee mug secure in one hand and the cane absently tucked under his arm.

Hsull - CTO

“Perhaps it would be beneficial for us to run some simulations together in the near future, it may help us gauge our collective skill.” T’Laith shared, supposedly speaking aloud. “Please,” she responded, indicating her contentment for Hsull to lead on towards a replicator, appeased that there is someone to help navigate the halls of the ship.

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

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