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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Captain’s Ready Room - tag Lt. Isaac Forgrave
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Holloway smiled as her eyes scanned the list for the next name, and her mind went back to their last interaction at the Docking Port. Admittedly, she probably had been a bit too harsh in the way she had addressed the man, but she didn’t like to not know what was going on… and sometimes it got to her temper before she could stop it. Apologizing though? That was a different story entirely.

Tapping her commbadge for the second time that day, Molly spoke to the Dresden’s Chief of Security. =/\= Holloway to Forgrave. Please come to my Ready Room at your earliest convenience. Holloway out. =/\=

Once again, she waited.

Holloway, CO

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A brief, slightly winded reply came shortly. <Yes, Captain. It'll be a moment.>
Issac breathed hard, half-hanging on the heavy bag in front of him as sweat stung his eyes. Releasing the bag and stepping back, he wiped at his brow with gloved hands and groaned. It had been… well, at minimum a few days after the events of their last mission, and Issac had frankly lost track of time between all the after-action reports, debriefings, and other miscellaneous tasks that demanded his attention. But he hadn’t forgotten the events in the docking port; or more specifically, the Captain’s threat. In retrospect, it was likely an off-hand comment fueled by frustration… But that did little to take the sour taste out of his mouth.

The brief sonic shower wasn’t as pleasant as a traditional shower, but it was far faster. Forgrave debated on the latter, but decided against it - as much as he wanted to delay the meeting with Holloway, it was inevitable. No sense in stretching it out further; there was a risk of starting the meeting on a worse foot that he feared it may already be on.

A few minutes later, he was striding down the corridor to the bridge, idly straightening his mustache as he approached the ready room, wondering what lay in store for him. Double-checking the lay of his uniform and finding it satisfactory, he knocked on the door and announced himself.

-Forgrave, CoS

“Come in!” Holloway’s voice came from inside the room.

The office was not exactly what one might expect of Molly. At least not those that were not intimately familiar with the Dresden’s CO. The most obvious piece of furniture when one walked in was the desk facing the door, and behind which Holloway was currently sitting. To the left of the door, there was a small but comfortable sitting area, with a coffee table, a small couch and an armchair. Above it, on the wall, a reproduction of one of Claude Monet’s Waterlilies was hung. Lastly, on the far corner of the room, there was a massive bookshelf, full of what seemed to be old books from different places, and a myriad of trinkets from the various places Holloway had visited. A few glass terrariums adorned the shelves, bringing some greenery to the place.

“Ah, Mr. Forgrave. Thank you for coming in such short notice. I am sure the post mission reports have kept you as busy as they have kept me in the past few days.” The tone was light, there was an unusual soft smile on her lips, and no evidence of any kind of grudge kept by what had happened during their encounter with the Lidrians.

“Please, take a seat.” Molly motioned for the chair opposite from her on the desk. “I’ve already had enough coffee for today, but feel free to help yourself with anything from the replicator if you wish.”

Holloway, CO

“Ah, Thank you Ma’am.” Issac moved over to the replicator; coffee was always welcomed. After acquiring a mug of the dark, steaming brew, he moved over to the offered chair and sat. His body language was noticeably stiff; he was cautious and reserved, somewhat at odds with Holloway’s affable demeanor. His eyes darted around, taking in the room and it’s decorations; as well as trying to gauge his Captain’s mood. They settled on the bookshelf; scanning it briefly for anything he recognized; skimming the titles to get an idea of a theme, before moving on. The painting held his gaze for a bit longer; he thought he recognized it, though he wasn’t positive. Issac appreciated art, and had a few paintings in his office as well - though his tastes certainly weren’t refined or bound to any theme; some pieces he simply liked well enough to see on a regular basis.

“Yes, I’ve uh, had more than a bit on my plate these past couple days - lost track ‘a time ta be honest. But I reckon that’s how it goes, right?” Forgrave managed a slight grin, thought it would be hard to notice for those not familiar with the man. He took a long sip of the coffee, before carefully setting the mug on the table. “So, what can I do for you Ma’am?”

Forgrave, CoS

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