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Posted July 27, 2021, 8:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Renveer (Executive Officer) (Ben Z)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Laith (Helms Officer) in XO’s Office - Reporting In

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Renveer (Executive Officer) in XO’s Office - Reporting In

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Laith (Helms Officer) in XO’s Office - Reporting In
OOC: Hi all! I’m Callie and I’m really looking forward to writing with all of you ^-^
OOC: Welcome aboard, glad to have another newbie. Dave/Hsull

IC: Bewildered and slightly intimidated, T’Laith navigated through the vast complex of this new world that would be her home for potentially the next few years. Glancing at passing crew and focusing on her destination she was perplexed at the size of the ship, housing 810 more crew members and 28 more decks than her previous Saber-Class ship; navigating this one would be no small feat, perhaps at least to begin with.

Corridor after corridor, turbolift after turbolift, T’Laith finally made it to the XO’s Office on Deck 4 and with little hesitation she chimed the doorbell, assuredly confident that her service record would speak for itself..

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Lieutenant Commander Renveer’s office was an oasis of richly warm tones and inviting furniture. It was arranged more like a counselor’s office than an executive officer’s space, with a high-back chair that Renveer sat in situated across from a loveseat and with an ornate rug bridging the gap between the two main seating options. The desk had been pushed up against the far wall, underneath a display of an assortment of original art pieces from a variety of cultures in a rainbow of colors.

Renveer himself was more understated than his office, just a plain-looking trill man with ordinary short brown hair and a “familiar face”. He looked up from the PaDD he was reviewing as the door slid open, and he offered a practiced, polite smile as he motioned to the couch opposite him. “Lieutenant T’Laith, welcome.” He offered a practiced vulcan salute as he waited for her to accept this invitation to sit. “We’re pleased to have you aboard. I’ve heard good things, though I have to say I’m looking forward to get to know you for myself considering your impressive accomplishments so early in your career.” He waved the PaDD to indicate that he had been inspecting her record.

(Lt Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

The doors swiftly opened and she took a step inside, stopping only for a moment to take in the surprise of the Commander’s office. She did not feel it was necessary to reciprocate the Vulcan salute however handed a polite nod in respect for acknowledging her culture as she swiftly moved towards the intriguing-looking couch, baffled by the need of such ornate trinkets and furnishings. Although her experiences recently have noted that most races prefer such voguish environments.

“Thank you, Commander.” she affirmed, taking the seat she was offered. As the commander began to talk, T’Laith sat quietly and listened attentively, handing yet another polite nod in response to his early praise. Not wishing to ruin the Commanders momentum, she remained quiet to let him continue, still maintaining her professional image.

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Renveer’s eyebrows raised slightly in amusement at the quiet nature of the helms officer. “Most pilots with ninety-one missions under their belt would love the opportunity to boast about their adventures, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re more humble than most.” Renveer chuckled and set the PaDD aside, folding his hands in his lap and leaning forward slightly. His voice turned more down-to-business, but still genuine and friendly. “My understanding is that you are primarily experienced with smaller vessels, is that right? The Dresden is quite a large ship, and a little more unwieldly because of it, I’m sure. How do you feel you’ll do with steering a dreadnaught?”

(Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO)

T’Laith was bemused by the Commanders comment, pondering whether he thought it prudent to compare her to other races such as Humans or Andorians as it hadn’t occurred to her to boast of her previous accolades. She remained professional in her seat and disregarded the mild insult, “Relatively, Commander. My academy training has prepared me to fly starships of all sizes, my last ship was a light escort vessel however I previously piloted a ship in the Vulcan Expeditionary Force for five years.” she paused, considering her words carefully, “Although this is the largest starship I have had the opportunity to fly, I have no doubt that my training and experience will provide ample support to my capability to fly a dreadnought.” she assured, pleased with her answer.

● Helms Officer T’Laith ●

Renveer nodded, having not expected any other answer. “I hope you’re not too attached to fancy flying maneuvers, I don’t think we’ve had much success with those in the past…” he smiled then at the thought. “Although I suppose you’re more than welcome to give them a try, should the opportunity arise. Combat is, unfortunately, a not an uncommon experience for us.” He left it at that, content to subtly ask if T’Laith felt comfortable in a firefight.

Lt. Cmdr. Renveer, XO

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