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Hsull had been roaming around the Dresden familiarizing himself with the layout and talking to various crewmembers, he had Fuzzy the Savannah with him on a long retractable leash and often had to stop so she could explore claim various crewmembers as her own by rubbing up against them and leaving her pheromones on them. Hsull was in no hurry and let the cat explore as he sipped on a mug of Forgraves Brew and looked about. They eventually found themselves in Cargo Bay -1 where various crates and stores were stacked in neat rows. Hsull had noted that this used to be a fighter bay area as there were still remnants of the ground equipment and docking clamps used to hold and service the fighters that used to be here. The Savannah had jumped up on to the top of a long row of crates and he was letting her prowl along the length, occasionally leaping to another crate, it was good exercise and allowed the cat to sate her curiosity a bit. As she was some feet above him he decided to join her on top of the crates for a better view and to test his new hip. He crouched and sprang, easily reaching the top of the crates and experiencing no pain or signs of stiffness. Standing from the crouch he had landed in he was surprised to see a lone fighter sitting to the side of the bay. He approached and leapt down to the floor near the neat little craft, the Savannah joining him. He walked around the fighter and noted the Marine Corps markings and wondered why they would have only one fighter aboard. Releasing the Savannah from her leash, he climbed the short ladder to the cockpit and peered inside. The layout was normal and standard for a bipedal pilot , he found and pressed the button which raised the canopy and stared into the all too familiar interior. The Savannah would roam and explore in the bay but not stray too far. “This is interesting.” he mused as he set his coffee mug down on the cockpit sill and was about to swing a leg over into the depths.

Hsull - CTO BUMP to the COL.

“I hope you don’t plan on running off with that… right?” Came a booming and… slightly… annoyed(?) voice behind him.

When the CTO turned, he would see a veritable ‘recruiting poster style’ Marine standing about 3 meters from the craft. He had jet black hair that was greeting at the temples, piercing blue eyes, and was surprisingly tan for a space bound Service Member. The man wore a brown bomber jacket over the SFMC Khaki top & sage green pants. His boots, bloused at the top where they met his slacks, were mirror polished… the slacks and shirt perfectly pressed. On the part of the uniform he could see from the full-length opening of the unzipped jacket, 18 partial rows of ribbons. The jacket featured the golden wings of a Master Command Pilot with over 7,500 hours behind a stick and his shoulders the shining silver of full bird Colonel insignia.

Taking a sip of coffee, the man lowered the cup and sighed. “Would you mind getting off my bird before you break something?”

Harris, MarDet CO

When the Col. happened on the scene he would observe a tall, brownish blonde, fur covered Caitian wearing the Star Fleet uniform, with Command pilot wings of his own displayed on his chest. His collar displayed the blue and gold bars of a Chief Warrant Officer Four, he was wearing no footwear and balancing a coffee mug and an innocent looking cane against the sill of the cockpit.

Hsull turned at the sound of the voice, and observed the Marine, noting the silver eagles. “And you must be Col. Harris.” Hsull retrieved his coffee mug and cane before jumping down to stand in front of the spit and polish Col.. “I’m Chief Warrant Officer Hsull, the new CTO on board, your beautiful fighter was in no danger, I have many thousands of hours in them myself. I was just wondering why we were only carrying the one, and I miss flying them.” Hsull heard a slight noise above and behind the Col., the Savannah was perched on top of a row of crates and watching them closely. “Col., I don’t want you to be surprised but there is a fairly large cat right behind you wondering what your intentions are. She’s friendly and once she sees we’re just talking she’ll come down and want to make friends.” Hsull took a quick sip of his coffee. “Oh and I was careful to keep my claws retracted, wouldn’t want to scratch the paint. Do you get to take her out much ?” Hsull took another sip of coffee and leaned easily on his cane while waiting on the Savannah to make her move.

Hsull - CTO


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